Best Paintball Masks for Glasses – Buying Guide [Updated 2023]

This guide is for all those paintball lovers who are looking for the best paintball masks for glasses. Here you can see the comparison of 10 best products and can choose the one according to your needs.

A paintball mask is a necessary gear if you want to play outdoor paintball or woodsball games. It is something that you cannot just ignore as the incoming paintballs may not only damage your skin but can also cause bruises depending upon their speed or intensity. No one wants to get injured to not play paintball again. Therefore paintball masks are designed keeping in mind your ultimate protection and security. Some of these paintball masks are also approved by the international standard organization known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) which means that the goggles are approved for the safety and protection of paintball players.

Many outstanding brands have introduced their classic paintball goggle masks that not only gives you a secure fit but also is secure and comfortable. However, you might have trouble choosing the Best Paintball Masks for glasses. This is because most paintball masks feature a slim-fit design to avoid any kind of irritation or discomfort while playing. Therefore, you cannot use every other paintball mask if you have compromised vision or if you wear glasses. So, if you are looking for the best paintball mask for big heads with better breathability, fitness and durability then this article will help you purchase the best fit for you.



  •   Dye Precision i5  
  • Can change the lens in seconds
  • Contains a lightweight compression-formed earpiece
  • Maximum comfort for all facial contours
  • Possesses multi-directional angled vent and anti-fog lens

  •   Push Unite Paintball Goggles  
  • 16 ventilation zones to keep out warm air
  • Anti-reflection bridge to reduce glare
  • Adjustable nose bridge, chin and head strap
  • Anti-fog quad pane lens


10 Best Paintball Mask for Glasses 2023

Below we have listed 10 best paintball mask for glasses along with their detailed reviews. For quick overview, please go through the below comparison table highlighting the main features of the paintball masks.

Product NameBest ForLimitationPrice
Dye Precision i5

  • Contains a lightweight compression-formed earpiece

  • The mask does not contain a visor

Check Price
Push Unite Paintball Goggles

  • Ventilation zones to keep out warm air

  • The product is not budget-friendly

Check Price
JT Spectra Flex 8

  • Comfortable slim-fitted design
    with a detachable visor

  • Mask may not cover your ears

Check Price
Virtue VIO Ascend

  • 100% UV protection with improved breathability

  • Foam around ears made of hard material

Check Price
Empire E-Flex

  • Highly durable with adjustable chin strap

  • A bit pricy as compared to others

Check Price

  • Never fog up, the lens stays pretty clear

  • Voice echoes inside the mask sometimes

Check Price
Virtue VIO

  • Optimum breathability and very light in weight

  • Doesn’t completely cover from the lower side

Check Price
Dye Precision I4

  • Foams absorb sweat efficiently

  • Might feel a bit expensive

Check Price
Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle

  • Very affordable price, doesn’t fog at all

  • Foam might irritate some people

Check Price
Empire EVS

  • Large viewing area

  • Some people might find the earpiece discomforting

Check Price


If you are short of time, then have a look at the 5 best paintball mask for glasses.

1. Dye Precision i5 Paintball Goggle System

It can be tricky to find a suitable paintball mask that satisfies all your requirements from providing comfortability to offering the best protection that let you focus on your game better. What’s even more difficult is to find one of the Best Paintball Masks for glasses. A good paintball mask should not only offer sufficient space for your glasses but also should provide comfort fit on your nose, chin, ears and back of the head. Considering all these requirements for professional paintball players with glasses, DYE’s precision i5 brought the best paintball google system that is ASTM certified and is probably the best choice for both indoor and outdoor paintball games.

This paintball mask with best field of vision is one of the best goggles ever made with a 260° anti-fog lens to provide maximum peripheral vision. In this way, you can have a tactical advantage over your opponent as you can easily recognize any opposing movement. Not only this, it will provide you ultimate optimal clarity and protection to your eyes.


  • GSR Pro Strap – Its Gear Lock System provides a secure fit with precise tension control, extra-wide head pad for maximum grip, zero slip while distributing the force over a larger area.
  • Tirodial Horizon lens – It features an anti-fog lens with 290° vertical and horizontal peripheral vision and maximum clarity.
  • SCREAM venting – The multi-directional angled venting system, will prevent heat and moisture build-up and will help you to focus on your game better.
  • POV mount – This mask also accommodates a Universal heads-up POV mount to securely attach a POV camera so that you can capture every moment of a thrilling paintball match.
  • UV protection – DYE i5 precision contains a Dyetanium lens with a hard-coat dip. This lens protects your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays coming from the sun.
  • Replaceable foam – Typical paintball masks are not long-lasting due to the wear and tear caused by incoming paintballs. DYE precision features quick and easy foam replacement for you to have the best-ever experience every time you wear it.


  • You can change the lens in seconds.
  • Contains a lightweight compression-formed earpiece.
  • Maximum comfort for all facial contours.
  • Possesses multi-directional angled vent and anti-fog lens.


  • The mask does not contain a visor.

