15 Best Paintball Mask 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

best paintball mask 2022 - expert reviews and buying guide

Best Paintball masks are a necessity for any paintball player. They protect the face from being hit with paintballs or splattered with paint and keep dirt out of your eyes.

A good mask will be lightweight, have good ventilation to prevent fogging up, won’t restrict vision too much, and can easily accommodate protective eyewear like glasses.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best paintballs masks on the market today so you don’t have to spend hours searching online or in stores!


15 Best Paintball Masks – Comparison Chart

When looking for the best paintball masks, you will find different brands offering a range of paintball masks. The paintball mask you choose should be according to your budget.

Here are the ten best paintballs masks providing the right protection for paintballers:

Best paintball mask 2022Virtue VIO Ascend

  • Appropriate fitting with less weight

  • Scratch-resistant anti-fog lens

  • No chromatic lens

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Best paintball mask 2022Bunkerkings CMD

  • Good head adjustment

  • Echo resistant design

  • Ear vents allow balls to slide in

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Best paintball mask 2022Empire X-Ray V2.1

  • Sufficient ventilation to prevent sweating

  • Safety from scratches

  • Back part is permanently fixed

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Best paintball mask 2022Virtue VIO

  • Almost zero echo impact

  • Highly comfortable

  • Lens might catch a few scratches

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Best paintball mask 2022Empire E-Flex

  • Reasonably priced with good specs

  • Extra pieces of foam provide comfort

  • Nose foam might cause some irritation

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Best paintball mask 2022Dye Precision I4

  • Enormous options in terms of lenses

  • Has high durability and strength

  • Some portion of face will be left uncovered

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Best paintball mask 2022VForce Armor Fieldvision Gen 3

  • Reasonable price

  • Rigid material

  • May feel pressure on the ears

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Best paintball mask 2022Dye i5

  • Optimal fitting with complete face coverage

  • Great airflow system

  • The lens can catch scratches sometimes

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Best paintball mask 2022Jadedragon PJ Tactical

  • Great Quality

  • Aeration on the facial side is notably good

  • The glasses are not completely fog proof

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Best paintball mask 2022Valken Paintball MI-9 SC

  • Lens covers broad area

  • Lens and foam are easy to remove

  • Can be a bit stressed on one side

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Best paintball mask 2022Empire EVS Thermal

  • Extensive range of visibility

  • Offers significant control over the impact

  • Lens removing is hard

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Best paintball mask 2022Push Unite Paintball Goggles

  • Good aeration

  • Easy adjustment

  • Overpriced

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Best paintball mask 2022JT Spectra Flex 8 Googles

  • Avoids sweat accumulation

  • Good sunlight protection

  • Visor is not easy to remove

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1. Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles/Masks

Virtue vio best paintball masks 2022

While choosing the most suitable and efficient mask for your all-time favourite paintball game, you can’t ignore Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles. There are multiple factors as to what qualifies it for being the best mask in the market. For starters, it is designed to be flexible so that the person wearing it never feels uncomfortable as it fits on your head just fine, while at the same time it has some rigid spots that provide it suitably enough durability so that it can easily withstand those tough combating games. Also, it has an efficient composition that ensures maximum ventilation to get enough air for you to breathe properly. This will also cover your entire face to ensure complete protection.

It also doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to visibility as it offers a large viewing area through its scratch-resistant, anti-fog, thermal lens. Yes, this might be the best paintball mask anti fog, as it also provides 100% protection from UV light, ensuring a clear and better visibility experience. The anti-fog lens will surely give you an upper hand in teams as well as individual combat gaming events. Even if the lens gets a crack or you simply want to replace it with a new one, you can do that easily as well, since it comes with a quick-change lens.

Even during hot and sweaty conditions, these hydrophobic coated lenses will prevent water droplets to cause any kind of blockage in your vision. The effective design is not only limited to better ventilation but also has an enhanced ability for transmission of voice. Even if you want to replace the eye foam or the straps then you are free to do so. Still, the best part about these goggles is the price tag i.e. It comes in an easily affordable mediocre price range (compared to many of its competitors), making it a value for money product.

  • Scratch-resistant anti-fog lens
  • Appropriate fitting with less weight
  • Enhanced air ventilation system
  • Reduced voice echo problem

  • It doesn’t come with a chromatic lens
  • It is only available in a single size option

2. Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles/Masks

Bunkerkings Paintball Masks 2022

We all know that competitive physical games like paintball requires exceptional player skills but at the same time, a good player always needs the finest gear. Therefore, if you certainly want to up your game then all you need is the best paintball masks like the Bunkerkings CMD Paintball masks, which provide you with a large number of benefits than an ordinary paintball mask. Focusing on player comfort and protection as its top priority the Bunkerkings CMD Paintball masks are laced with an enormous number of distinguishing features that you’ll only get in the top of the line paintball masks.

