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Reebow Gear Tactical Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull Reviews

Are you ready to rock it this season with the best full mask you can ever have in town? We have with us a super-duper piece that will make you want to have it! It has pads for your forehead, adjustable straps, zero fogging wire mesh design and metal mesh eye protector! This is a multi-purpose piece that you cannot afford to miss during Halloween! It is sturdy, comfortable and well padded!

Manufactured by REEBOW GEAR, this is a whole new purpose of enjoying your Halloween, costume parties, movie props, cosplay and outdoor live-action CS. It is one item that I am sure you won’t end up getting disappointed for purchasing it! Filled up with more exciting features that I will bring on, this is a plus to have in your wardrobe whenever anything comic or fun-related crops up! The new is with us!

Who is this product designed for?

  • Men/Adults
  • Youth/Teens

Product Features

Metal mesh goggle

Have you ever wanted a full face mask that offers 100% protection and ensures no fog up in the game? This mask has a metal mesh goggle which serves to provide a shield and ensures no fogging up when in the game.

This feature also makes this item extremely breathable and durable! Yes, durable! A feature that we all seek for whenever we go out to the market to get something for ourselves!

100% synthetic resin material

Do you want a full face mask that is poison free and environment friendly? Reebow Gear Tactical Airsoft is a full face mask that has 100% synthetic resin material which promotes environmental friendliness and is absolutely poison free!This is designed to be comfortable and sturdy for teens and men who want to have a full blast whenever they are playing their games! Just the perfect set to take home!

Light weight

Have you been in need of a mask that is of lightweight and strong enough to protect your face when you are playing any game especially airsoft?

Reebow has been designed to have a lightweight that provides shield and makes it not to be damaged even after it is shot by BB bullet numerous times. It is also quite fine to play paintball when you wear any ordinary glasses with this mask all together.

Cushion pads

Why do people usually consider stuff with cushion pads? Cushion pads are timeless objects that are crafted to provide comfort and protection against any hard surface. This full face mask is fitted with cushion padding that ensures comfort wearing.

The pads are for the forehead and cheeks preventing it from getting hit or harmed or injured in any way. Isn’t this just awesome and amazing? Isn’t this what you have always sought for?

Adjustable straps

What is one of the things that teens tend to look for in a full face mask? Size! This Reebow Gear full face mask has adjustable straps that are positioned in the right places and fit for teens and adults.

The adjustable straps make it easy to use because one size fits most youth and men! The item also has zero fogging wire mesh design that is applicable for sporting purposes. Well, the ball is now in your court and I hope you will take the best with you!


  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Environmental friendly


  • It doesn’t have a solid eye glass

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this work for paintballing?

A: Yes. It can.

Q: Can you be able to see through the metal mesh?

A: Yes. You can absolutely see through the metal mesh.

Q: Can you be able to wear glasses with this mask?

A: This mask is okay with glasses together.

Final Verdict

This is a multi-purpose mask that is most appropriate for outdoor activities just like Halloween, movie props, Cosplay, costume parties and the like. It is comfortable, sturdy and well padded, offers 100% protection, durable, easy to use and environmental friendly.

This is a piece that will excite you and will make your parties a great opportunity to scare and enjoy the fun that will automatically crop up! It is packaged as a single tactical mask that is included in a small carton packaging. If you want a new season of anticipation and endless joy, this is the way to go! This is the beginning of infinite fun!

Coxeer M50 Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull CS Mask Review

Should I introduce you to a world of infinite enjoyment and thrill? Are you ready to make this new period a period of multiple success and happiness? We bring to you the answer to all your woes, the answer to all the confusions, the answer to the best full face mask to go for!

The Coxeer M50 is a full face mask that will make you mesmerize all your friends this year round! It has a shock resistant engineering plastic, inner air circulation system, high density nylon straps and two pairs of inner glasses.

Have a feel of joy and trend! A feel of perfection and class! Take the full face mask that is currently in the market at a great price! Purchase now and acquire the finest full face mask ever that is durable and extremely comfortable to use!

Who is this product designed for?

