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Best Paintball Tank Review And Guide

Paintball tanks are essential Gear when you are playing paintball. You need to select the right tank to ensure that your paintball marker works and shoots well. There are different types of tanks to choose from various manufacturers. It is essential to ensure that you purchase a paintball tank from a reputable seller.

A paintball player not only essential a quality marker but also a quality paintball tank. Many people end up choosing the wrong tank because they do not know the specific things they should look for in a tank.

You will find this guide very helpful because it provides you with some top paintball tanks that of quality and delivers the best results when you are on the field playing. The tanks are also very affordable, and they are designed to meet the needs of a paintball player.

Our Top 3 Paintball Tank Picks:

Product Image Product Name Editor's Rating Price
Ninja Air Aluminum HPA N2 Paintball Tank
Valken CO2 Aluminum DOT-TC Paintball Tank
Empire Paintball 24oz CO2 Tank

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Paintball Tank

You do not just purchase any paintball tank that you come across. There are so many factors that you need to put in mind to get the best product that suits your gaming needs. The first thing you should consider is the gas that you need to use. Should you go for high-pressure air or carbon dioxide?

You will find that carbon dioxide is cheap and easily available. Many paintball supply stores will have this gas for the refill. The high-pressure air is not common, and you can find it in specific locations.

Paintball tanks come in different sizes and volumes. The size of the tank is indicated, so you will not experience problems when you are choosing. If you are looking for a compact tank suitable for a snug posture against the shoulders, you need to buy a small size tank.

Another thing that you should know before you buy a paintball tank is that tanks come in different materials. The most common types of equipment include steel and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is used for high-pressure tanks and hybrid tanks with an inner aluminum body and a carbon-fiber shell. Steel tanks, on the other hand, are heavy and less expensive.

Paintball tanks come as either high pressure or low pressure based on the pressure of the gas coming out. Some high-performance markers will need low-pressure tanks. The markers should specify the pressure that is required from the tanks.

Lastly, you need to consider the paintball shot per tank. This refers to an estimate of the number of shorts that are available per compressed air tank. This number can vary because different markers have lower and higher efficiency. Bearing all those important factors in mind, you will be in a position to select the best paintball tank that will work effectively and provide the desired performance.

How I Selected Best Paintball Tank

We spent many hours of research looking for the best paintball tanks that any paintballer will have a simple time using when in the field. We interviewed paintball players and some manufacturers to find out what makes up an excellent paintball tank. Our team of experts also gathered information from various sources, and we were able to find out what composes the best paintball tank. We used all the information we had and came up with a list of five best paintball tanks that work amazingly well to help the player achieve high performance in the field.

Top 5 Paintball Tank Reviews:

1. Ninja Air Aluminum HPA N2 Paintball Tank 3000psi

Ninja Air Aluminum HPA N2 Paintball Tank 3000psi has taken over the paintball world with their unique tank. Ninja Air Aluminum HPA N2 Paintball Tank 3000psi Tank is the smallest and lightest that you can find in the industry. It comes at an affordable cost for paintball players who are looking for a compressed air paintball tank without spending more money.

It has a complete myth regulator and a five-year hydro test dated aluminum vessel. It rests perfectly well on your shoulders to provide you with a comfortable feeling. You can as well buy a tank cover to prevent the tank from slipping around your shoulder. This will protect the tank and make it last for long.

This high-pressure tank will screw directly into your gun. Don't need to spend a lot of Bucks to get a quality paintball tank. The Ninja Air Aluminum HPA N2 Paintball Tank 3000psi Tank will be a good purchase for paintball players looking for a quality gun at low prices.

2. Proto Primo Paintball Loader Hopper – Black

Enjoy playing paintball game with the black Proto Primo Paintball Loader Hopper. This is a new brand that uses patent-pending technology making it very fast to feed the loader in paintball. You do not need any batteries with this loader to feed paint. It has a unique spacer above the feed spacer that pushes the paintballs front and back.

This Proto Primo Loader allows you to sort and funnel the paintballs to bring about a consistent feed of paintballs. It features a clear spring lid enabling you to reload the paintballs faster. Its large-capacity shell is capable of holding up to 200 paintballs when filled on top.

This loader is great and comes at an affordable cost as compared to other more expensive electric loaders that can feed the same balls per second. Any paintball player will find this loader very efficient and high-performing.

