10 Best Paintball Hoppers 2023 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Paintball hoppers are an essential part of the paintball gun and need to be bought separately for paintball games. They either upgrade your game or just become a distraction. Therefore, you need to get the best paintball hoppers for winning paintball games.

To have better accuracy and speed, you need to ensure that you do not get a laid-back paintball hopper for a paintball loader. We will switch between terms as both refer to the same equipment. No, beginners who do not know what that is have nothing to do with hopping. A paintball hopper or a paintball loader plays the role of loading paint in the gun, which is why we call it a paintball loader.

Being lightweight, having durable and high quality, fast reloads, and high firing speed is expected in the perfect paintball hoppers. Electric paintball hoppers work best for professional matches. Lucky for you, we have made the list of best paintball hoppers after carefully testing each!

In addition to providing you with the best paintball hoppers review, we have also given how we selected them. Sharing is satisfaction as a person, so we have also given you what you need to see in an electronic paintball hopper to get the best one. Let’s begin without wasting time.


Best Paintball Hoppers – Comparison Table

ImageNameKey FeatureBest ForPrice
Dye R2Electronic Paintball Loader

  • 30+ bps fire rate

  • Long-lasting battery

  • Adjustable capacity

  • Best For Professionals

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Proto Primo Paintball Hopper

  • 12 bps fire rate

  • No battery required

  • Easy paint release

  • Best For All Skill Levels

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Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

  • 80000 shot battery

  • Shark Fin technology

  • Torque adjustability

  • Best For All Skill Levels

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Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Hoppers

  • 3-eye feeding system

  • Easy unlocking

  • Upgraded sensors and feeding

  • Best For Beginners, intermediate and professionals

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Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader

  • Lightweight

  • 180 paintball capacity

  • Dual battery indicators

  • Best For Intermediate & Professional

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Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Hoppers

  • Lambo door-hinged design

  • Mobile connectivity

  • Proactive feeding logic

  • Best For All Skill Level Players

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Bunkerkings CTRL Electronic Paintball Hoppers

  • Angle indicators

  • Fully magnetic parts

  • Balanced mechanism

  • Best For High Performance

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G.I. Sportz LVL Electronic Hopper

  • 204 paintballs capacity

  • Anti-jam technology

  • Adjustable fire rate

  • Best For High Capacity

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HK Army TFX 3.0 Paintball Loader

  • Tool less unlocking

  • Waterproof

  • Zero-gravity lift tray

  • Durable Paintball Hopper

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Tippmann Cyclone

  • Durable

  • 15 bps fire rate

  • Wide mouth 200 ball capacity

  • Best For Beginners & Intermediate

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1. Dye R2 Electronic Paintball Loader – Best Paintball Hopper for Professionals


  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Volume: 200 to 260 paintballs
  • Fire rate: 30+ bps
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Best Paintball Hopper for Professionals

The Dye R2Electronic paintball loader is the world’s first adjustable capacity hopper. Having both fast speed and sufficient capacity, this paintball hopper is the best for tournaments. You can choose the number of paintballs, ranging from 200 to 260; you want to load. It is lightweight, so it does not weigh you down in long battles during playing. This is designed with a wide mouth approximately 15% bigger than regular models that help in the fast loading of balls. Also, Between reloads, the innovative trigger system will provide a seamless transition.

Moreover, this is an electronic paintball hopper that uses 3 A.A. batteries that give 100000 shots at a speed of 30+ balls per second. With patent Rotor force-fed technology and a quick feed system, you do not need additional tools to enhance its effectiveness.

Furthermore, the R2 electronic paintball loader features battery indicators. This means that it gives red light indications whenever you are running low on battery. You can easily recharge whenever needed without constantly worrying about how much is left!

  • Lightweight and Easily Cleanable
  • Sufficient adjustable capacity
  • Battery Indicators
  • Easy reloading and release trigger easily

  • Plastic Material is used

Final Words:

All in all, you will not find any issue with performance. However, there might be some issue with the plastic material of the R2 electronic paintball loader. It is known that plastic easily gets damaged, so get a counter metallic paintball loader for durability. People who prefer plastics and have no durability issues can go for this.

2. Proto Primo Paintball Hopper – Best Budget Paintball Hopper


  • Weight: 0.09 pound
  • Volume: 200 paintballs
  • Fire rate: 8-12 bps
  • Technology: Gravity Fed
  • Best Budget Paintball Hopper

Proto Primo Paintball Hopper has a unique ramp design and is budget-friendly. By unique design, we mean that this sorts and funnels the paintballs when you are firing paintballs. This will help give continuous vertical feed. Also, it has a standard capacity to hold 200 paintballs and gives 8 to 12 balls per second.

