GXG XVSN Paintball Mask Reviews

Product Name:GXG XVSN Paintball Masks
Color:2 Color
Key Features:Anti Fog, Single Lens, Quick release lens system, adjustable head strap, hard plastic mask.
Customer reviews:216 reviews
Size:One size fit with most

Paintball is an interesting and enjoyable game but is also one of the most dangerous sports in the world if safety is not taken seriously. Accidents do happen and players are required to wears special masks to protect their heads and face. Also known as goggles, suitable paintball masks are supposed to cover the eyes, ears, mouth, as well as the nostrils of the wearer while at the same time providing adequate visibility. 

GXG XVSN Paintball Masks match this description.This is a great paintball mask for you if you are looking for this important sports equipment for you or for your loved one It is armed with a variety of special features and specifications making it top choice. 

In this GXG XVSN Paintball Masks review, we are going to discuss the most important of these specifications to help you understand why we consider it a wonderful choice. 

Whom Is This Product Designed for? 

  • For beginners who have no or little prior experience with paintball
  • For recreational paintball players
  • For Individuals looking for affordable, non-fancy paintball masks Adequate 

GXG XVSN Paintball Mask Features 

GXG XVSN Paintball Masks is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put GXG XVSN Paintball Masks is a one of the best in our Paintball mask List.  


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GXG XVSN Paintball Masks

Anti-fog lens for nice visibility with any weather. Also single Lens mask system

The most important reason for wearing a paintball mask is because it offers protection to the vital areas of the face. The GXG XVSN is designed to offer great protection.

The exterior of the mask is made from lightweight but strong material (hard plastic) that can withstand variable amount of force from the paintball. The inside is lined with padded material with cushioning and shock absorbing ability. This means you will be under adequate protection as long as you are wearing it 

Easy adjustability 

When it comes to paintball masks, there is no one size fits all Furthermore, it is absurd to imagine that a company has enough resources and time to custom-design each mask to the specifications of their prospective wearers. 

GXG XVSN Paintball Masks is designed with high levels of adjustability in mind. It features easily adjustable head straps as well as adjustable visors. This means you do not have to worry about the mask becoming loose and falling off while you are in the middle of the game. 

Highly versatile 

One of the most important aspects of this mask is the fact that you can use it in various ways. According to individuals who have had a chance to use GXG XVSN, these paintball masks are highly versatile and can be used indoors, outdoors, speedball, capture the ball as well as for tournaments. 

Even better is that fact that the masks can be used by beginners as well as established recreational paintball players who are looking for something cheap but effective. 

Great performance 

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GXG XVSN Paintball Masks

For easy replacement Quick release lens. Adjustable head strap. Made with hard plastic. changeable lenses, closed cell face foam.

A good paintball mask should be able to provide excellent vision amidst high level of protection and comfort. Luckily, the GXG XVSN masks are designed to offer deliver wonderful performance thanks to quick release lens system that can be replaced easily if they become ineffective.

This means you do not have to contend with lenses that do not provide the kind of vision you need. Such feature is important especially for those who are visually challenged and are in need of visual aids. 

Anti-fog treated 

Because of perspiration, the lenses of paintball masks have the tendency to fog and this reduces visibility making it difficult to play well Fortunately, GXG XVSN Paintball Masks do not fog so easily compared to other brands.

This is because the mask is treated with anti-fog compound allowing you to play for many hours before having to stop because of reduced visibility. This feature sets these paintball masks apart from even the most expensive brands the market currently has to offer. 

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  • Highly affordable yet greatly performing paintball masks the market has to offer
  • It is highly adjustable thanks to adjustable head straps and adjustable visor
  • Features hard plastic construction for optimal protection of the wearer
  • Armed with quick release lens system for easy replacement
  • Very comfortable thanks to air-soft design as well closed cell face foam


  • It is specifically designed for starters making it not that suitable for established players
  • Although the lens is replaceable, some users complain that it is so hard to remove.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Does this mask fit children between 4 and 7 year? 

Ans: The manufacturer is silent on this but it may be a little bit big for kids in this age bracket. 

Q: Is this mask durable? 

Ans:The plastic that makes up the actual mask is extremely hard and durable. It does not shutter easily. The visor is equally durable. 

Qn3: Can it fit over my glasses? 

Ans:Well, this depends on a number of factors including your facial features as well as the type and size of your glasses. Find out before buying the masks. 

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Final Verdict/Conclusion 

In case you have been looking for a great, affordable paintball mask then you can try the GXG XVSN Paintball Masks. They offer excellent protection, are highly durable, offer optimal comfort, easy to adjust and very breathable. 

It is an excellent choice for starters but may also be suitable for recreational use. Check it out and I believe you will fall in love and purchase it. Many of those who have had opportunity to use it attest to its efficacy and it will not be different for you whether you want it for yourself or you intend to purchase it for your loved one.

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