For starters, it comes with the traditional anti-fog lens which also happens to be glare resistant but the main thing to notice is the dynamics of its faceplate that is designed particularly to adjust according to your face with certainly improved ventilation that won’t allow any kind of warm air to disturb you maintaining a fresh environment for you. Even in extremely moist conditions, it will never let the humidity build or clog up your vision. If we look at the chief component of this mask, the lens then it won’t be an understatement to say that the ultimate VIO thermal lens has the strength and durability to withstand even the strongest of blows without even shattering.

Specifications of Bunkerkings Paintball Goggles

For your facilitation we are enlisting the key features of this product:

  • Level Of Comfort

The innermost contact layer is made from microfiber cloth to give you a face-friendly, smooth experience.

  • Ease Of Use

he plush foam used in the mask allows you to change it with ultimate ease without any hindrance. The shape of the mask also aids you while wearing or removing it making it the best paintball mask for glasses.

  • Moisture Control

The effective micro-visor technology also acts as a line of defense to prevent any paint or moisture, entering your mask, besides providing a clear vision.

  • High-Grade Ventilation

The ventilation zones in these masks offer enhanced breathability up to 300%, ensuring an optimal flow of air that will also improve performance in both hot and cold conditions.

  • Enhanced Communication

It comes with dedicated ports close to the mouth and ear zones that’ll serve the purpose of effective communication. You’ll not have to speak loud to talk with your teammate.

  • Strong Grip

With the new Bunkerkings CMD masks there is no falling off of the mask in the middle of the game nor the extremely tight grip to disturb your concentration, the smooth silicone grip will fit on your head just fine, with a solid grip.

  • A firm but smooth grasp allows complete head adjustment
  • Its design completely echoes resistant
  • Improved vision with a scratch-free and wide-angle lens
  • Increased airflow with minimal fog

  • The ear vents allow balls to slide in.

3. Empire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal Protector Goggle

Empire X Ray Best Paintball masks

If you are here, then it means that surely you are looking for the best paintball mask for the money, which is difficult to find of course. Especially nowadays it is quite hard to find a product that has all the required and essential attributes that you ache for but fear not the new Empire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal PROtector Goggle is most likely what you are looking for. As it says clearly in its name that it is a PROtector which means that it will provide you protection but in an expert fashion I.e. by providing you with the best paintball experience of your life. These are not your ordinary paintball mask but are built to specifically withstand extreme combating games.

Unlike most of the other paintball goggles that’ll leave you with a whole lot of scratches to deal with, the Empire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal PROtectors are embedded with an essential thermal lens that keeps the glass clean and free of scratches in addition to keeping your vision free of any fog that can accumulate inside the mask which is why they are also considered to be the best paintball mask anti fog. In competitive games, these features certainly provide you with some level of dominance. The sleek design will also give you a new and unique look, with a certain level of confidence.

Specifications Of Empire X-Ray V2.1 Mask

Here we are going to enlist some of the features of the Empire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal PROtector Goggles

  • Size Diversity
This mask is the best paintball mask for big heads. The shape and size of the mask are fabricated to make it fit for everyone. Also, the adjustable head strap makes it even more helpful to adjust it according to your taste. Even if you are someone with a comparatively large head size it will fit on you just fine.

  • Adjustability

Besides being adjustable, it also holds sufficient space so even if you’re wearing glasses, you’ll not experience any sort of rubbing against the lens.

  • Limiting Fog

Another convenient feature of this mask is the aerodynamics and positioning of the holes that keep any kind of moisture away from you giving you a good view.

  • Cooling Effect

The location of the ports is so precise that the direction of airflow will make sure that you don’t feel any kind of warmth.

  • Less Expensive
TheEmpire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal PROtector Goggles are the best paintball mask under 100. These masks won’t cause you a whole lot of money but instead, it is very much a value to money product.

  • Easy fitting, with great comfort
  • No fog whatsoever, even while playing for longer hours
  • Safety from scratches
  • Sufficient ventilation to prevent sweating

  • The back part is permanently fixed
  • Some areas might feel a bit too firm

4. Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles/Masks with Dual Pane Thermal Anti-Fog Lenses

Virtue VIO Paintball Mask

Looking for the ultimate and the Best paintball mask for your paintball competition can be a quite tedious and tricky task, especially when you have such a large amount of options available. However, if you know your way around paintball masks then you most certainly can’t ignore the new Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles/Masks with Dual Pane Thermal Anti-Fog Lenses. They offer every single thing that you need for the best output and maximum luxury. They belong to the category of the best paintball masks that will surely give you a high profile look and security to help you and your team steal the victory from your competitors.