In addition to that, this paintball hopper features a clear spring-loaded lid to make the reloading process simple and easy. Also, as gravity fed, you can easily get balls loaded without batteries. It does not require any batteries or motor, making it even more cost-effective.

Moreover, Proto Primo Loader is the first gravity-fed hoppers that feature a positive feed shelf that relieves pressure on paintball, minimizing jams and boosting feed rate. You can easily clean it, and it requires low maintenance.

  • Continuous vertical feed
  • Lightweight and Budget Friendly
  • Speed of 8-12 bps
  • Less jamming system and speedy loading

  • Quite thick in size

Final Words:

Everything has two sides: amazing benefits, affordable price, high speed, and large capacity. This paintball hopper does have one drawback. Your sightline might get blocked because it is quite thick. Other hoppers are quite small, but as it has a feed shelf inside this one, this size is understandable.

3. Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader – Best for Fire Rate Speed


  • Weight: 1.05 pounds
  • Volume: 200 paintballs
  • Fire rate: 30+ bps
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Best for fire rate speed

Dye LT-R Electronic paintball loader is created to be well-suited for both beginners and professionals. This paintball hopper is also small, with dimensions of only 4.25×8.5×5.5 inches. It has an amazing capacity of 200 paintballs. Moreover, it is not expensive but still uses high-end technologies to provide quality performance.

It uses patent dye loader technology and rotor force-fed technology to give a reliable feed rate and 30 plus balls per second. In addition to being reliable, it has a highly effective 3AA battery that can give approximately 80000 balls. Also, the batteries are not fully waterproof but can work underwater for some time. You get constant paintballs without any hindrance with all types of paints!

Moreover, this works well in all conditions as it is equipped with an anti-jam Shark Fin release trigger. Cleaning and maintaining it is not a problem due to unlocking the push button. All you need to do is press the button and slide it to get it open. Furthermore, the torque can be adjusted by using an Allen wrench.

Although color does not affect the performance, it does give a nice look. For your choice and fashion, you can opt for several colors. Another great thing about this is knowing when the battery is running out. It displays a warning light that can be turned off during night time battles.

  • Tool-less cleaning
  • Speedy fire rate and amazing battery life
  • L.E.D. indicator and adjustable feed tension
  • Available in variety of colors

  • Gets blocked a lot

Final Words:

Keep in mind that this gives 30 plus balls per second, so there might be some jamming issue. You can solve this by pulling the anti-jam button, but it will take some time. Also, the speed feed is sold separately, and this might get a bit loud when used for a long time. Players who find R2 dye electronic paintball expensive can opt for this as an affordable option.

4. Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Hoppers – Best for Reliability


  • Weight: 0.09 pound
  • Volume: 200 paintballs
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 6 inches
  • Best for reliability

Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Hoppers is designed to give long-term use. This is built with durable nylon shells and gives consistent feeding without any chances of jamming. It weighs less than a pound and is simply designed to ease use. In addition to all that, with three protected infrared eyes, 3-eye feeding technology continuously monitors the paint in your loader. Throughout the whole feeding cycle, two eyes watch the ball stack. In contrast, one eye tracks the spacing between the stacks, guaranteeing your marker never misses a beat whilst giving continuous paint monitoring.

This shoots without making loud noises to ensure comfort and smooth game performance. Talking about shooting, it has a high rate of fire due to 9-ball raceway feeds. Also, you can use this in all types of weather, from hot sun to rains.

Furthermore, it has a capacity of 200 paintballs and a slide-to-unlock system fitting inside it. This makes it highly mobile as you can easily assemble and disassemble it! The rubber finger feeds shots even the frail paintball without any breakage of paint, and the flex cycle paddle assures there is minimal to no risk of breakage. Also, you can choose between 10 varieties of colors for your taste or gun color.

  • Smooth design and durable
  • Easy to open and high mobility
  • A high volume of 200 paintballs
  • High-end technologies

  • Expensive as compared to other hoppers

Final Words:

This paintball hopper has a long-time battery compatible with separately bought battery packs for more durability. Along with being compatible with the virtue N-Charge battery pack, you can also get a spring ramp and spring speed feed for the upgrade. This is expensive with so much to offer, not for everyone. Overall, this gives an amazing performance for a long time.

5. Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader – Best for Intermediate Skill Players


  • Weight: 0.125 pound
  • Volume: 180 paintballs
  • Fire rate: 20 bps
  • Technology: Polycarbonate shell
  • Best for Intermediate skill players

A 48ci 3000psi n2 gas tank powers Empire Paintball Halo Too Loader. This is made of polycarbonate matte black material, which is exceptionally durable and effortlessly clean. Also, this is lightweight with a weight of only 2 ounces. Although it is small, it still has the amazing capacity to hold 180 paintballs with a high speed of 20 balls per second. Moreover, as soon as you step into battles, the Freeway anti-jam system helps give continuous firing, which will have your opponent covered in paint in no time. Even with a fast shooting rate, this doesn’t shake much and gives a smooth performance.

Furthermore, this paintball hopper allows you to automatically turn it off before one hour to save energy and battery. Also, the battery can last for 700+ fire rounds which are quite long-term. Along with that, you get a lifetime warranty if you get the original ones.

In addition to all that, you get multiple indicators. First is the L.E.D. battery indicator that shows a warning when the battery is about to die. Second is indicators in front of sensors and sound-based systems that give jamming warnings on the feed stack monitor. You can adjust the volume of the warning sound as you want. It loads quietly and is easily cleanable as you can simply assemble or disassemble its parts.

  • Has it gas tank and anti-jamming system
  • Durable shell and great battery life
  • Indicator to show battery
  • Easy to separate and attach the parts

  • Complicated to clean the interior

Final Words:

To summarize, Empire paintball Halo is one of the best paintball hoppers with a light weight of 0.125 pounds only. A capacity of 180 balls with a speed of 20 bps makes it suitable for beginners to intermediate level paintballers.

However, it has screws attached which makes the cleaning procedure quite time-taking. Cleaning is essential in paintball hoppers, so it becomes an annoyance after some time.

6. Virtue Spire IV Electronic Paintball Hoppers – Best For All Skill Level Players


  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Volume: 220 to 280 paintballs
  • Fire rate: 20+ bps
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Best for all skill level players

Virtue Spire IV is an electronic paintball hopper with a magnetically attached spring drive that is easy to handle and use. Anyone from a beginner to professional level can use this hopper because of its easy mechanism and a fire rate of 20+ bps. You can equip your gun with this paintball hopper for competitive matches. It has innovative, proactive feeding logic that provides continuous sensor readings from each shot for reliability. A high capacity of 200-280 paintballs gives enough shots for long matches.

Moreover, you can make it functional by connecting it to your phone through an app. This helps get easy access to reloading and battery warnings right through your phone! All you have to do is to download the app. No need to worry if your phone battery is low. It still has L.E.D. low-battery indicators to give you a warning of a power outage.

Also, this offers consistent feeding at a fast pace and reduces all chances of jams. Being well-suited for all types of paints, this paintball loader can easily give paintballs even from soft paints. Another good thing about this is that it gives tool-less disassembling and assembling convenience.

Talking about convenience, it features a Lambo door-hinged shell that makes the battery-changing and cleaning procedure easier and simple. And the shell is made up of nylon material that is considered long-lasting.

  • Durable nylon shell
  • Mobile connectivity and L.E.D. battery indicator
  • Sensors for fast loading
  • Can easily handle soft paint

  • Expensive and might shake when loading

Final Words:

While testing, we found this paintball hopper an ultimate choice for any skill level player. The only problem is that it shakes a little when loading, but aside from that, it does not affect your game. Once you use it, you will want to use it again, but keep in mind it’s expensive. Moreover, you can choose from various colors and designs according to your taste or gun.

7. Bunkerkings CTRL Electronic Paintball Hoppers – Best for High Performance


  • Weight: 0.9 pounds
  • Volume: 200 paintballs
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Dimensions: L 8.8″x W 4.1″x H 3.7″
  • Best for high performance

Utilizing advanced CTRL feeding logic, compact design structure, and balanced mechanism, Bunkerkings presents the new model of electronic paintball hoppers. Bunkerkings CTRL paintball hoppers fit both mechanical and electric guns. This is the first paintball hopper with a built-in angle indicator that shows precise angle by L.E.D. light for better accuracy. It helps eliminate opponents easily; however, it does require practice.

It is lightweight with a weight of 0.9 pounds only, which makes moving around with this easier, and your sightline is wider due to the low-profile design. Also, the feeding logic tech loads paintballs without a sensor. It also reduces jamming by giving a flexible finger speed drive that simply makes paintballs even from soft paints. For diving, snapping, or shooting, this gives an overall amazing performance in each.