  • Adults
  • Teens

Product Features

High density nylon straps

Have you ever wanted a full face mask that is stable all through the season? The Coxeer M50 has high density nylon straps that tend to keep the mask stable even in fierce competitions!

The right product to take home with 100% stability that makes it really mind-blowing! The straps are also easy to adjust and you can thus wear them to suit your convenience! We style products that will leave you amazed!

Shock Resistant Engineering plastic

Dying to have a shock resistant full face mask? Well, right on your platter is a shock resistant full face mask that shields you against any mechanical shocks.

The product is designed in such a way that it is strong and resilient enough to sustain any minor or major impacts that may arise without any damage whatsoever to the internal mechanism. This is ultimately a feature that should make you take our product as fast as you can!

Inner Air Circulation System

Have you wanted a full face mask that has an inner circulation system? The Coxeer M50 full face mask has an inner air circulation system that allows free flow of air.

This air circulation system is composed of two fans in the two “filters”. Incredible! This is an item that you will have a lot of benefits from acquiring and purchasing! It has features inbuilt to provide super quality performance!

Inner glasses

Will you need a full face mask that has black and transparent glasses? This product has two pairs of inner glasses that are transparent and black and are designed in such a way that they are explosion-proof and sunshine-proof.

These glasses do not allow any sunrays to penetrate and it is also explosion-free! Trade with us to get a new grand and trendy product that will make you enjoy your games!

Sturdy and Tough

Do you want a product that is sturdy and tough? This full face mask we bring to you is sturdy, comfortable and tough and just the excellent mask for any airsoft games, cosplay, movie shooting and Halloween.

It gives you a feel of Fallout series! It gives you a new feeling of happiness and joy! It is the most appropriate product to use for your games giving you a combination of enjoyment and satisfaction!


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Durable and efficient
  • Very stable
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • The ears can be exposed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How good is the quality of the mask?

A: The quality is excellent!

Q: Can I wear my glasses while using this mask?

  1. A: If you have small glasses, yes, if your glasses are little larger then it might not be very comfortable.

Final Verdict

Coxeer M50 is a uniquely designed product that will not afford to upset you! It has a very high quality, it comes at a reasonable price, and it is crafted with trendy features that make it an exclusive piece to take home! We bring to you a product that is sturdy, durable, comfortable and extraordinary!

This product is stable enough to create fierce competition! This product is made to set fire in your game at a very high rate! A product that befits you and a product that has fantabulous features to leave you flabbergasted!

Empire Paintball Event Thermal Goggle Reviews

Is there anything you need for your eyes that is affordable and high quality? Something that is effective and comfortable? The Empire Paintball Thermal Event Goggle has got you covered.

The manufacturer has released exactly what you are looking for right here. The Empire Paintball Thermal Event Goggle is a very advanced and optically correct lens.Although at a first glance it looks like a flat lens, it actually changes in thickness to maintain in the best optical quality power possible.

The power imbalance, which means how far your eyes see straight ahead, is 0.00 for both spherical power imbalance and a stagnation power imbalance (the value is so small it cannot be read with conventional testing equipment)-this means what you are seeing is really where you think it is, so you be more sure.

Whom is this product designed for?

  • This well built Empire Paintball Thermal Event Goggle is designed for people who need focus on seeing what they think is really where it is.

Product Features

Remove able soft earpiece and low profile face plate.

The Empire Paintball Thermal Event Goggle is an easy object to use which has remove able soft earpiece which can be used according to the comfort ability of the user and a low profile plate on which your chin is placed on a well balanced position.

Therefore, making it perfectly usable and easily handled by the person according to the person’s comfort ability. The thermal goggle is perfect for a person who wants to focus on the object at the exact point.

Clear, thermal cured anti fog dual pane lens

The Empire Paintball Thermal Event Goggle has clear, thermal cured anti fog lens that keep the lens clean and away from fog.

This feature helps the person focus on the object without having to worry about cleaning the lens from the breathing fog or the dust from outside because it is thermal cured. The dual pane lenses allow a clear and perfect focus on the object and no disturbance.