These state of the art paintball masks comes with the latest technology of lens that provides complete UV light protection with a wide field of view. The lens looks multicolored from the outside that gives off strong vibes. Not only this, you can customize the parts according to your mind. The broad field of view of this full head paintball mask is supported by the anti-fog lens with dedicated ventilation holes for the sustainability of the optimum internal temperature and humidity. Despite all of these factors these masks are still very much light and can be worn and carried around with complete ease.

Specifications Of Virtue VIO Paintball Mask

  • Unique Design

The Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles/Masks with Dual Pane Thermal Anti-Fog Lenses come with a new and unique set of colors that enhances the front and back look of the lenses, making them look more professional.

  • Stretchability

Besides the outside rigidity of the mask, it is very flexible at potential points with a high degree of comfortable padding on the inner side of the mask, contributing directly to its comfortability.

  • Sound Transmission

The dynamics and design of the mask are such that it supports more voice communication than ever, even for someone with a low voice there is no trouble in speaking as well as listening.

  • Glare Prevention

The high-quality lens will keep you safe from UV light and it won’t allow sunlight to interfere with your vision even on the brightest of days.

  • Size Adjustment

This mask offers complete protection from your head to right across your jawline making it a super secure mask but at the same time it is a relatively short mask as compared to its competitors which makes it size ideal for games.

  • Anti-Fog Effect

Even in the coldest of environments and after hours of playing these lenses would still not let a single area of fog stay.

  • Very diverse in terms of colors
  • Highly comfortable, even after wearing for hours
  • Almost zero echo impact
  • Very easy to interchange parts or customize the goggles

  • The lens might catch a few scratches
  • Might get a bit tighter for some people

5. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System  

Empire E Flex Best Paintball Goggles 2022

With the increasing advancement in technology, competitive physical games have also attained a high degree of modification especially in terms of equipment and gear. In the same way, nowadays a good paintball mask that provides you with additional features is probably the dire need of every player. That being said there might be different types of paintball masks present in the market that might be considered as one of the top paintball masks as they can provide you with some exceptional features but surely you’ll have to compromise on other features. However, with the new Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System, there is no need to sacrifice any attribute as it is a complete package and the best budget paintball mask. Probably you might be thinking if that’s even possible or not, wait till you see all of its cool features.

Unlike some of the masks that are in the same price range, the Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System provides you with a top-grade functioning thermal lens with a double pane. The two panes in this lens will help to adjust the temperature of the glass which will prevent the buildup of any kind of fog irrespective of the coldness on the outside. This lightweight paintball mask is made to cover almost all parts of your face to prevent the chances of any possible injury, in the same way allowing you to play with even more focus. Even when running, you won’t need to gasp for air as it has well-placed air ventilation zones.

Specifications Of E-Flex Paintball Mask

  • Facial Dimensions

The frontal area of this exceptional paintball mask with best field of vision is made to avoid any extra curves to provide a comfortable frontal area for your face.

  • Softness

The addition of extra foam around the ears and some other parts that are in direct contact with the mask is certainly a great help for the player. This will also enhance sustainability during a hit.

  • Easy Handling

They have introduced unique openings to help you with the customization of the lens. This aims to reduce the time taken while changing the lens.

  • Shock Absorption

The mask has been specially designed to be more resilient, that’ll reduce the intensity of blow or paint even if you get hit right on the face, to improve protection.

  • Optical Clearance

Improved level of fog resistance is a direct result of enhanced lens quality, it also provides a huge viewing zone, while minimizing visual disruptions.

  • Foam Material

For anyone with allergy sensitivity, the material used in the foam is anti-allergic, ensuring to lessen any inconvenience while playing.

  • Breathing Assistance

The more spaciousness of this mask will help you during times of intense running providing you with ample air, this feature also contributes to aid while you are giving instructions to your teammates.

  • Reasonably priced product with top-notch specifications
  • Extra pieces of foam provide a soothing experience
  • Very ample flow of air

  • The nose foam might cause some irritation

6. Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Dye Precision Best Cheap Paintball Mask

While looking for the most premium paintball mask, one has to look through each dimension to make sure that every useful aspect is covered. But most of the time you don’t find the best cheap paintball mask and have to compromise on one factor or another. If you are someone facing the same difficulty, then it is time to end your search as the latest Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle is what you are looking for, as in terms of paintball googles it is a complete all-rounder. The word precision in the name is how these goggles have been designed. It is one of those products that you see in a store and immediately know that this is indeed the best paintball mask for woodsball you’ve been looking for.