Moreover, the CTRL’s interior has been constructed with smooth edges to decrease the risk of broken paint while diving. In addition to that, this paintball loader ensures a speedy rate of fire independent of hopper angle, and a dual spring ramp is also fitted in it. Also, it can easily be disassembled as it is fully magnetic. With the magnetic parts, you can easily clean and assemble them.

Furthermore, it comes with a capacity of 200 paintballs, so a great number for long battles.

  • Angle indication and compact design
  • Advanced magnetic speed drive
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Amazing feeding logic and fully magnetic

  • Expensive and quite complicated to use initially

Final Words:

Compared to other paintball hoppers of the same capacity, it is small in size, making it highly useful in competitive matches. People who find it difficult to use can look at the manual guide, and it also has tons of programming videos online. All in all, this is the perfect paintball hopper for professionals. It might be complicated to use, but you are unbeatable in all matches after mastering it!

8.G.I.G.I. Sportz LVL Electronic Hopper – Best for High Capacity


  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Volume: 204 paintballs
  • Fire rate: 15+ bps
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Best for high capacity

Coming with an easy disassembling benefit, G.I.G.I. Sportz LVL Electronic hoppers function effectively by using 4 A.A batteries. This has a volume to hold 204 paintballs easily through a full round. In addition to that, the anti-jam system prevents any blocking of paint in the unit.

Let’s talk about its sleek design for players of all skill levels. It is durable nylon, and the structure gives easy maneuverability. This means that this can handle various sorts of impacts during competitive tournaments. There is also a reason why these are perfect for all skill types: you can adjust the speed as you want, the maximum fire rate is 15 balls per second. But you can set it to high and low speed as you find it more comfortable.

Furthermore, you get a rubber built feeding system that can easily handle soft paintballs. It features dual battery indicators to ensure your playability, and one is an L.E.D. battery indicator and the other is the sound-based battery indicator. You can opt for whichever battery indicator option you find preferable. Even during rain, the rain lid helps in giving smooth gaming results.

  • lightweight with low profile
  • Dual battery indicators
  • Rain lid with anti-jam system
  • Adjustable speed from high to low

  • No battery included

Final Words:

We found this paintball hopper fast action equipment with a high paintball capacity.

The drawback is that it is quite loud. Also, many people are disappointed when they know that 4AA batteries are supposed to be bought separately and do not come with the unit. Aside from that, it is highly adjustable and gives great performance and storage.

9. H.K.H.K. Army TFX 3.0 Paintball Loader – Best Durable Paintball Hopper


  • Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Volume: 230 paintballs
  • Fire rate: 22+ bps
  • Technology: Electronic
  • Best durable Paintball Hopper

The highest capacity paintball loader on the list is the H.K.H.K. Army TFX 3.0 paintball loader with maximum durability. With expansion cell 230 paintballs capacity, this gives long-lasting playability. Additionally, you get 20 to 50 balls per second which are considered high speed in paintball hoppers. Whether it’s raining or you have to go underwater, there is no need to worry about the performance of this paintball hopper. Meaning that this is a waterproof paintball hopper plus, it has an anti-jam system.

Moreover, you can keep your posture intact while shooting because of the zero-gravity lift tray. It also has convenient eye sensors, a simple design, consistent feed, easy disassembling, and rechargeable batteries. The laser eye sensors automatically load paintballs when the paint is running low without causing you any disturbance. With an L.E.D. battery indicator and USB-C charging port. You can know when the battery is low and easily recharge the battery.

In addition to that, Swoop Stack functions perfectly, even with reusable paints, effortlessly. To ensure durability and confidence, the manufacturers give a 2-month warranty in case of any problems.

  • Long-lasting and rechargeable battery
  • L.E.D. battery indicator
  • Waterproof, Eye sensors and fast loading
  • Available in variety of colors

  • Hard to disassemble and L.E.D. light is too flashing

Final Words:

Keep in mind that it might be hard to open and require some effort. We found the L.E.D. display quite bright for nighttime. Aside from that, it is set up and designed for all kinds of battles. In addition to all these, it comes in many colors so that you can select the well-suited one with your gun and fashion.