High quality strap with silicone beading

The Empire Paintball Thermal Event Goggle has a high quality strap with silicone beading to keep the mask firmly in place so that the person does not have to keep adjusting the mask every now and then.

This helps maintain the focus on everything and the object more powerful due to the concentration and comfort ability. The strap also does not break easily because of the silicone beading that holds it tightly in place keeping the mask firmly in place.

Soft ear covers

The Empire Paintball Thermal Event Goggle has got soft ear covers that cover your ears keeping you comfortable and away from the noise around and the noise of shooting. This feature enables you to perfectly concentrate on your focus and point.

These ear covers are soft and therefore do not hurt your ears leaving them painful or bruised from the movement of the face or the lens. This product is a very comfortable mask and easily maintainable by anyone.


  • Affordable price.
  • It has a manageable size
  • It has a variety of different colors that can be chosen from.
  • It is durable therefore you don’t have to buy it again and again.


  • It is not for children, so keep out of reach of children.
  • It is not advisable to be used for very close objects which can easily be focused.

Frequently asked questions.

Q: Do the earpiece get spoilt when removed frequently?

A: It depends on how you handle them which determines their durability.

Q: Are there warranties?

A: When you buy the product online there are no warranties, it’s wiser to contact the manufacturer directly.

Q: How durable are the lens?

A: The lenses are durable and can last for years.

Final Verdict

The Empire Paintball Thermal Event Goggle is therefore designed for people who want to sharpen their focus. It consists of the correct lens and gives a perfect view of the object. It contains features that make it easy to use and affordable.

It is also manageable and easily maintained. It has features that keep the mask firmly in place and provide a secure way to cover the ears. It enables a person to perfectly concentrate and let’s you feel sure of your target. It is a perfect design for your face also.

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask Reviews

Every now and again you come across a product that completely revolutionizes the way you do things. In this case, the product that I am talking about is the V-Force Grill Paintball Mask. This mask has changed the way I take part in paintball games, and as a result my performance has been elevated to a whole new level.

So what is so special about this paintball mask? What makes it the best of the bunch? Well, this aggressive looking mask is bursting with attitude.V-Force has built this mask to deliver unrivaled comfort and weight savings, so that you can have optimum focus on your game. This high-end mask will make your games easy, flexible, and more enjoyable, and you will spend each weekday waiting for the weekend.

And it’s not just me that thinks this way; this masterpiece has an incredible 4.9 star rating on Amazon, which proves how amazing it is Below we will look at this mask in greater detail, so that you can determine whether this is the right mask for you

Who is it made for

This highly rated mask has been made for paintball enthusiasts, who are looking for ultimate protection, comfort, and flexibility.

Features of the V-Force Grill paint ball mask

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put V-Force Grill Paintball Mask is a one of the best in our paintball mask List.

Quality Lens and Visor

The lens is perhaps the most important part of a google system, as it determines the quality of visibility that you will benefit from. When your visibility is low, then the likelihood of you getting hit is high. However, when you have a ThermoCured lens like the one found in this paintball mask, then you can be sure that you always have a clear field of view during your game.

You can also interchange your lens quickly and easily, so that you do not waste time between breaks. Additionally, the paintball mask comes with a ProVisor, which will protect you from the rain and the sun’s glare as you play.

Comfortable Design

If your mask is uncomfortable, then your game will not be enjoyable. V-Force knows this, and that is why they have designed the Grill Paintball Mask with lightweight comfort in mind, so that you can be cozy and unrestricted as you go about your paintball game.

This paintball mask uses quality foam to provide you with amazing comfort throughout, and a flexible ear will ensure that you can wear the mask all day without feeling fatigued. The ClickDry foam system found in this mask also allows you to quickly change out your foam, so that you can have fresh and dry comfort in a jiffy. You will definitely feel great every time you put this mask on

Custom Fit

No one wants a mask that keeps on falling of their heads as they play. That is why the V-Force Grill paint ball mask comes with a comfort chin strap and QuickChange strap, which provide a secure and stable fit at all times.