It is a special product that gives you two of the most important advantages in a paintball game i.e. the clarity of vision and the immunity from even the heaviest of blows. Moreover, it is purposely built on a comparatively small stature to lessen the element of weight, making it easier for you to run around and jump while playing the game, without getting tired which is why it is regarded as the best paintball mask for breathing. Speaking of optical clarity, the Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle is fitted with one of the chief lenses available, that covers a huge viewing area. The latest thermal lens will also provide relief from fog and sweaty face.

Specifications Of Dye Precision Paintball Goggle

  • Humidity Protection

On the inside it has not one but dual foams that’ll soak up any kind of moisture from your face, preventing them from going into your eyes and causing irritation.

  • Material Strength

The use of strong and more durable materials make it more sustainable over longer time zones. Besides the hardness, coating on the lens allows it to impede and absorb any intended hit on your face.

  • Holding Adjustment

Another distinct feature of these goggles is the addition of tiger teeth on the buckles of the strap. So that the goggles remain in the intended position during intense running.

  • Resilience

TheDye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle is subjected to a series of testing with twice the impact than CE standards.

  • Variety Of Options

It also gives the authority of freewill when it comes to the color of lenses. The users are given a large variety of options to consider according to the light conditions.

  • Venting Positions

These goggles have efficient aerodynamics with committed vents available that will not only regulate the flow of air but also aid in communication. Also, there is a lightweight earpiece present with compression to increase the surface area for water evaporation and a better listening experience. These light weighted earpieces also don’t produce any unwanted pressure on your ears.

  • It has an intimidating design
  • Comes with enormous options in terms of lenses
  • Has high durability and strength

  • Some portion of your face will still be left uncovered at all times

7. VForce Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 Paintball Mask – Most Affordable

VForce Best full head paintball mask

Paintball has undoubtedly gained the attention of a large number of people. This combative sport however needs a sturdy mask to protect the players from the high-speed bullets flying across the field. Therefore, if you are going to wear a mask, you need to make sure that you have a full head paintball mask with a thorough and crystal clear viewing angle, with utmost eye protection. The mask should also cause little to no irritation at all and should be light enough to be handled with ease. However, finding an ideal task is not an easy task, and let’s say you find the mask of your choice, you’d still be paying a lot of money for them.

If you are a beginner player or someone who doesn’t play paintball very often, there are high chances that you’d need a mask that can offer an extra bit of protection and is very convenient to use. Or if you are someone who doesn’t want to spend a huge sum of money for a paintball mask then consider yourself lucky as the VForce Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 Paintball Mask – Black is certainly the best cheap paintball mask. This mask will offer you quite some features (most of them essential) while not compromising on your safety at all. All of this at a very economical price. For someone like me who wears’s glasses will need a mask that can allow fitting your head while keeping the glasses intact, this mask might be the right choice.

Specifications Of Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 Paintball Mask

  • Scratch Immunity

TheVForce Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 Paintball Mask – Black has a hard-coated lens that makes it impenetrable and doesn’t allow any strike to get through to you. This glass is also designed to withstand the hardships of the paintball field and avoid scratches.

  • Lens Handling

This mask comes with a user-friendly experience since the lenses can be placed and removed with ultimate ease. Whether if this is about cleaning or replacing them, it won’t take more than a few seconds to open it up.

  • Extraordinary Dimensions

The VForce Armor Fieldvision Gen 3 Paintball Mask – Black is fabricated in a unique fashion such that the lens goes round at some points, this will help you to adjust your vision quickly minimizing any optical distortion.

  • Optimal Space

It has a very ample degree of a room that can easily accommodate glasses, thus providing additional benefits while being the best paintball mask for glasses.

  • Fog Clearance

This mask undergoes specified treatment to add an anti-fog element to it. This will certainly come in handy especially for longer durations.

  • It highly favours budget-oriented people
  • The mask material is very rigid
  • It is a good choice for kids

  • Might exert some extra pressure on the ears

8. Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

Dye i5 Best paintball goggle

A paintball game can never be complete without a paintball mask with best field of vision. Every paintball player knows that the field masks are very uncomfortable, so it’s always better to have your mask. If you buy from the online market without having the basic awareness regarding which mask to buy and which to avoid, there are high chances that you’ll buy something that is either opposite to your set of requirements or very costly. Therefore, it is always better to invest in a complete product that’ll fulfill all the possible requirements of a good mask. Fortunately, this is exactly where you need to be, as Dye i5 Paintball Goggle is that complete product. It is elegantly fabricated to facilitate its users in every way possible.

