Dye Precision i4 Thermal paintball Goggle Reviews

Product Name: Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle
Color:21 color
Key Features:Anti-Fog Thermal Lens, Horizon Peripheral Vision, Scream Venting Anatomic Fit & Function, Rapid Lens Change.
Customer reviews:189 reviews
Size:Fit and adjustable for all ages

Millions of goggle engineers and manufacturers have spent decades to design and implement the dye precision i4 thermal paintball goggle that enhance utmost protection to the user’s eyes from the harmful dyes while playing paintball. It is one of the highest demanded masks and is rapidly emerging as the number one choice for most paintball players owing to its light weight, easily adjustable and perfect fitting features.  

The mask ideally fits everyone – with all face sizes and contours! The quick lens changing system facilitates users to change lenses in less than 10 seconds and assures clear visibility up to 290 degrees of head rotation! Further, the product is incorporated with trio-dial lenses than aggravate the visibility options and makes the product viable to be used irrespective of atmospheric conditions. 

For paintball lovers, who enjoy long duration of play, the i4 thermal paintball goggle cum mask has breathing-venting system that assures that the players concentrate on the game rather than on comfortability issues. 

Whom is the product designed for? 

  • Paintball players to enhance protection against dyes.
  • Airsoft sports persons.
  • People interested in outdoor activities that require head and eye protection. 

Dye precision i4 thermal paintball goggle Features 

Dye precision i4 thermal paintball goggle is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Dye precision i4 thermal paintball goggle is a one of the best in our paintball mask List. 

Anatomic Fit & Function: 

Dye Precision I4

I4 rapid lens change system allows you to change lens in 10 seconds.Comfortable anatomic mask fit keeps it in place and makes it comfortable to wear.

The product is designed to make a perfect fit on the head and faces of all players irrespective of their face sizes or contours. Moreover, the retention strap ensures that the mask is held in place and avoids slipping.

Incorporated with the dual stage foam technology, the mask eliminates the perspiration from your face thereby ensuring that there are no visibility issues owing to the moisture inside the mask. Overall, the product delivers comfort and user-friendliness during its long-term usage. 

Anti-fog thermal Lens: 

The product is designed with smart anti-fog dye thermal lenses that not only protect the eyes from dyes and other harmful chemicals but also provide the player the ease of playing by avoiding the formation of moisture due to fog or harsh and humid atmospheric conditions. 

Additionally, the radial lens with thermal technology enhances the player’s visibility in terms of vertical and horizontal peripheral vision. The choice of multiple lenses further increases the flexibility of the user to adjust himself against external lighting conditions. 

Ear Protection:  

Apart from the eyes, the paintball players must make sure that their ears are well protected from the dyes and other chemicals. However, with the dye precision i4 thermal paintball goggle at their fingertips, they may forget the worries of taking additional precautions and leave the rest on the amazing goggle cum mask gear. 

It comprises of a lightweight compressible formed earpiece that is soft on the ears and extremely comfortable for use Also, the earpiece has been designed with Cool Max technology to absorb moisture. 

Scream Venting System: 

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Dye Precision I4

The i4 features an industry first compound radius lens with thermal technology and retention strap system keeps the mask where you want it.

Venting is of utmost importance when it comes to long duration of play outdoors. Improper venting system imposes unnecessary fatigue among the players as the mask might become too hot or humid with sweat and in turn become unbreathable and uncomfortable.

However, the precise blade angling with perfect and proven venting facilitates easy heat dissipation for comfortable playing. Additionally, the scream multi-directional venting enhances voice communication and interaction with team members over long distances thereby posing an edge over the other teams. 

Rapid Lens Change System: 

This is perhaps one of the first and unique revolutionary technologies incorporated in the masking and goggling industry. This feature enables the players to adjust and change lenses as and according to their convenience within a time-frame of just 10 seconds!

All that the players need to do is to press on the tab arm to slide the lens to remove and re-insert a new one Further, the lenses are specially designed keeping in mind the game of paintball and are absolutely UVA, UVB, UVC and scratch-protected.

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  • Light-weight
  • Clear vision
  • Quick lens removal
  • Perfect ventilation
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit expensive
  • Slight chin or jaw exposure
  • No visor available

Frequently asked questions (FAQ

Q:Can I wear regular glasses under it? 

Ans: Absolutely. Your daily use prescription glasses would fit perfectly under the goggles. 

Q: Is a head strap provided with the product? 

Ans: No But, for better results use a head strap.

Q: Does the mask slip off during rigorous competition? 

Ans: No The tiger-teeth buckles hold the gear firmly and ensure perfect fit even during competition. 

Q:Does the product come with any inclusion? 

Ans: Yes. Buyers are provided with a goggle bag that ensures protection and longevity of the mask. 

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Final Verdict 

Although the product is slightly expensive, but compared to the number of features it comprises, it does make a good bargain! It provides perfect eye and ear protection along with superb lens quality and amazing lens changing facilities. 

What more do you require for a game of paintball? The product comes with a manual to help new users master over the features, safety and handling tips! Be it protection, style, comfort or visibility, if you want to showcase your talents at paintball and gain appreciation for your skills and abilities, there’s just one mask cum goggle gear that you must trust – the dye precision i4 thermal paintball goggle.

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