Best Paintball Gloves 2024 – New Edition

best paintball gloves

Paintball gloves are an important accessory of the game. They provide protection to hands and help players control the game. Therefore, if you are outdoor games lover, then you must go for best paintball gloves.

Gloves also have a variety of other uses, such as protecting against paintballs that may hit players in the eye or mouth, helping to keep players safe while playing and providing grip around the hand. There are many different types of gloves available, so it is important to find the best one for your needs.

Here are some tips on what to look for in a best paintball gloves:

The glove should be comfortable to wear. You should feel free to move your fingers around while playing, but not too tight or loose that you can’t move your hands at all. The gloves should be durable. They should be able to handle a lot of play and not break down easily. The gloves should fit well. If they’re too tight or too loose, they’ll likely not fit correctly and will cause you discomfort during play.


Best Paintball Gloves 2024

Here we have listed the best paintball gloves so you can buy the one without spending a lot of time.

1. Tippmann Armored – Best Paintball Gloves For All Players

Tippmann Armored Gloves are great; best paintball gloves! They are very flexible and have a padded palm, which makes them very comfortable to play with. The armor is also very strong and I feel like my hands are well protected. Overall, these gloves are an excellent buy and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good paintball glove.

When you’re playing paintball, it’s important that your gloves protect your hands. Tippmann sports gloves offer a comfortable fit and breathable fabric to keep you cool and comfortable while playing. The Velcro wrist closure keeps your hands in place while you play.

  • Can be washed in machine; high quality gloves
  • Durable can go for a long time

  • Knuckles are tough making it difficult for hand to bend

2. Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Paintball Airsoft Gloves

Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Paintball Airsoft Best Paintball Gloves are the perfect choice for paintball, airsoft and military players. These gloves offer low profile tactical shielding at the top of your hand, making them the best choice for a Beginner or Intermediate player.

These gloves protect your hands from paintballs and other pellets, while giving you an increased level of control over airsoft games.

With Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Paintball Airsoft Gloves, you’ll have the perfect airsoft glove for your needs. The mesh fabric is great for ventilation and keeps you cool while protecting your hands. Besides, the padded palms will keep you comfortable during long games.

The Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Paintball Airsoft Gloves are designed to provide a secure fit, ensuring a glove-like feel while playing. The gloves are also made of durable elastic material, ensuring that they will last for years. With these gloves, you’ll be able to play with the ease and comfort that you’ve come to expect from Maddog products.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Allow fingers to remove freely

  • Leaves black color on the hands

3. HK Army Full Finger Hardline Paintball Gloves

Looking for the best paintball gloves? Look no further than the HK Army Pro Gloves! These gloves are designed specifically for high performance and comfort, making them perfect for any activity. Whether you’re playing paintball or other balancing games, these gloves will keep you safe and comfortable.

The PRO gloves are designed to protect you and your team from the elements while providing an aggressive look. The neoprene-padded hand protection is breathable and comfortable, while the Aero-mesh ventilation allows you to play in comfort regardless of weather conditions. TPR logos and low-profile velcro make it easy for you to remove your gloves when needed.

  • High quality product with best price
  • Durable Gloves protecting the hands

  • Inner lining leaves black color on the hands

4. HK Army Paintball 2014 Pro Gloves:

Are you looking for a comfortable and protective hand protection? Look no further than the HK Army Best Paintball Gloves.

Paintball gloves give you the protection you need while playing. With neoprene padding in the palms, they’re lightweight and comfortable to wear. The silicone grip makes it easy for you to hold on to your paintballs, no matter how slippery the surface may be.

The HK Army paintball gloves are sleek and form-fitting, ideal for rapid firing. The gloves provide a tight fit that eliminates slippage, making them perfect for those who need to keep their skills sharp. The gloves also have a two-finger-less design that allows for optimal functionality.

The Aero-mesh ventilation gloves help keep your hands cool and comfortable while playing paintball. With low-profile velcro for easy release, these gloves are perfect for those who want to stay focused and in control.