Amazing Protection

When it comes to protection, V-Force has opted to design the Grill Paintball Mask with a face mask molded from soft rubber and semi-rigid rubber. This combination of rubber will protect your face from impact in case you get hit.

Furthermore, the integrated VFlector found in the forehead of the mask allows the paintball to bounce off your mask, so that the force of impact is reduced.

Excellent Ventilation

Lastly, the V-Force Grill paintball mask comes with top notch ventilation holes, which enhance air circulation and voice projection. This way you won’t have trouble breathing or talking with this mask on


  • Great aesthetics
  • Perform superbly
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight construction
  • Perfect visibility
  • Quick lens change


  • Does not come with an extra lens

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does the V-Force Grill come with a smoke lens?

A. No This paintball mask only comes with a thermocoated clear lens, which will effectively prevent fogging and promote a clear view.

Q.  Is it easy to breathe with this mask on?

A. Yes, the design of the V-Force Grill includes excellent ventilation down the sides. This will ensure that you can breathe easily even when you have this mask on for hours.

Q.  Can you use this mask for Airsoft?

A. Yes, this rubber mask has small ventilation holes, and you do not have to worry about the Airsoft BB’s passing through.

Final verdict

The V-Force Grill is definitely one of the lightest and most comfortable paintball masks on the market. This mask uses technically advanced systems to ensure protection and comfort at all times, and you will definitely not regret your investment.

I highly recommend this very cool and very handy piece. Its features give users quite a number of advantages over other brands.

Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask Reviews and Guide

There are different types of paintball masks that you will come across in the market. If you are a paintball player, you probably have come across anti-fog paintball masks. These are masks that have a coating or a substance that helps in reducing fogging. This ensures that you can still have a good visibility even when there is fog.

A paintball mask is a very important thing that you need when playing paintball. It doesn’t matter the type of clothes or gun that you have, without the right mask, you cannot play paintball effectively.

It is important to note that not all paintball masks will be in a position to withstand fog. If you play in areas that experience fog, you should arm yourself with a mask that is anti-fog. You can rely on the best anti-fog masks that we have provided you in this guide, and they really work well.

Things To Consider Before buying Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask

A good anti-fog mask should have visors. These are important in preventing paint, sun and rain from getting into your eyes. When the mask does not have a visor, you will most likely be distracted when you are playing hence keeping you uncomfortable. You should as well look for a mask that provides you with a wider fired of view. You will be in a position to see a large surface area and do the shooting effectively without missing.

The cost of the mask is another thing that you should consider. The price will be different depending on the brand. You want to get a quality product that will be within your budget limits. There are affordable anti-fog paintball masks that are available, and they will still offer you with quality services.

Playing paintball requires a very comfortable mask that will not offer you with a hard time when you are playing. You should go for a lightweight mask so that you have the best time when playing. A very heavy mask can be difficult to run with since your head is forced to bear more weight, and this will make you uncomfortable.

Another important thing that you should look when purchasing an anti-fog paintball mask is the ventilation. Does the mask provide you with enough airflow? Breathing should not be difficult when you are wearing the paintball mask. The mask should offer you with maximum airflow to keep your head cool throughout the game.

Lastly, you should consider the ear protection when buying a paintball mask. You can imagine when a paintball enters your ears, this can be very dangerous. Your ears should be fully covered to avoid such problems.

How I Selected Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask

When there is fog, there is decreased visibility. This means that you do not have a clear vision. This can make playing paintball difficult because you have limited vision. To overcome this problem, a player needs to have an anti-fog mask to make it easy to see even when there is fog.

We tested more than 50 models of paintball masks to determine their performance during fog. We eliminated those that did not deliver the best results. We also rated the finalists based on customer reviews. The following are the best anti-fog paintball masks that proved to work perfectly fine during fog.

The 5 Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask Picks and Comparison Table

1.HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask Review

Having a comfortable paintball mask not only gives you protection but also ensures that you have the best time playing. The HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask is among the most innovative paintball masks that are available in the market today. This mask is designed to offer protection to the most critical areas without compromising breathability and ease of movement.