The Dye i5 Paintball Goggle belongs to the flagship category of paintball masks and is fortified with the latest technology improvements. It brings an enormous menu of features for its users. Along with a significant amount of improvements in the traditional features like scratch resistance, air vents, etc. it has also introduced some latest elements like venting through multiple directions (SCREAM), the introduction of a dedicated mount where you can fix your camera for recording and a very accommodating strap system that provides a very superior weight distribution. Not only this, the inside of the mask is very welcoming to your head and face with many layers of foam protecting you from abrasion and discomfort.

Specifications Of Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

  • Lens Management

The installation and removal of the lens were never this much easy before. All you have to do is to open up the clips and easily pull out the lens. After cleaning it’s just a matter of seconds to install the lens back. Fast and simple.

  • Impact Resistance

The most important feature in a paintball mask is probably taken care of in the best way possible. It has been prepared to withstand double the current ASTM impact along with CE standards. This makes it one of the most secure masks available.

  • Smart Communication

The Dye i5 Paintball Goggle has brought in a new mode of voice transmission i.e. a wire-free air sync system. This addition will solve a whole bunch of difficulties and communication errors, allowing you to synchronize a lot better with your squad.

  • Vision Clearness

The hard coated lens filters the troubling UV light and presents you with a large enough viewing area. The anti-moisture lens material will get rid of the blurry vision for you even at the highest and lowest temperatures.

  • Unrealistic Comfort

The highly unique earpiece design is also a distinguishing feature. The foam is positioned to maintain comfortability around the ears. The venting ports will deal with excess sweat while promoting accurate communication.

  • Comes with top of the line features
  • Soothing foam layer from the inside
  • Optimal fitting with complete face coverage
  • Great airflow system

  • The lens can catch scratches sometimes

9. Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet & Protect Ear Foldable Double Straps Half Face Mesh Mask & Goggle

Best paintball mask for money

Paintball is a very competitive game that requires you to demonstrate the best teamwork and individual performance while keeping your nerves calm and guard up. However, the presence of a good paintball mask with some additional traits can equip you with a significant edge on your opponents. Surely you need to search a lot to choose the ultimate quality and the best paintball mask for the money. This extensive research requires a huge portion of your time which of course most of us can’t waste. Therefore, to help you in this quest we present you the Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet & Protect Ear Foldable Double Straps Half Face Mesh Mask & Goggle, a remarkable product that’ll help you in those close combats.

The Jadedragon PJ Tactical with its futuristic composition has taken the mask game to new heights. With its anti-seismic plastic foam, you’ll have a luxurious experience even after hours of playing without even the smallest of displeasure. The coupling of hard metal mesh with soft padding foam provides the best combination of invincibility and protection that every single player wants. The same combination is present at the mouth and ear parts as well, so you can feel the air touching you during hot, sweaty games. If you are thinking that they forgot to make it comfortable then you’re wrong, they’ve added a separate dial knob at the rear side, so you can alter the tightness as you like.

Specifications Of Jadedragon PJ Tactical

  • Adjustment Options

Contrary to most of the other mask brands the Jadedragon PJ Tactical hands you the customization of your mask with easy to operate mechanism. The optical knob at the back of the mask will facilitate you to adjust to your ideal gripping position.

  • Padding and Protection

The pairing between meshwork of steel with nylon padding makes the mask more durable from the outer side while giving your mouth and ears blow resistance.

  • Mounts Availability

This new mask presents you with several mounts where you can fit any additional equipment you want to. For starters, if you want to affix your night vision equipment you can do so with great ease. Similarly, the rails on the side have enough room to fit flashlights, nametapes, strap clips etc.

  • Easier Breathing

This whole comfortable mesh network on the face mask helps you get more air inside, making it easier for you to breathe and allowing it to be the best paintball mask for breathing.

  • Weight Distribution

An additional product of this mesh construction is the decrease in weight making it notably bearable and easier to put on.

  • The helmet is of great quality and adjusts easily
  • Can be assembled with great ease
  • Aeration on the facial side is notably good

  • The glasses are not completely fog proof

10. Valken Paintball MI-9 SC Goggle/Mask with Dual Pane Thermal Lens – Tan

Valken Best budget paintball mask

With the evolution of paintball, since it was first played there have been a considerable number of upgrades. Even the playing style has changed to a huge extent since then. With the advancement in the type of guns for shooting paintballs, the masks have also been updated to withstand them. Especially if you are an expert level player you have to have a mask that is up to your level of skill and competitiveness otherwise you are going to get crushed by the opponents. Many times players buy a mask only to know that it is not capable of what they were advertising before. Besides, in these expensive times, it is not easy to spend money on a mask repeatedly therefore you need the best budget paintball mask.