3. Valken CO2 Aluminum DOT-TC Paintball Tank

Paintball tanks come with different models and features depending on the manufacturer. Before you make a purchase decision, you need to consider the weight and safety of the tank. A good tank like the Valken CO2 Aluminum DOT-TC is a product designed for safety as the top priority.

This tank has been manufactured following the safety and regulation of quality as required by various associations. It is constructed of high-quality aluminum making it lightweight and durable.

This tank will fit perfectly well in the soda stream machine, and the refill is very cheap. The excellent quality tank has a five year hydro warranty and a burst disc pressure release. It comes at a very pocket-friendly price for a person looking for a quality tank.

4. Empire Paintball 24oz CO2 Tank

The Empire Paintball 24oz CO2 Tank is a tested product and ready to be filled and used in competitions. The tank boasts of a repeater pin valve which is among the most durable pins that you can find on the market today. This pin features the most durable brass settings, and it will connect easily and conveniently.

Empire provides you with reliable tanks that will not disappoint you at any given time. They have the most reliable products that paintballers find very effective. The tanks under a suitable testing and they are lightweight. You can rely on the durable aluminum cylinders for lifetime use.

This tank is specifically designed to help you take your game to the next level. It features a safety purge valve that is installed by the manufacturer to ensure you get a reliable, safe and durable cylinder. All the components of this paintball tank meet or exceed all the ASTM, DOT, TC, and CGA standards.

It is important to note that the tank does not come with CO2 inside. You need to take it to be filled to use it. You can depend on this sturdy tank that will last for a long period.

5. Invert Halo TOO Loader and 48ci HPA Tank Combo

The Invert Halo TOO Loader is a high-performance loader that comes at very affordable prices. This is a tank that you can find at less than half the prices of other highly rated loaders. Its performance makes it the right selection for many paintball players.

It features an ultra-quiet belt drive that will force-feed over 20 balls per second so that you can throw some balls at your opponent. It features a free-way anti-jam that prevents the loader from jamming and breaking the balls. The paint will continue to flow to your marker without any flaws.

With the sound activation, the motor is turned on with each shot, so you do not have to struggle with misaligned eye sensors and crimped wires. It has a low battery indicator that will alert you when the battery needs to be replaced.

Final Verdict

It is essential to select a paintball tank that will meet your needs efficiently. The choice of a tank will determine your performance in the field. Most paintball players go for lightweight tanks because they are easier to use as compared to heavy tanks.

Having compressed air will deliver the best results regardless of the paintball propellant. It is flexible enough making the player to enjoy the game in any weather condition. You might find compressed air tanks costly but the air to be filled is very cheap. When you do your research perfectly, you will an easy time to buy the best tank.

Jt Elite Prime Goggle Reviews

The JT Elite Prime Goggle was designed with safety in mind. It features a flexible style with inner padding for safety and comfort. This Goggle features a full face coverage design that offers superior protection against any accidental impact. It has an integrated visor to guard you against the attacks and elements.
For a wide view, the JT Elite Prime is fitted with a 180-degree lens. This Goggle is meant for use in all weather conditions. It will offer a clear view of normal weather, and when it comes to misty weather, you will appreciate the fog resistance feature.
Unlike other goggles that have numerous tightening straps, the JT Elite Prime is easy to fit and adjust. Above all, this goggle is very affordable. With this goggle, you will hit the pitch with no time and play like a pro!

Whom for design this mask

The JT Elite Prime Goggle is designed for young children, and it can be used for all ages from 9 years to 16 years. It is perfect for, Paintball players & Airsoft players.

Features and Specifications JT elite prime goggle

JT Elite Prime Goggle is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put JT Elite Prime Goggle is a one of the best on our balance bike List.

Full Face Coverage

The JT Elite Prime is designed to cover your face fully and offer maximum protection against any potential accidents. It is designed with sturdy and strong materials, so it will not break even with extending use This goggle is meant to give you confidence as you play because you are free from any accidents.
Forget about the elements and attacks since your full face is covered. Show your skills and dominate the competition with the best goggle in the market.

Flexible Design for Maximum Comfort

Do you want to ditch your uncomfortable goggle? Then there is a solution for you! The JT Elite Prime is designed to offer maximum comfort. It features a padded design to ensure your head is cozy. It has efficient ventilation that ensures effective air circulation.
You will not sweat when playing in this goggle even in hot weather conditions. It is meant to offer extra comfort in any weather condition. This goggle is lightweight and adds no extra weight to your head.