10. Tippmann Cyclone – Best Paintball Hopper for Beginners


  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Volume: 200 paintballs
  • Fire rate: 15 bps
  • Technology: Cyclone feed system
  • Best Paintball Hopper for Beginners

Featuring a cyclone feed system, the Tippmann cyclone does not require any kind of battery. Having no batteries does not affect its speed, which can shoot 15 balls per second. So how does it do that? This is done with the help of a 20 oz. CO2 tank and cyclone feed system. Moreover, it can sort and funnel paintballs and provide continuous vertical feed while shooting.

Tippmann cyclone is a Gravity-fed paintball hopper and gives sufficient storage. You can get 200 paintballs easily in it, which are easily set up thanks to its wide mouth design and quick-release elbow system.

The CycloneTM Feed System connects the feeder sprocket to the air system for coinciding ball feed and less breakage and jamming. The paintball hopper and its parts are made of hard plastic materials that are not easily breakable. All broken paint is brought back to the feed, which reduces jamming. Also, the paintball hopper gives a quick feed rate as well.

  • Reduces blockage and breakage of paints
  • Synchronized ball feed
  • User-friendly and easy to set up
  • Large capacity, lightweight, Durable hard plastic material

  • Air-operated feeding system problem

Final Words:

The only hindrance you will face with this is the air-operated feeding system. It might affect the performance of the hopper hence affecting your performance. Apart from this, it is perfect to even take on with you in battles. However, we do not recommend this for professional battles. Intermediate-level players can opt for this paintball hopper.

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Buyer’s guide

Looking at the top paintball hoppers is quite overwhelming as they are a lot in numbers. So to make it easy, we have provided you with the main features that you need to look into when getting paintball hoppers. This will help in your selection and increase your overall information on hoppers. These are the things you need to consider:

  • Type of paintball hopper:

There are two types of paintball hoppers, one is gravity fed, and the other is electronic. An electronic paintball hopper is an upgrade of a gravity-fed paintball hopper. Gravity-fed hoppers work fine but are slower in loading paintballs than Electric paintball hoppers. We recommend gravity-fed paintball hoppers for novices, and electronic paintball hoppers seem suitable for professional or intermediate skilled players.

  • Competency level:

When considering the type of paintball hopper, you have to know your competency level. Why? Because this will help get a suitable one, for instance, there’s no point in getting an expensive professional paintball hopper if you do not have enough skill. The paintball will stay on your shelf and will be of no use. Here are competency levels and which type of paintball hopper best suits their skill:


Best budget paintball hoppers are well-suited for beginner’s skill level. As you are just stepping into a paintball game, do not get expensive ones. Gravity-fed hoppers have everything a beginner would need. It has a speed of feeding 8 paintballs per second and is low cost. Although a little is more costly than Gravity-fed ones, electronic paintball hoppers do not get jammed, making them more reliable.


You can get a medium-level paintball hopper after improving your game as a medium-skill-level player. These are more expensive than beginner ones. However, they come with features that back the price. They have a sound-activated feature that loads the ball after hearing the sound of fire from the gun.

There are also eye-activated ones, and they have sensors that track the movement of paintballs. As soon as the eyes spot a paintball going down, it releases the next ball.

Another well-suited paintball hopper for intermediate-level players is cyclone models. These work on gas which means they have no batteries. Along with that, they have a cyclone feed for loading.


Advanced paintball hoppers with high capacity and fast speed rates are recommended for professional players. These function on best-designed motors with sensors that indicate battery and have little to zero jamming.

  • Size and weight:

Make sure you get a lightweight paintball hopper not to weigh you down. Along with that, it should have a size large enough to hold paintballs. Keep in mind that ones with large sizes will weigh more. If you prefer lightweight ones, you will have to get one small size. Most paintball hoppers can hold 50 balls at the least. 

  • Compatibility:

Having the top-rated paintball hopper and not fitting into your paintball marker is a nightmare we need to avoid. Make sure that the paintball hopper fits your paintball marker. Also, old models of paintball hoppers are hard to fit into new paintball markers, so keep this in mind.

  • Material:

Imagine spending lots of money to get the paintball hopper you want, which breaks within a month. That would be a waste of money, which is why it’s important to know what material the paintball hoppers come in. One thing to note is that lightweight ones are more prone to cracking. Anyways, here are the top materials that a paintball hopper is made up of:


Aluminum is lightweight but with average durability. These require maintenance and get dirty quickly. Aside from that, when it comes to durability, these are not that bad.


Similar to Aluminum, Ceramic ones are light, but contrary to Aluminum, they are fragile and break easily.


Everything and anything can be made in plastic. We recommend plastic paintball hoppers for beginners. But keep in mind they do not last long.