With its lock quick-change lens release and retention system, you are able to change your lens quickly to switch to another lens. This anti-fog mask features a dual-density over-molded face shield with a thermoplastic elastomer to ensure that you are well protected.

The mask is designed with foam soft ears with great protection so you will not have any difficulties listening what is happening out there. There are different types of patterns and colors to choose from depending on what you like best.

The HK Army comes with a goggle bag that helps in protecting your mask and the lens. In addition, it has a rain protector to cover the venting at the top of the mask hence preventing the water from dripping inside.

2.PMI Extreme Rage Xray Anti-Fog Mask Review

When selecting a paintball mask, it is very important to look for a mask that can be used in any weather condition. This means that regardless of whether there is fog or not, you can still play your game effectively. A good mask like the PMI Extreme Rage Xray Anti-Fog Maskwill be a good selection.

This PMI paintball mask does a great job in preventing fogging even for the heaviest breathers. This mask comes with a high-quality adjustable strap that will help you customize it to get a perfect and comfortable fit when playing.

For those who cannot leave their glasses behind, this is the right mask for you because it offers you with enough space to put on your glasses. This solid faceplate wraps around your head and provides you with full ear protection. No matter whether you are shot on the head, you will always be safe.

The X-ray lens is very safe, and it meets the ASTM specifications. The lens is anti-fog and scratch resistant and provides you with a good visibility all the time.

3.Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lense Paintball Mask Anti-Fog Goggle Review

A paintball player looking for a budget-friendly paintball mask can consider buying the Empire Invert Helix Thermal Lense Paintball Mask that is very affordable. This paintball mask can be used even during fog, and you will still get a nice vision, thanks to the anti-fog goggle.

It has a hard molded face shield so you are assured of enough protection when you are playing. This mask is among the most comfortable masks that you can buy. It is designed with dual density foam around the goggle to help you get the desired comfort.

This is a mask that ensures your eyes do not suffer from excess sunlight, rain does not reach your lens and it also protects your forehead effectively. This is a durable mask that can be used for a long period of time and still offer you with maximum protection.

4.GXG XVSN Paintball Masks Review

You may have a difficult time playing paintball if you do not have the right mask. This is why you need a protective mask like the GXG XVSN Paintball Mask to ensure that your eyes, ears, face and the head at large are well protected.

The paint and dyes that are used in playing this interesting game may be harmful if they come into contact with your face, especially the eyes. This is why you need to ensure that you are well covered in order to enjoy the game effectively. A comfortable mask like this one is easy on your and offers excellent protection.

This paintball mask offers you with a quick lens system making it very easy to change the lenses. With its adjustable head strap, the mask can fit people with different head sizes comfortably by making the necessary adjustments. It is made from a hard plastic to offer the best protection as well as durability.

5.Sly Profit Full Camo Goggles Review

If you are looking for a paintball mask that will offer you with excellent protection at an affordable cost, try the Sly Profit Full Camo Goggles. The profit goggles feature velvet lined soft cell foam that is combined with SBR foam for shock absorption.

You can easily make the necessary adjustments with the integrated double strap in order to achieve angle adjustability. This Camo Goggles feature a water-resistant inner lens gasket that is effective in locking moisture and dirt. You will also enjoy the patent-pending lightning-quick release system.

This is a product that is innovatively created. It has a tough co-molded nylon frame with soft TPR lower to prevent breakage. The ear pads are also integrated molded to ensure there is no echo and enhances directional hearing. This is a nice mask paintball protection that ensures you are armed to play the game.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read enough information from this guide, you can comfortably select the best anti-fog paintball mask that will meet your needs. Remember comfort is the key thing when buying a paintball mask; always go for a mask that is very comfortable on your head to provide you with a great paintballing experience.

You will always look forward to the next game when you have a perfectly fitting paintball mask. There is nothing interesting like playing paintball with friends. It is an activity that keeps you stronger and helps you to interact with different people hence boosting your social life. Get the right anti-fog mask and make playing this interesting game your habit.