We respect your interest and money therefore we are presenting you with something worthy of it, like the Valken Paintball MI-9 SC Goggle/Mask with Dual Pane Thermal Lens – Tan. This product hides an immense variety of features beneath its stylish design. There can be simply no question on the strength and resilience of this product, as it holds CE as well as ASTM certifications. With a substantially promising visibility angle, both horizontally and vertically it won’t be an overstatement to say that it lies among the best in this area. It should be noted that with this much width of viewing angle it also offers explicit visibility with its anti-fog lenses. The dimensions are designed to fit a majority of head sizes comfortably.

For your assistance here are some salient features of this product:

  • Exchange Support

It is fitted with a quick change and release technology, meaning that you are just supposed to remove the clips on the side and boom the lens is out. Similarly, it is just as easy to fit in again once you have completed cleaning or replacing the lens.

  • Foam Replacement

This is not just an ordinary foam replacement feature but a unique one, as the SC in the name symbolizes its new foam replacement system. All you have to do is gently peel off the foam and it comes out cleanly, without breaking a sweat.

  • Material Density

This latest mask is constructed with a pair of materials each having its specific advantages. The upper portion (polyethylene foam) is a comparatively rigid structure to add support and rigidity against paintballs, while the lower part is rather flexible to adjust easily.

  • Foam Layers

This beautiful mask also has two layers of foam, but they too are built to deal with 2 situations. The base or lower layer is for impact sustainability while the other one is made to lessen the sweat as much as possible.

  • Visor Design

The visor is shaped to shade the eyes from direct sunlight, for resistance against scratches and clearer visibility.

  • A lot easier to replace foam and lens
  • Available in different variety of colors
  • The lens covers a very broad area

  • Can be a bit stressed on one side

11. Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Mask – Black / White

Empire EVS Best paintball mask for woodball

In these times, with the expansion of online marketing trends and the availability of a massive number of products on different platforms, the selection of the best paintball mask for woodsball is a tiresome task of its own. This gets even harder when you are searching for paintball masks. Whether your preference leans more towards better visibility or protection you’d always want a product that offers the best value for your money. Doesn’t matter what your area of preference is you’ll simply love the latest Empire EVS Thermal Paintball Mask – Black / White, solid addition to the market of paintball masks. It has a combination of all necessary and some additional features that make it a solid piece of gear.

It is a splendid product developed and improved keeping in view the, reviews and suggestions of expert paintball players, based on their in-field experiences of this product. Coming with unique dimensions that are designed to minimize the contact point of the ball, it significantly lessens the impact force, guarding your face. The soft and fine cushioning on the inside of the mask will soak up all the stress so that you don’t get hurt. The firm gripping, courtesy of the silicone made back strap will prevent it from bouncing off your head or disturbing the adjusted position. The microfibre based goggle bag ensures trouble-free carrying of your goggles while avoiding scratches.

This mask processes many noteworthy traits, though some of them are as follows:

  • Optical Shielding

The exclusive and elite material used in the lens makes it invulnerable to scratches and forceful hits. This hard coating is not limited to hit protection but also prevents scratches from clouding your visibility over time. These goggles offer ASTM approved protection.

  • UV Safety

The latestEmpire EVS Thermal Paintball Mask – Black / White comes with a ninja lens that offers a complete safeguard from harmful ultraviolet rays as well. The supreme anti-reflection technology used in the lens will screen UV light.

  • Earpiece Coating

This is yet another important and often neglected area of the mask. The earpiece in this mask has been coated with thermo-foam. This gives optimal insulation against excessive sweat and even cold to ensure ventilation and optimal dryness within the ear zones.

  • Hit Proofing

The lower skirt is made up of an amalgam of different polymers, to create a surface that minimizes the zone of contact with the ball. This will cause the bouncing off of the ball without causing any significant damage upon impact.

  • Lens Manipulation

Like within the field, this mask also offers additional facilities off the field as well. You can easily remove or adjust the lens as you wish without having to use any other tool.

  • Comes with a micro-fibre bag for placing goggles
  • Offers an extensive range of visibility
  • Offers significant control over the impact

  • Lens removing might take some time

12. Push Unite Paintball Goggles MASK with Quad PANE Lens and CASE

Push unite paintball mask for big heads

Are you trying to find the dream mask for your upcoming paintball games? Is your outdated gear creating a hindrance in your way to becoming the best paintball player? Do you want a mask that’ll provide you with an extra benefit over your fellow players? The answer to all of these questions is the Push Unite Paintball Goggles MASK with Quad PANE Lens and CASE. This mask takes a massive leap from its opponents in almost every single aspect. Once you use it in the field, you’ll undoubtedly observe a great degree of difference from your old mask, as a certain improvement in build quality and comfort is quite evident.