All you need to know about steel paintball hoppers is that they are highly durable but weigh quite a lot. Most of the advanced paintball hoppers are made up of stainless steel. The only problem with them is that they are heavy and expensive. Once you get used to the weight, this ups your game skill level.


Want to have lightweights of Aluminum and durability of steel? Well, you got composites. The most used composites are Polycarbonate Fibers. They are most recommended as they benefit from being durable, low-maintenance, and lightweight. Moreover, they are also affordable and improve the game in other ways, like causing paintballs to have less friction, resulting in faster velocities.

  • Style:

There’s no need to compromise your taste and style even when getting Paintball hoppers. Get the one that shows your personality and style in the best way! Also, it should match the gun to give an amazing overall look. 

  • Firing speed:

Get a high-end paintball hopper for paintball competitions or professional matches as they have a fast firing speed. For beginners and newbies, we recommend a slow-firing speed basic paintball hopper. Look into their speed to know whether you are getting a slow flirting speed paintball hopper or a fast one. Generally, slow speed is 8 paintballs per second, and fast speed is 30 paintballs per second.

  • Speed feed:

Speed feed is a crucial part of the paintball hopper’s mechanism. It loads the paintballs and is located at the lid. There are many high, and low speed feeds based on how expensive the paintball hopper is. This helps make the loading part quicker.

  • Convenience:

Few things depend on your preference and convenience. Here are some things in paintball hoppers that give an equal performance, but you can choose according to your preference for convenience:

Ease of use:

Many paintball hoppers have indications for battery life and feed. They either display indications visually or by voice. These features provide convenience since they serve as reminders that you need to refill or recharge your device. There are also L.E.D. indications of battery in some paintball hoppers.

A unit that makes it simple to load the paintballs and is easy to use is a winner. You can also look for a device with an automated on/off feature to save energy. You save time by having a simple device to clean and disassemble. You’ll be able to keep its beauty, maintain the smooth working of the trigger, and store it away from dust.


The majority of the hoppers are gravity fed or powered by batteries. Gravity-fed hoppers have garnered a lot of popularity among users because they are simple to use, have a modest speed, and don’t require any additional battery costs. However, you can opt for an option that enhances your playing style.


Jamming is a problem that slows down the player’s performance. Although electronic paintball hoppers have minimum jam issues, they are not 100% perfect. If you do not have any annoyance with jam, you can opt for a gravity-fed paintball hopper. People who want to get the perfect ones should get electronic paintball hoppers with an anti-jamming mechanism.


Playing paintballs, you are prone to get wet. Therefore, some paintball hoppers come with a waterproof mechanism to give amazing functions throughout the paintball matches.


A warranty shows how long a product can give an effective performance.When it comes to paintballs, they usually have a month’s warranty. It’s up to you whether you want to keep changing paintball hoppers (and get a small-time warranty one) or want a long-term one.


When getting a paintball hopper, the budget is a crucial thing you need to look into. If you do not want to be frustrated after getting one, invest in a good hopper. We recommend buying a cheap and affordable hopper for beginners. As your competency level improves and you become an expert, you can have a professional style hopper with comparatively more budget.

Final Thoughts

Final words

We hope you have selected the best paintball hopper, which helps upgrade your overall performance. With many options in the field, this review was to ensure it narrows down your choices while helping you keep in mind what is best for whom. Make sure to know your skill level as well. Here are our top three picks for each skill level:

  • Best for professionals-Dye R2 Electronic paintball hopper: This is the best paintball hopper, and many, including us, have used this in competitive tournaments. It provides an amazing speed of 30+bps with a large capacity of 260 paintballs. 
  • Best for intermediates-Empire Paintball Halo too loader: For Mid-level skilled players, the lightweight and durability of this paintball hopper comes in handy. This also has a great fire rate of 20 bps.
  • Best for beginners-Tippmann Cyclone: Beginners can opt for this affordable, low-maintenance paintball loader. This also gives a smooth performance with high storage and speed without a battery!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many numbers of paintball hoppers can hold?

It depends on the size and capacity of the paintball hopper. For professionals usually, a 300+ paintball size is recommended.

Is it important to maintain a paintball hopper?

Yes, they have a simple structure, so you can easily clean them to make sure they last long. Do not use chemically induced products when cleaning.

What is the average number of shots a paintball hopper can fire before the batteries need to be replaced?

If you play paintball frequently, you should replace the batteries every few months. However, it depends on the paintball hopper model and version of the paintball hoppers.

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