Extreme Rage Protector Paintball Goggle Reviews

Product Name:Extreme Rage PROtector Paintball Goggle
Brand:Extreme Rage
Key Features:COme with Goggle, goggle bag, and removable chin strap, Top and Back of head protection, single lens.
Customer reviews:50 reviews
Size:Single size fit with most

Paint ball is a sport that is enjoyed by many. It brings the fantasy only found on the big screens into a real world setting. Competitors try, either independently or as a squad, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water-soluble dye.The old day safety helmet used was the traditional safety goggles commonly used in wood shops.

This was replaced by more advanced helmets that offer more protection like the Extreme Rage PROtector Paintball goggles. No more worries about the inside of your helmet fogging as the Extreme rage protector paintball goggles is designed to provide a clear view, all the time.

It looks good too and it’s easy to disassemble and assemble. The snaps and Velcro hold it together and holds at its best in the maxima of a fight moment.

Who is the extreme rage protector made for?

The extreme rage protector is made for paintball players, both civilians and those in the military forces, law enforcement, para-military and security who use paintball to supplement military training thus the extreme rage protector is a common buddy. It is also used in riot response and on- fatal conquest of perilous suspects.

Extreme Rage Protector Paintball Goggle Features

Extreme Rage PROtector Paintball goggles is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put Extreme Rage PROtector Paintball goggles is a one of the best in our paintball mask List.

Single anti –fog lens

Extreme Rage Protector Paintball Mask

Come with Goggle, goggle bag, and removable chin strap. Built with Single lens goggle.

This is only washed with the google frame using fresh plain water. It is then dried with microfiber lens cloth or soft cloth. A newspaper or any other abrasive is never to be used in the cleaning of the lenses.

If you live in a cold climate area, nothing pisses you like your lenses fogging up in the middle of a hot match where it is a do or die situation. Well, the extreme rage protector paintball goggle has got your back.

It has a design for free coating— christened Fog Free — this eliminates the condensation of moisture on the lens thereby eliminating fogging. Therefore your vision stays clear all through. The google also allows you to see from a wider angle.

Removable protector armor

Best protection will only be achieved if the google fits properly .This requires one to tighten the straps accordingly in order for the helmet to sit firmly on the head. The extreme rage protector helmet has a strip, which permits disparities in head dimension and fitting.

The plastic straps adjust sides to achieve proper fit. Inside the mask assembly, one can turn or slide the masks strap. This is mostly used by the sportsmen of a younger age, say below 18 years.

Hypo-allergenic foam

After you have adjusted the helmet to your desired point, you realize there is a great amount of foam protection to ensure that your nose does not really scour down due to the movements between it and the mask.

This is achieved by the customization and the adjust-ability of the extreme protector goggle. The foam strap is also very comfortable even around the ears.

Great ventilation

Extreme Rage PROtector Paintball Goggle

Top of head protection also Back of head protection. Stealthy black goggle.

Extreme rage protector paintball goggle works pretty well without constricting the amount of air available for the wearer to breathe. Getting clean air to breathe during a match is important and the designers of this helmet ensured that the ventilation system of the helmet is superb.

The helmet comes with small air spaces to enhance a high flow of natural ventilation, this also helps to draw out warm air thus reduces fogging by a larger extent.

Chin strap

The chin strap attachment is adiustable so that fittina the Dronas into each other is very easy. They snaptight enough to ensure that the helmet doesn’t get loose even during the game. The snap can be adjusted snugly under the chin. Squeezing the male prongs ejects the female portion and makes the chin strap get free. It is simple.

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  • Provides great protection
  • It is fog resistant
  • It is made of hypoallergenic foam inside which is comfortable
  • It is light weight
  • Its design looks good


  • The wearer may not be able to look all the way down
  • Sometimes getting the helmet off might be hard
  • Chin strap which is very thin and tends to feel uncomfortable after some time


Q: Can one remove the goggles on the extreme rage protector paintball goggle?

A: No. I the goggle part is attached.

Q: Does the mask become foggy?

A: No. The mask has very apt ventilation and anti-fog lens

Q: Would the mask fit a 3 Year old?

A: Not at all. Unless it is customized, otherwise, it is designed for an adult.

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Final verdict

As you can see the extreme rage protector is arguably one of the best companions during a paintball sporting game. It does not only ensure maximum comfort and visibility but also full time protection. I highly recommend this very cool and very handy piece. Its features give users quite a number of advantages over other brands.

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