Best Paintball Mask Review And Guide

Paintball is a very interesting game that many people engage in order to build team work. This is an intense game that leaves the players full covered with ink. For you to protect yourself effectively, you need to have a paintball mask that will offer you with maximum protection. You do not want to have a frustrating experience when your face and eyes are filled with paint.

So, what is the best paintball mask? There are so many paintball mask brands that you can find in the market today. The best brand will differ among individuals. There are specific things that comprise the best paintball mask and buying the best masks not only does it protect you but provides you with long services of use.

For beginners or people who know less about paintball mask, you can experience a hard time selecting the best mask. This is why we have ensured that you have the necessary information that will help you choose the best mask.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Paintball Mask

You don’t go to the shop and buy any paintball mask that you find displayed. There are important things that you need to consider in order selecting the best mask. The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the goggle lens. The lens of a paintball mask is normally constructed using poly carbonate material to provide strength and shatter resistance. It is important to select perfect goggle lens to meet all your needs.

Apart from the lens, you also need to look at the goggle frame. In most cases, you will find that the goggle frame and the mask are singular piece. Consider the foam padding of the goggle frame to ensure you get a perfect fit and comfort.

Coverage is another thing that you should consider. Look for a paintball mask that provides you with full coverage. Depending on the paintball mask, the coverage will differ. You do not want to get hit in the face with paintballs because you have a limited coverage.

Another important thing that you should consider is the goggle strap. This is a feature that is overlooked by many people, but it is very important. The strap is very important in securing the paintball mask to your face as you play. The strap should be elastic to provide room for a snug fit on your face.

How I Selected Best Paintball Mask

We spent several hours of reach searching for the best paintball masks. We concentrated on the design, weight, comfort, and presence of ventilation among other important things that make a paintball mask great. We tried different paintball masks to determine the fit on different-sized heads, and lastly we came up with the best paintball masks.

JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles

JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball GogglesPrice: $
Rating: 4.5

In most cases, you will find a paintball mask that does not offer the player with a full coverage. It is important to have a paintball mask that covers your head fully for maximum protection. This ensures that there are no lose ends of any part of the head getting into contact with the paintball inks and dyes.

A well constructed paintball mask like the JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage ensure that you achieve the best head protection during the game. The mask offers you with a 260 degrees field of vision. This is an indication that you can see a wider area making it easy to shoot.

Communicating with fellow team members is very easy when you are wearing this paintball mask. It is designed with a soft ear protection and increased venting that makes communication a very simple task. The insert molded vents are easily rotated to achieve a maximum deflection.

JT is a reputable brand that is widely known for production of high-quality paintball masks that meet the needs of the players. The face of the mask is very rigid. This means that you do not have to worry when you are short and the paintball slipping through or messing up with your face. This full design coverage makes it better for players who hate being hit by paintball on the head.


Sly Profit Full Camo Goggles

Sly Profit Full Camo GogglesPrice: $
Rating: 4.3

Sly has spent several years of research and testing, and they came up with the Sly Profit Camo Goggles. Sly Profit Camo Goggles. The goggles combine an optically perfect thermal gradient lens with a very comfortable frame and mask. The goggles feature a velvet lined soft cell frame foam that is combined with SBR foam to help in absorbing shock.

You can easily adjust the size to an angle to get a perfect fit with the integrated double strap. The goggle is designed with a water-resistant inner lens gasket that is effective in locking out most of the moisture and dirt.

You can easily communicate when you are playing because the Sly Profit Full Camo Goggles has an integrated molded ear pad that reduce echo and enhance directional hearing. It also features sculpted ventilation detains to provide more air to keep you cold.


Proto Switch EL Goggle4

Proto Switch EL GogglePrice: $
Rating: 4.2

Playing paintball will not be interesting if you do not have a protective mask for keeping your eyes, ears and the entire head safe. The Proto Switch EL Goggle4 is designed to help you enjoy every minute of playing paintball.

The EL system is a solid one-piece face mask that features a single pane fog resistant lens. The triodial lens provides you with both horizontal and peripheral vision and has an exterior hard coating making it abrasion resistant. The presence of unidirectional venting ensures that you are cool and reduce fogging.

It is designed with a patented quarter turn buckle making it easy to switch a lens in less time. You are not left out wondering what is happening around you. The mask is designed with multi-ported ear pieces that allow you to hear what is happening on the outside.

Empire Paintball Event Thermal Goggle

Empire Paintball Event Thermal GogglePrice: $
Rating: 4.8

When you are playing paintball, you need a protective mask to keep your head safe from the paints used in playing the game. You can imagine how disappointing it can be when the paint gets into contact with your eye.  Good mask like the Empire Paintball Event Thermal Goggle ensures that you are covered thoroughly and playing the game becomes an interesting activity.

What makes this paintball mask outstanding? This mask has an advanced and optically correct lens. At a first glance, you might think that it is a flat lens; it changes in thickness to provide you with the best optical quality. You are more accurate when you are shooting because you are seeing the exact thing.

This mask will fit people with different  head sizes. It has high-quality straps with silicon beading that keeps the mask firm and stable. This means that you will not experience a lose mask that is uncomfortable when you are playing.

This mask is designed with soft ear covers making it very comfortable when you are wearing. It is as well designed with a removable soft ear pieces and low profile faceplate. This mask can be used during fog; thanks to its thermo-cured anti-fog dual pane lens.

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Price: $
Rating: 4.6

Having a comfortable paintball goggle like the Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle makes the game interesting and fun. It offers the player with superior protection and a very wide field of view. The lightweight paintball goggle utilizes the optically correct Triodial lens to provide you with maximum visibility. This ensures that you get sharpness and clarity while your eyes are effectively protected.

It provides you with a rapid lens changing giving you the opportunity to change the lens in up to 10 seconds. It has a unique design of two tabs that allow you to remove the current lens with ease for cleaning purposes. You are only required to push on each interior tab arm, slide them forward and the lens is removed.

Another important thing about this Dye Precision I 4 is that it offers a horizontal and peripheral vision as compared to any other type of mask that is available in the market. You do not necessary need to move your head in order to see the field details.

This i4 goggle system not only provides you with a clear sight, but it is also very easy to move with because of its lightweight design. It is very lightweight such that you might even forget that you are having a mask.


Final Verdict

Adults and children can enjoy playing paintball. This is a very interesting game that leaves the players excited and energized. If you have the best paintball mask, you will enjoy every second of the game. This is because the mask is designed to offer you with protection and good visibility.

There are so many benefits that you are going to get by playing paintball. Get the right protection and enjoy playing and interacting with your friends in the field. The reviewed best paintball masks will really do you great in paintball game.

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