Considering other products available in today’s paintball market you can’t get a more revolutionary product than this. Putting customer satisfaction as its topmost priority, the Push Unite paintball masks have been developed after a series of improvisations. Even the tiniest of the details have been taken care of such as this best paintball mask for big heads provides a magnetic strap on the chin area, that will fix it to your face without causing you a tiny bit of inconvenience. The new anti-fog lens will help you to adjust your aim even more precisely by providing you with crystal clear visibility. The inside volume of the mask is spacious enough to allow you to breathe easily while avoiding unnecessarily wide openings from where the paint can enter inside the mask.

Specifications Of Push Unite Paintball Goggles MASK

  • Adjustment Options

This mask equips you with tons of adjustment options, one of these user-friendly options is the availability of a nose bridge system. Depending upon the size the level of comfortability in the nose region, you can manipulate this area of the mask as you please. This is something that you don’t see quite often.

  • Visual Transparency

Another new and highly rare trait of this mask is the inclusion of a quad-layer lens unlike the majority of the masks that provides you with a dual-layer lens. This quad-layer offers enhanced anti-fog abilities and will also be of immense use during sweaty environments. The adjustability of the lens has also been upgraded to save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Air Circulation

With the increment of ventilation spaces (up to 16) the overall flow of air on the inner side has been effectively increased. This is yet another step dedicated to providing the best playing experience in tough environments.

  • Glare Protection

To prevent the bright sunlight from affecting your eyes, this mask offers complete glare protection with its state of the art anti-reflecting lenses.

  • Weight Reduction:

The polymer used in the mask is essentially prepared to manage the distribution of weight and stay as light as possible. It has also been strengthened in such a way that it distributes the impending force decreasing the magnitude of a hit.

  • You’ll get a good quality case with the mask
  • Gives you more control in terms of adjustment
  • The aeration is quite good

  • The product is overpriced

13. JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles

Best paintball mask under 100

It’s kind of hard to believe how a simple mask can change your whole gameplay. It can either improve it by offering you more clear sight and good protection or it can cause you a whole lot of trouble by adding blurriness to your vision and discomfort in the fitting. The good thing is that you can change the outcome in your favour by opting for the most efficient and the best paintball mask under 100 such as the JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles. It brings with it, plenty of advantages in different areas, like handling, ventilation and toughness.

From a visual point of view, it offers one of the biggest viewing angles that a paintball mask can offer. The back of the head which oftentimes gets ignored in many masks is also protected completely while wearing it. The overall shape and structure of the mask are made so that it can perform equally level during both bright and dark conditions. It doesn’t lag in fitting, even for someone with comparatively big head size, it is very comfy. Therefore, I won’t be bragging if I say that this product is worth a try.

Specifications Of JT Spectra Mask

  • Venting Technology

You might think that this feature has become quite common in all masks these days, so what’s so unique about this one? Well, the answer is that the JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles has some additional ventilation ports on the head area as well. This feature will enormously reduce the build-up of warm air on the inside and promoting airflow throughout the mask.

  • Visor Adjustment

The visor in this mask is dual functioning in all light conditions. For example, if you are in bright daylight conditions, it will shield your eyes from radiation, while in less bright situations you can mechanically remove it for good visuals.

  • Backhead Safety

The patch on the backside of the head, dedicated to protecting your head can also be regulated according to size with the help of a knob on the top.

  • Stress-Free

Even with all these features and the extra protection this mask is very lightweight, you won’t feel any burden while it is on.

  • Good ventilation avoids sweat accumulating in the head region
  • Visor offers good sunlight protection
  • Offers good face coverage

  • Removing the visor is not easy

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Buyer's Guide on Best Paintball Mask

best paintball mask 2022 buying guide

It’s paintball season and you might be looking for the best paintball mask that is going to keep your head safe. You need a paintball mask that fits snugly around your face and won't fog up when playing in those hot summer months. The lens needs to be strong enough to handle any incoming paintballs at high speeds and won’t scratch easily. The paintball mask and paintballs should be light and easy to carry around, especially when playing for long periods at a paintball field or paintball park.

There's nothing worse than your paintball mask fogging up while you're in the middle of an intense game. If you get paint on your paintball mask, it's going to be a pain to clean off later. You want the paintball mask lens to not only look good but also protect you from any paintballs that might come flying in your direction unexpectedly. If you get hit with a paintball and know protection is an issue for you, make sure the paintball masks you're looking at have a paintball mask adjustable strap. This ensures the paintball mask fits securely and won’t slip off your head when you least expect it.

If you want to be safe while playing paintball, make sure the paintballs are of high quality too. You don't want to get hit with one that can cause inconvenience to you later.

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Paintball Masks

You need to consider multiple factors when looking for a high-quality paintball mask that can particularly meet your individual needs.