Integrated Visor

When playing paintball or airsoft, a clear vision is very vital. With an excellent vision, you can plan your strategies efficiently. JT Elite Prime Goggle has an integrated visor for supreme vision. In an ordinary weather condition, you will appreciate the clear vision.
You will love this goggle more in fog conditions because the integrated visor performs perfectly to give a superb vision. This goggle is also ideal for indoor use Take your game to a higher level with this goggle.

180-Degree Field of Vision

The JT Elite Prime comes with a 180-degree field of vision to give a wide view. You will see all your opponents and plan your strategies with ease.
The Elite lens enhances the view so you will be on the edge of your competitors. The field of view is adjustable enabling, and thus you will set it to suit your needs. This goggle will never fail you when you are the target — Ambush your opponents and let them appreciate your skills. 


  • It fits very well
  • It has a bright interchangeable glass.
  • It is lightweight
  • It looks super awesome.


  • It makes the user’s head hot.
  • The chin strap is not useful — you can cut it off.
  • It leaves the ears exposed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. Can you replace the lens?
A. Yes, the lens can be replaced; it can use any JT elite lens.
Q. Who can use this goggle?
A. It is ideal all ages from 9 to 15 years. 3.
Q. Is the forehead guard removal?
A. No, It is a solid piece.

Final Verdict

The JT Elite Prime Goggle is a great investment of your money. It is designed for all ages from 9 to 15 years. The excellent padding design offers unparalleled comfort while the 180-degree elite lens gives you a wide view. It is easy to fit and adjust since it doesn’t come with any straps.
The brand new design has an integrated visor for clear vision even in uncertain weather conditions. I will not be biased if I give this goggle a rating of 5 out of 5. My rating is not only based on its features but also on the many positive user reviews.

Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask Reviews

What does your perfect weekend look like? Well, sit back, close your eyes and imagine this It’s a warm Saturday, and a cool breeze is tempering the heat from the sun. You make your way to an open field right out of town with a bunch of your closest friends, and once you get there, you dress up in camouflage. It’s quiet for a moment, and then the air is filled with shouts from your teammates, and the heavy sound of your opponents running and taking cover.

You take a deep breath, set your sights on your opponents a few yards away, and pull the trigger. Once you do that, a burst of bright color appears on their body, and you know that you’ve gotten one down. This is the ever-exciting life of a paintball player. I know that you are now eager to join the nearest paintball park, but before you do so, you need to learn a little about paintball masks. And Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask is the best fit for your game enjoyment

This is a necessary piece of gear that all paintball players should own, as it provides crucial protection during your game. One mask that has caught my attention is the Empire Invert Helix, which is a thermal lens paintball mask. This comfortable and convenient mask is one of the most popular options on the market, and for that reason, we will review it below.

Who is it made for?

The Invert Helix is a paintball mask designed with budget paintball players in mind. This mask will offer excellent protection during your game, and you will not even have to shell out a lot of money to own one

Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens features

Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask is designed for the consumer's needs. After Five hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lens Paintball Mask is a one of the best on our paintball mask List.

Rigid Construction

When you are buying a paintball mask, you need to be sure that it will offer optimum protection from impact. After all, no one wants to feel the sting of a paintball pellet smacking them right in the face.
That is why Empire has constructed the Invert Helix with a rigid plastic shell, which will protect your ears and face from the impact. This hard and tough construction also ensures durability, so that you can wear your mask for years to come.

Clear Lens

When it comes to the lens of the mask, the Invert Helix has integrated a clear thermal dual pane lens into the mix. This lens offers a spectacular field of view, and you will benefit from unique vision as you play.
The lens also has anti-fog protection, so that you are not spending too much time trying to wipe your lens. Furthermore, this lens has a quick change design, so that you can switch the lens without any fuss.

Great Ventilation

If you plan on wearing your paintball mask for long periods of time, then you need to make sure that you have sufficient ventilation throughout. Just imagine how uncomfortable it would be to wear a stuffy mask for hours on end, on a hot and sunny day.
Empire prevents this from happening by providing excellent ventilation in the Invert Helix mask so that you can breathe easily in all temperature and weather conditions.


Browser Last but not least, the paintball mask comes with a removable browser, which is a brow shield and visor combination.
This browser will prevent sun and rain from ruining your game, in addition to deflecting all paintballs that are coming towards your forehead.


