Best Paintball Barrel 2024 – Buying Guide

Do you want to make your paintball game the best one? Then go with the best paintball barrel !

The paintball barrel is the most important part of your paintball gun. It transfers all the energy from the compressed air into the paintball. A paintball barrel is a tube that connects the pump to the gun. It allows air to flow through the gun to help create the suction needed for paintballs to exit.

The quality of your paintball barrel will determine how well your paintball gun works and how much fun you have when playing. If you want to get better accuracy and range, you need a good quality paintball barrel.

Paintball barrels are made of materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic and even carbon fiber. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of paintball gun they are used with. The most common types of paintball barrels are rifled and smooth bore barrels.

Rifled barrels have grooves along their length which give them their name and make them more accurate than smooth bore barrels in general because they spin efficiently and steadily when shot out by the gun’s firing pin or bolt action mechanism. Smooth bore barrels do not spin as well as rifled ones because they lack grooves in their design which slows them down when fired out of a gun’s barrel stringing mechanism.

Why To Have a Good Quality Paintball Barrel?

The first reason why you need to have a good quality paintball barrel is that it will give you more energy in your paintballs.

The second reason why you need to have a good quality paintball barrel is that it will give you better speed and accuracy in your shots.


List of Best Paintball Barrels

Here we have listed down the best paintball barrels available online. Have a look and get the one according to your budget and need.

1. Carmatech Engineering Nemesis Rifled Paintball Barrel

The Nemesis Series has been designed for customers who desire the most accurate paintball barrel available. The Carmatech Nemesis Barrel has a forged aluminum construction, with a patent pending (Multi-National) spline drive rifling system and precision rifling bore .6860 +/- .0005. They are made in the U.S.A and come with a Milspec Type II Black Hardcoat Anodize finish.

Carmatech Engineering Nemesis Rifled Paintball Barrels are the first of their kind, and are only available from MarkerMan. Every barrel is heat treated and stress relieved in order to get the best performance from any paintball gun.  

Our Nemesis Rifled Barrel is the most efficient and longest lasting paintball marker barrel on the market today. The Nemesis Rifled Barrel is built to be durable, accurate and reliable.

2. Valken Paintball Barrel Swab

Upgrade your playing experience with the Valken Paintball Barrel Swab. With 8mm diameter, this swab can be used when cleaning the valves of your air tank or any other carbon build up. This product is perfect for players that focus heavily on accuracy and maintain their equipment.

This swab comes in handy when it comes time to clean your paintball gun because it will allow you to remove any leftover paint at the end of each game or tournament smoothly and quickly.

3. Carmatech Engineering Nemesis Rifled Paintball Barrel

It’s time to upgrade your paintball marker with a new barrel. This Nemesis Rifled Barrel from Carmatech Engineering is made for your paintball marker and will last for years to come. Developed by Carmatech Engineering, this barrel is made from forged aluminum and features multi-national spline drive rifling system, precision rifling bore .6860 +/- .0005, milspec type II black hardcoat anodize and patent pending (multi-national) spline drive rifling system.

The Nemesis Rifled Paintball Barrel from Carmatech Engineering is made in the U.S.A., to exacting specifications, and provides maximum accuracy and consistency from shot to shot. This rifled barrel offers high precision rifling that was engineered through a patented spline drive system, resulting in improved ballistics, reduced barrel wear and better performance over time.

4. 14″ Black Tippmann 98 Custom J&J Ceramic Barrel

The Tippmann 98 Custom’s barrel is precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, then CNC machined to the highest quality standards in the industry. It also features a Ceramic coating and teflon impregnation which reduces friction to a minimum. The result of these engineering efforts is impressive accuracy, consistent shot after shot with less felt recoil

The Tippmann 98 Custom J&J Ceramic Barrel is an oversized barrel that increases velocity at the cost of accuracy. With a minimum friction rate and increased velocities, this barrel will add a layer of distance to your play. The ceramic coating reduces friction to help reduce wear from spraying and shooting. We use teflon impregnation on the inside for the same result without all the extra chemicals making their way into our airways or our bodies. This means you can shoot all day without worrying about losing accuracy or hot spots on the barrel from oil build up.

5. Smart Parts Freak XL Insert – Aluminum – .682

The full 8″ red Freak XL Insert is a new addition to the Freak family, featuring a powerful and accurate design. Expertly honed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy, this insert is laser engraved with a durable low-friction hard anodized finish and color-coded for easy identification. This insert is NOT compatible with original Freak barrels.

It features a full 8-inch control bore The XL Insert is the perfect upgrade for your Freak.

Best Paintball Barrel – Buying Guide:

If you want to buy a new paintball barrel for your paintball gun, it can be very confusing.

You will find so many different types of barrels to choose from that it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Don’t worry, though – we’ll help you make the right choice by providing information about all the different types of best paintball barrels on the market today.