  • Comes with Aero mesh ventilation
  • Fit and comfortable gloves

  • Gloves without mesh lose quality quickly

5. wtactful Tactical Fingerless Gloves

Looking for a glove that is both impact resistant and comfortable? Look no further than our anatomically shaped Tactical Fingerless Gloves. These gloves have a rubber design that provides excellent protection while being easy to wear. Additionally, their cushioning performance makes them more efficient at reducing the impact of your hand movements.

With Wtactful Tactical Fingerless Gloves, you can combine breathable stretch nylon and high-performance Microfiber material with an anti-slip grip to create a product that is wear-resistant, lightweight, and fast drying.

The Tactical Fingerless Gloves provide a sense of snug and support while wearing. The stitching is careful and the wrist design is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. They are also breathable, providing protection from the hot weather.

WPtouch is the best way to use your smartphone with its high touch sensitivity. With WPtouch you can easily touch and hold your phone screen so you don’t accidentally lose control of it.

Our Tactical Fingerless Gloves make outdoor activities such as motorcycle riding, cycling, ATV biking, dirtbike riding and hiking a whole lot easier. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they also have gloves that make it difficult for fingers to get caught on anything. They’re also great for work situations where you need to be able to hold something with your hands while still having access to your thumbs.

  • Durable, comfortable and adjustable paintball gloves
  • Best paintball gloves providing support to hand palm

  • knuckle pads don’t have any interior cushion

6. YOSUNPING Tactical Rubber Touch Screen Full Finger Gloves

The YOSUNPING Tactical Rubber Touch Screen Full Finger Gloves offer an interesting take on touchscreen gloves. Made with a synthetic suede, microfiber and nylon spandex construction, these gloves are durable and provide an even deeper level of sensation when using a touchscreen device. Whether you’re looking to augment your grip or protect your hands while using a touchscreen device, these gloves are perfect for the job.

Even if playing paintball is not your thing, these gloves will make it a lot easier for you to play. With the touch screen function of the thumb, you can use the device while still keeping your hands free. And since these gloves come with a heavy duty construction, you can be sure that they will last long.

The YOSUNPING Tactical Paintball Gloves add a stylish and confident look to your airsoft game. They are made of non-slip design for an improved grip, and come in a variety of colors to let you blend in better with your surroundings.

When it comes to playing paintball, you don’t want any risks of your hands getting cold or wet. With YOSUNPING Tactical Paintball Gloves, you can be sure that you’re protecting yourself with the best thermal protection on the market. The gloves are made from a durable and flexible rubber material, so they won’t cause any irritation or pain when it comes to play.

With Paintball Gloves Thermal, players can easily and comfortably wear their gloves without having to worry about losing them. The product is made of durable plastic and thermal rubber that makes it long-lasting. It also has a nylon loop for easy wearing.

  • Durable and lightweight gloves
  • Thermal rubber used in provides complete protection

  • Difficult to use gloves with touchscreen

7. Glove Station Hyper-Fit Tactical Paintball Shooting Gloves

Looking to stay active on the fields? Look no further than gloves made with PT-style construction and a snug fit. The Hyper-Fit Tactical Paintball Shooting Gloves are built to keep you active and comfortable all season long.

With These Hyper Fit Paintball Gloves, enthusiasts can increase their skills on rapid gunfire with double trigger paintball gloves. These gloves have a open index and middle fingers design to compliment the wearer’s skill and speed on firing. Additionally, the gloves are made from durable materials that will last long in the game.

Some say that a well-maintained paintball gun is like a personal chef. Well, if you’re talking about your gear, then you’re right – it’s gotta be clean and running smoothly behind the scenes to keep things looking great! That’s where Hexagonal Silicone Coating comes in – it helps keep your paintball gear in top condition with minute-to-minute care (and less hassle).

With Hyper-Fit Tactical Paintball Shooting Gloves, you’ll have the perfect set of gloves for your next paintball game. With Vented Mesh and Neoprene Fabric on the back, you’ll get maximum airflow and release heat and moisture. This will help you stay comfortable all game long.