  • Lens does not fog up
  • Great price
  • Offers excellent face and ear protection
  • Great ventilation
  • Convenient visor


  • Foam padding is hard and ill-fitting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you take the visor off the paintball mask?
A: Yes, the visor is removable, and you can take it off.
Q: Can you wear prescription glasses with this paintball mask?
A: Yes. The mask will accommodate prescription glasses, and you can rest assured that your glasses will fit perfectly inside the lens area
Q: Does the thermal lens hold up to fogging?
A: Yes, the thermal lens on this paintball mask has anti-fog properties, and so you can play well in hot and humid conditions without the lens fogging up.
Q: What is the largest size that this paintball mask will adjust to?
A: The paintball mask has a full circumference of 30 inches.

Final Verdict

The Invert Helix paintball mask is one of the best budget-friendly masks out there. This mask offers excellent protection and visibility during your paintball game, and I would recommend it to you
Using this Paintball masks is a pleasure for me. It is an exceptional experience for you if you are having safety problems. It comes at a great price and with parts that will last a lifetime.

Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens Goggle Reviews

As an avid paintball player, there is nothing more disappointing than a poor paintball game. What separates a poor paintball game from a fantastic paintball game is the quality of the field, opponents, and gear that you have with you And when we narrow it done a little bit more. I can confidently tell you that an essential piece of equipment for any paintball player is a google system, otherwise known as a paintball mask.

When you start your paintball game with a quality goggle, then you are setting up yourself for great things. This is because a quality goggle system guarantees protection, safety, and comfort throughout your game. One goggle which has caught my eye is the Helix Thermal from Empire Paintball goggle.

This goggle model promises to take your paintball game to a whole new level, by providing you with all the features that are crucial in your goggle system. Below we will look at the Helix Thermal Lens Goggle in closer detail so that you can know everything about this goggle.

Who is it made for?

The Helix Goggle is made for paintball players looking for quality without the associated price tag. This budget-friendly goggle offers top features at an incredible price, making it accessible to all paintball players.

Features of the Helix Thermal Lens Goggle

Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens Goggle is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens Goggle is a one of the best on our paintball mask List.

Clear Lens

The Empire Paintball goggle has been outfitted with a thermal dual pane lens, which provides ultimate visibility at all times. This lens has integrated anti-fog protection so that you are not constantly taking off your mask and airing it out.
This anti-fog protection works well in all temperature conditions, allowing you to perform at peak levels even in hot weather. You can now spend more time on the field, rather than off the field maintaining your lens.
Furthermore, the scratch-resistant Thermal Lens goggle is interchangeable. You can quickly and easily change your lens between games and during games. How convenient is this?


Another important aspect of your goggle is the comfort that it provides. When a mask is uncomfortable, the then chances are that you will be too busy focusing on your discomfort rather than on your game.
The Helix Thermal Lens goggle comes with dual density foam, which will deliver great comfort to all paintball players. In this way, you won’t feel uncomfortable and fatigued as you play.

Top Notch Protection

The number one purpose of your goggle is to protect you from the impact as you go about your paintball game. If your goggle system fails in this area, then every other area is not important.
Empire Paintball has chosen to use a firm plastic construction to give you excellent protection during your game. The mask of this goggle has been molded like a shield for your face so that you do not get hurt if you are shot in the face.

Browser Design

While most paintball masks only come with a visor, the Helix Thermal Lens Goggle has gone a step further and offered you a visor and brow shield combination. This combination works to efficiently keep the sun glare out of your eyes so that your vision is not obstructed as you play.
Additionally, the visor will keep the rain off your lens, so that you can see clearly in all weather conditions. Lastly, the browser shield will protect your forehead from impact during paintballing.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great fit
  • Adjustable features
  • The lens does not fog up
  • Provides great protection


The foam padding is slightly uncomfortable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the mask come with foam or rubber lining?
Ans: The Empire Paintball Helix comes with inner foam lining, which will keep you comfortable as you take part in your paintball game.
Q: Can you wear this mask with glasses?
Ans: Yes; the mask has been built to accommodate those who wear glasses, and you don’t have to worry about the comfort.
Q: Is the lens tinted?
Ans: No, the lens is clear. However, you can get a smoke lens if you want a tinted option.
Q: Is this a full coverage paintball mask?
Ans: No, the Empire Paintball Helix is open at the back.