Paintball Mask Type

Some paintball masks are designed to cover the entire face while others only provide protection for the eyes, nose, and mouth.  The best paintball mask type is a universal one that offers coverage of your whole head with adjustable straps.

Lens Coating

A good paintball lens should have an anti-fog hydrophobic coating, and anti-reflective coating to provide optical clarity.

Strap Type

The paintball mask strap should be adjustable and secure, made of high-quality fabric. It should have an anti-slip coating to keep the paintball masks in place.

Ear Protection

You can find paintballs masks with built-in ear protection or a separate pair of paintballs earmuffs that offer sufficient ear padding that perfectly conforms around the ears without affecting hearing or communicating with your team.


The paintball's visor should be made of polycarbonate and it's treated to prevent fogging up. It should also have a scratch-resistant coating for durability.


Whether you're playing indoor or outdoor paintball, the best paintball mask has an anti-bacterial liner that prevents you from itching or irritating your face. Look for a mask that perfectly suits and fits well on your face and doesn't restrict your field of view.


The best paintball masks are not the cheapest but also not expensive, you can find them in between $50 to $100 depending on their features.

Paintballs Mask Maintenance

While purchasing paintballs masks check for its lens changing feature that how easy or difficult to change paintballs mask lens. Also, make sure paintball masks are washable and you can remove anti-fog coating while cleaning paintballs mask.

The best way to find the perfect paintballs mask is by trying them on for size in a store - don't be afraid to ask if you can try before you buy! If not possible, always try paintballs masks with the return policy so if it doesn't fit you can easily replace them.

Is Paintball Mask is a Good Investment?

Cheap paintball Goggles 2022

Buying a paintball mask is not always worth the investment. A lot of people are on tight budgets, so they have to save their money for other important things like equipment and ammunition. However, you do need to consider some factors before making your decision.

One factor that may influence your decision is whether or not you want to protect yourself from being hit in the face with a paintball during an intense game of paintball. Paintballs can sting when they come into contact with skin, but this will be lessened if you wear a mask!

Another consideration might be how much time you spend playing paintballs games - if it's only once every couple months then maybe investing in a mask right now isn't necessary yet!

Final Thoughts on Paintball Mask

The paintballs mask is an essential accessory for any paintball player. While scrolling through the range of paintball masks, it becomes difficult to choose the one that perfectly meets your needs. Thus, match with the factors of the best paintball masks stated above and consider your budget. However, make sure it's of high quality.

Moreover, you can also contact us in case of any guidance and we will try our best to assist you.

Remember to follow paintball safety guidelines before you start playing paintball games - check out the USA paintballs association website if you're unsure about anything.[/su_box]

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean a Paintball Mask?

The paintball mask should be washable and you can use a mild detergent or special paintballs cleaner. Avoid using acetone, gasoline, paint remover, or any other solvents when cleaning paintballs masks as these may damage the paintball lenses.

What is the Best Paintball Mask for Glasses?

The paintball mask should have a good paintballs visor and it's best to find one which has an adjustable paintballs strap. Some masks come with interchangeable lenses that fit easily into the frame of the paintball mask, allowing you to switch out lens colors or add corrective lenses if needed. You can also use standard safety-certified paintballs goggles for a paintball mask with a strap.

What are the Best Paintballs Mask Brands?

Many paintballs brands produce high-quality paintballs masks, however, some of them include Empire paintball, JT paintball, and V Force. It's better to go through customer reviews before buying any paintball masks.

Can you wear a Paintball Mask with Glasses? How does it fit?

Yes, paintball masks with adjustable straps can fit paintballs mask with glasses perfectly. You need to look for a paintball mask that has a large lens but is not too wide so it doesn't touch your temple while wearing paintball goggles.

Does Paintball goggle fog up? What is the best way to prevent Paintballs visor from fogging up?

Yes, paintballs goggle fog up when you're playing paintball and the temperature is hot. Some paintball masks come with anti-fog coating and coatings that prevent condensation inside paintballs mask lens while others have venting which keeps them from fogging up - look for vents or fans on your paintball goggles.

What’s the difference between the anti-fog lens and the thermal lens?

Anti-fog paintballs mask lens are designed to prevent condensation inside paintballs visors while thermal paintball goggle lenses work the same way but they also offer protection against UV rays. Also, look for paintball masks with an anti-scratch coating that keeps your paintballs mask clear and scratch-free even when you're playing rough paintball games.

Do best Paintballs goggle to buy?

Go for the paintball mask that perfectly fits your head and face, doesn't restrict your field of view, and has a scratch-resistant coating. You can find the best paintball goggles in between $30 - $80 depending on their features.