  • Comes with 100%Warranty and Protection
  • Highly breathable and comfortable

  • Less durable

8. Glove Station The Combat Tactical Knuckle Gloves

Looking for a grip that won’t slips and slides? Look no further than Combat Tactical Knuckle Gloves. These gloves are made with PU leather and are perfect for touchscreens, as they provide enhanced grip without losing control. Plus, the fingertip tips make working on touchscreens flawlessly easier.

The Combat Tactical Knuckle Gloves Reinforced Knuckle Molding are specifically designed to maximize protection during operation. The gloves are made with a reinforced knuckle molding that provides maximum grip, recoil protection, and comfort. This unique design is sure to keep you safe while you’re on the job.

Our Combat Tactical Knuckle Gloves are designed with double-stitch seams for durability and longevity under any condition. With these gloves, you’ll be able to work with your hands longer and keep your hands healthy.

With Combat Tactical Knuckle Gloves, you get the protection and speed that you need to stay in the fight longer. The paddedMesh and rubber Aero Vents allow for faster heat dissipation, which keeps you safe and healthy.

  • Made of high quality polyester material
  • Reduces stuffiness during long periods of exercise

  • My gloves fell apart after month – less durable

9. OneTigris Tactical Gloves

Looking for a high-quality Tactical Gloves that will protect you and your equipment during shooting training and other outdoor activities? Look no further than OneTigris! These gloves are made with advanced protection strategies to keep you safe and comfortable, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their game up a notch. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to suit any outfit or look.

The OneTigris Tactical Gloves provide the full protection you need to handle dangerous tasks. Made of strong and unique Kevlar, these gloves are ideal for those who want complete coverage. With a wide range of applications, these gloves can help you protect your hands from cuts, slashes, punctures, and burns.

Our OneTigris Tactical Gloves offer a unique and innovative way to interact with electronic devices. They are three-finger touch screen gloves that allow you to operate touchscreen devices without having to remove your gloves. This allows for a more comfortable experience when interacting with electronic devices, which is important when on the job or during combat.

Providing optimal breathability for hands, OneTigris Tactical Gloves are perfect for riders of all levels. Made with a strong, breathable microfiber construction and woven polyester construction, these gloves can help you avoid sweaty, slippery hands. With multiple single-layer fabric cuts for maximized breathability and protection from the elements, OneTigris Tactical Gloves are perfect for anyone looking to rode with comfort and style.

OneTigris Tactical Gloves come with a dedicated moisture-wicking area between palm and wrist to wipe off sweat when needed, keep your hands comfortable and dry at all times. The gloves are made from lightweight and breathable fabric that keeps you cool and dry, plus the suede finish is durable for a long time.

The OneTigris tactical gloves are the perfect way to complete your outdoor activities. These gloves are ergonomic and provide a comfortable grip, making them the perfect choice for those who want to stay safe while handling their equipment. With their easy-to-use design, you’ll be able to complete your tasks quickly and safely.

  • Lightweight and durable best paintball gloves
  • Perfect gloves for outdoor sports and activities

  • Cuff at the wrist is of less quality

10. Kemimoto Tactical Gloves, Touchscreen Military Combat Gloves

KEmimoto Tactical Gloves are designed with a cushioning effect and resist the impact of sharp objects which can effectively protect your hands from scratches and abrasions during tactical training and climbing. The gloves are comfortable to wear, without being too tight or too bulky.

Kemimoto Tactical Gloves are the perfect solution for air pistol, carpentry, gardening, mountaineering, riding, driving and other outdoor sports. These gloves provide protection from the weather and keep your hands warm during extreme conditions.

Looking for a durable pair of gloves to protect your hands from the elements? Look no further than Shooting Gloves! Our gloves are built with double-stitch seams for durability and longevity, and the palm padding is made of reinforced double-layer synthetic leather with anti-slip mesh. With these gloves on, you’ll have no trouble keeping your hands warm in cold weather or protecting them from potential damage during strenuous activity.