Final Verdict

The Empire Paintball Helix is one of the best thermal lens goggles in its price range. For an incredible price this mask manages to deliver the protection, fit, and visibility that you desire so that your performance can be enhanced. Despite its slightly uncomfortable padding, this is still a popular option to have.

Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle Reviews

The combined advantages of superior protection, good visibility, and anti-fog qualities are some of the distinguishing aspects of the Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle mask. The mask is designed with a hard plastic material, which counts towards the quality of durability.

Compared to the similar products within its price range, this paintball mask has a longer endurance against extreme paintball battles. Paintball lovers will also find this mask ideal in high humidity because of its great ventilation and the improved anti-fog properties.

Previous users have remarked fondly about the quality of the adjustable strap, which holds the mask firmly on the player’s head and allows him to engage vigorously in the sport. Young users have often found this mask favorable and user-friendly in the intensity of action. In fact, the mask is affordable and convenient for different types of users.

This product was designed for the following

  • Paintball game lovers
  • Paintball trainees
  • Airsoft game professionals
  • Air-soft game learners and instructors

Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Features

Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle is a one of the best on our paintball mask List.

Solid face-plate

Without the protection of the solid face-plate, the players would be exposed to physical injury from paintball shots or bb pellets, which are usually fired at incredible velocities. The designers of the Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens ensured that the mask is built with a sturdy face-plate with an incredible capacity to withstand the impact of the shots.
Besides, the solid face-plate is strong enough to protect the player from other forms of injuries that may happen in the field of play. Paintball and airsoft games often take place in uncharted terrains, which may pose some level of risk.

Anti-Fog Single Lens

The beauty of a paintball game is partly determined by the capacity of the paintball mask to prevent fogging. Many random masks make the game extremely cumbersome by filling up with fog, which impairs the vision of the player.
A clear advantage of the Empire Paintball mask is that it is designed with a special anti-fog single lens, which prevents the accumulation of fog even in adverse humidity. The growing preference of this mask is partly based on its capacity to function through long hours of play without fogging. According to many lovers of the game, the anti-fogging quality enhances performance.

High-Quality Adjustable Strap

If a paintball mask fails to fit the player’s head and face, the quality of the play would be greatly compromised. For that reason, a good mask needs an adjustable strap so that the player can move about without trouble.

Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle is fitted with a high-quality adjustable strap, which ensures that the mask holds firmly and comfortably as the player goes about the business of the game. As such, the flexible strap provides that the player has great freedom, flexibility, and control during the game. 

A Visor for Enhanced and Comfortable Viewership

A visor is an excellent addition to a paintball mask because it enables the player to control the amount of light that projects towards the eyes. Depending on the time of day, rays of light can impair the quality of viewership and compromise the ability of the player to duck or get clear shots.
The Empire Paintball X-Ray is designed with a visor that promotes the player’s performance by shielding the eyes from the blinding rays. It also projects forward at an angle that protects the rest of the mask’s features from shocks.

Louvered Vents for Air Circulation

If you want to play your paintball game without the common trouble of excessive sweating, then you should look for this mask because it is designed with louvered vents for quality air circulation.
The vents are necessary for the removal of warm air, which can often make breathing difficult or promote profuse sweating. Many reviewers of this paintball mask have remarked about the unique freshness of the mask, which is usually attributed to the functional quality of the vents.


  • The mask allows a wide range of view.
  • It is comfortable and durable.
  • Can fit well over glasses. It is affordable.


  • The foam is a little bit hard on the nose.
  • It may be somewhat big and heavy for younger users.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. Are the goggles removable for cleaning or general maintenance?
A. Yes, they can be removed.
Q. Is it possible to paint on this paintball mask?
A. Yes, it can be painted to fit the user’s tastes.
Q. Is it possible to remove the visor of this paintball mask?
A. Yes, it is removable. 

Final Verdict

In various respects, the Empire Paintball X-Ray Single Lens Goggle is designed with an aspect of simplicity that belies the multiple advantages of utility. Anybody who loves paintball games can count on this mask for the qualities of wide vision and ultimate protection from paintball shots.
It is strong and durable, which makes it possible to withstand the toughness of the game. Besides, the mask has highly functional ventilation features and anti-fog properties, which make it ideal for use in bad weather. Above all, the great purchase comes at a very affordable price.

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