Before buying best paintball barrel, consider the below points:

  Paintball Barrel Length  

The first thing you should consider when choosing a paintball barrel is how long it will be. The longer the barrel, the larger the diameter of your paintballs. This makes it easier to shoot at longer distances without having to adjust your stance or manipulate your grip on the gun.

The most common length of a paintball barrel is 18″, but some people like to use 21″ or 24″ barrels. If you play on a team with other players who have different preferences, you might want to consider a different length of barrel than the standard 18″ option.

  Bore size  

The second thing you need to consider is the bore size of your paintball barrel. The bore size refers to the diameter of the inside of the barrel, which determines how far away from your body you can shoot without having to raise or lower your stance or grip on the gun.

  Type of material  

There are two types of materials used in making paintball barrels: aluminum and steel/hardwood composite material (usually made from aluminum). Aluminum barrels are lighter than steel/hardwood composite material barrels, but they also cost more money because they’re more difficult to make and may not last as long as steel/hardwood composite material barrels due to their fragility and low weight-to-strength ratio (i.e., how much force is required.

  Consider the size of your paintball gun (or markers)  

There are two primary sizes of paintball guns: CO2 and HPA (high pressure air). If you don’t know what these terms mean, don’t worry. We’ll explain everything in detail later on in this guide!

The size of your gun affects how long it takes for your hopper to fill up with paintballs after every shot fired from your gun or marker (this is called “feed rate”). The larger the size of your gun or marker, the faster it will take for your hopper to fill up with paintballs during gameplay; conversely, smaller sized guns.

  One-Piece vs Two-Piece Barrels  

The main difference between a one-piece and two-piece barrel is whether or not there are any joins in the barrel. A one piece barrel is just that, a single piece of metal that goes from the tip of the barrel to where it meets the receiver of your gun. A two piece barrel however, has two pieces that go from the tip of the barrel to where it meets the receiver.

Most guns use either one or two piece barrels and there really isn’t much of a difference besides aesthetics. The only time something like this could matter is if you have a gun that has a very tight chambering tolerance on it as well as being chronographed. Also, if you’re dealing with a high pressure marker then having a one piece barrel may be more beneficial because they are made for high pressure markers and usually come with an O-ring or other seal around where they meet the chambering system which helps keep air out when shooting at high pressures.

  Closed-Bolt vs Open-Bolt  

Open-bolt paintball guns require less maintenance because there is no air seal between the paintball and the ball cup in these guns. These guns are also known for being quite accurate and having longer ranges than closed bolt paintball guns. Closed bolt paintball guns are more popular among elite players who want their guns to perform better at higher speeds because they don’t want any air leakage in their marker causing it to break down like an open bolt gun might if it were shot too fast or at too high of speed.


Another step in choosing which paintball barrel to purchase is figuring out what kind of threading your paintball gun uses.

Here are the most popular types of barrel threading available:


The Autococker is one of the most popular paintball guns on the market. It’s a semi-automatic rifle that shoots .68 caliber paintball pellets. The Autococker uses an internal spring to propel the round and has a single-action trigger for more control over your shots.


The A5 is another popular semi-auto paintball gun that shoots in .68 caliber balls. The A5 has a smooth shooting action and comes with a quick release magazine that holds up to 100 rounds. It can also be used as a water gun or air gun by simply removing the regulator valve from the bottom of the barrel.

  98 Custom  

The 98 Custom is similar to the A5 but has some additional features, such as an ambidextrous safety, an integrated trigger guard and a manual safety system. This makes them great for lefties who want to use their left hand as well as righties who want to use their right hand while firing their weapon.

Do Paintball Barrels Make a Difference?

The stock barrel that comes with your paintball marker is going to do a decent job of shooting paintballs. However, if you want to improve the accuracy and sound signature of your marker, then upgrading the barrel can make a huge difference.

So what makes an upgrade worth it? Well, if you’re using an entry-level marker with a lousy stock barrel, then upgrading your barrel to something better will give you more consistent shooting performance and make it easier for you to hit targets at long distances.

On the other hand, if you’re equipped with a mid-range to high-end paintball gun then upgrading that stock barrel may not make that big of a difference in performance. In these cases, it might actually be more beneficial for you to get a new marker instead.

How to Upgrade Paintball Barrel?

The upgrade path for paintball markers is pretty straight forward: you can buy new barrels or you can upgrade your existing one by adding an aftermarket barrel. If you want to upgrade your barrel, there are several options available to you.

A lot of people choose to get their paintball barrels outfitted with different caliber options. If you’re looking for a super-lightweight barrel that only weighs in at around 8 pounds, then you might want something like an Ion or Empire barrel. These types of barrels are made out of aluminum and are very lightweight compared to other materials used in the industry today.

Other than just how lightweight they are, these barrels also offer some really cool features like adjustable feed necks and internal baffles that help improve accuracy when your ball is moving through them at speeds above 1000 fps!

If you’re looking for something more traditional, then maybe something like say a ProWin