With the first knuckle of your thumb, index finger and middle finger, you can use touchscreen devices without taking off your airsoft gloves. This makes it easier for you to control touchscreen devices, so you can play with them more securely and with greater accuracy.

Kemimoto Tactical Gloves are perfect for the outdoors! They are equipped with 4 inclined black rubber ventilation holes at the finger joints, which can quickly dissipate heat and keep your hands cool all day long. They also have a rainwater flap to prevent rainwater from entering, and a comfortable fit.

  • Breathable and elastic best paintball gloves
  • Provide knuckle and finger joint protection

  • Tear up quickly – not durable

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Buying Guide – Best Paintball Gloves

Paintball gloves are designed to protect your hands from paintballs, but they come in different styles and sizes. There are full-finger pads and half-pads, as well as more specific types such as fingerless gloves or glove inserts. Each type has its own pros and cons.

Types Of Paintball Gloves

There are several types of paintball gloves available in the market, each with its own unique features and functions. Some of the common types are:

Tactical Gloves

These gloves are designed to provide protection as well as improved grip. They are usually made of durable materials such as leather or heavy-duty synthetic materials and feature reinforced fingertips for added protection.

Fingerless Gloves

As the name suggests, these gloves don’t have finger coverage and are typically used by players who want to maintain a high level of dexterity while playing. They provide minimal protection but offer excellent grip and control.

Full Finger Gloves

These gloves provide full finger coverage and are ideal for players who want to keep their hands protected while playing. They are typically made of heavy-duty materials such as leather and are often reinforced at key areas for added protection.

Thermal Gloves

These gloves are designed to keep your hands warm in colder weather conditions. They often feature an insulated lining and are made of waterproof materials to keep your hands dry.

Lightweight Gloves

These gloves are designed for players who want a more minimalistic approach to their gear. They are made of lightweight materials and feature minimal padding and protection.

Hybrid Gloves

As the name suggests, these gloves combine the features of different types of gloves to offer a more versatile option for players. They may feature a combination of full finger protection and reinforced fingertips, for example.

Each type of paintball glove is designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of different players, and choosing the right type of glove will depend on factors such as your playing style, weather conditions, and personal preference.

What Factors To Consider While Buying Paintball Gloves

When buying paintball gloves, there are several important factors to consider in order to ensure that you select the right pair for your needs. These include:

Fit: The gloves should fit snugly but not too tight, allowing for comfortable movement and good grip. Consider the size chart provided by the manufacturer and make sure to measure your hands before purchasing.

Protection: The primary purpose of paintball gloves is to protect your hands, so it’s important to select a pair that provides adequate protection in the areas where you need it most. Look for gloves that are reinforced at key areas such as the fingertips, knuckles, and wrist.

Material: The gloves should be made of durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of paintball gameplay. Popular materials include leather, heavy-duty synthetic materials, and neoprene.

Dexterity: Depending on your playing style, you may want gloves that provide maximum dexterity and flexibility, or gloves that provide more protection and stability. Consider the type of gloves that will best suit your needs.

Weather: If you’re playing in cold weather, consider purchasing gloves with a thermal lining or gloves that are specifically designed to keep your hands warm. If you’re playing in wet conditions, look for gloves that are waterproof or water-resistant.

Cost: Paintball gloves can range in price from under $10 to over $100. Consider your budget and determine how much you’re willing to spend on gloves before making a purchase.

Personal preference: Ultimately, the best paintball gloves for you will depend on your personal preference. Consider your playing style, the type of terrain you’ll be playing on, and any other factors that are important to you when making your decision.

By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to select a pair of paintball gloves that meet your needs and help you to play your best on the paintball field.


We hope this guide has helped you better understand the different types of paintball gloves and their uses. As we’ve seen in our research, there are many different options out there when it comes to choosing the right glove for your needs. So, if you are still unsure which one to purchase or what will work best for your style of play then don’t worry – just pick up a few pairs at your local store!

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