2. Push Unite Paintball Goggles MASK

Next in line is the all-time favourite paintball goggle mask by Push Unite. Learning from the experience of its paintball mask users, Push Unite is known to bring an improved and updated version of the paintball mask that is better in quality and reliability as compared to its previous counterparts. This renowned brand is used and appreciated by professional paintball players and learning from their experience, the brand has now further improved the quality of its paintball goggle masks. The new goggle system is unmatchable in function, style and a comfortable fit. This paintball mask has become one of the  Best Paintball Masks for glasses due to its customizable face fit. You can easily adjust its fitness by tempering the adjustable nose bridge. The soft earpieces along with the dual-injection molding will protect your face from any kind of abrasion.

Another key feature that makes this mask the best paintball mask for big heads and a top choice of professional paintball players is the good ventilation system. A good vent system is necessary to prevent fog build-up on the lens. Therefore, push unite offer 16 ventilation zones which will enable good airflow to keep you cool and prevent sweating on hot days. This will also improve communication as compared to a regular full head paintball mask with poor ventilation.


  • Protective case – No matter how hard you try to protect your favourite goggle mask, it is extremely hard to keep it safe without a protective casing. Push Unite goggle masks come with a durable protective case for long-term usage.
  • Full face comfort – Push Unite with its ingenious magnetic chin strap provide ultimate comfortability owing to its adjustable design. It also features nose bridge adjustment which makes it a good fit for those who wear glasses.
  • Quad pane lens – Another shining feature that makes this mask the best paintball mask for the money is its anti-fog quad pane lens which will allow you to focus on your game with a better vision.
  • Quick lens replacement – You cannot waste your time in replacing a broken or worn out lens amid your paintball game. Therefore, a quick lens replacement system can save you time.
  • Super light in weight – This mask features a lightweight multi-layer design and a large, strong and lightweight optically-correct spherical lens to avoid any abrasion.


  • 16 ventilation zones to keep out warm air
  • Anti-reflection bridge to reduce glare.
  • Adjustable nose bridge, chin and head strap
  • Anti-fog quad pane lens


  • The product is not budget-friendly

3. JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles

Speaking of the Best Paintball Masks for glasses and not mentioning the all-famous JT Spectra Flex 8 would be unfair. Undoubtedly, JT spectra masks are revolutionary both in terms of comfortability and durability. It utilizes a remarkable dual fusion design technology to construct an exquisite exoskeleton. As a result, the integrated vents on the jaw have been strategically designed to promote deflections and make the liquid bounce back instead of damaging your sensitive face areas. Its slim and elegant design offers a relatively smaller target for your opponent to hit. The design is also suitable to wear glasses with this paintball mask. Though the design provides ample space to accommodate your glasses, it still offers the most comfortability and perfect fitness.

Moreover, this mask can easily accommodate Vortex II fans and other JT accessories. This full head paintball mask is made to protect not only your face but also your forehead, back of the head and neck. Not many paintball masks offer a built-in visor for better protection during sunny days. However, the JT Spectra goggle mask provides a detachable visor so you can enjoy your best and focus on the game. 


  • Field of vision – If your mask is not providing you with a good field of vision then it’s not doing its job properly. JT spectra mask provides a complete 260° field of vision to make you aware of any incoming paintballs.
  • Low profile design – Flex 8 is made with extremely lightweight material into a slim-looking design. Its low profile design gives you the perfect fitness with good breathability.
  • Integrated vent design – JT spectra mask features a complex integrated vent design to stop incoming paintballs by deflecting them.
  • Breathability – vents also improve breathability by removing warm air coming out of your mouth and hence, preventing fog build-up on the lens.
  • Anti-fog lens – Another distinct feature is its thermal anti-fog lens which allows you to play for long hours without building fog on the lens. Even if fog builds up it is extremely easy to clean up with just a wipe.


  • Comfortable slim-fitted design
  • Includes a detachable visor
  • Offers quick lens replacement


Mask may not cover your  ears

May not fit people with above-average head sizes.

4. Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles/Masks

 For a strenuous game like paintball, the most essential and imperative thing is the comfortability and security of the player. The best paintball mask for woodsball helps the paintball player to easily move around and chase targets while ensuring protection and security hence, giving players a remarkable playing experience. For the paintball players who wear glasses, there is a large variety of options in the markets that promise much-needed security and comfort but to find one that has all desired features can be a tricky task. Undoubtedly, VIO is the best paintball mask for breathing. It is one of the leading manufacturers and most trustworthy paintball mask brands which is admired and appreciated among all the paintball players around the globe. One of the products of VIO is Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles which are designed specifically for the paintball players who wear glasses. High-quality features, classic design and economical price are attributes of this paintball mask that includes it in the list of Best Paintball Masks for glasses.

 Another exquisite feature of this paintball mask is the hydrophobic coating that does not let it fogged up. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colours this paintball mask comes with anti-scratch chromatic dual-plane thermal lenses that provide a wide clear field of vision. Integrated hinge locks give the player an additional advantage by facilitating the players in changing lenses in seconds. Quick change lens and replaceable foam system help players in saving time and enable them to resume playing quickly after changing them. Adjustable google strap does not let it shift or fall during a sudden moment, support it at its place and provides flexibility. The streamlined design of this paintball mask provides ample space for glasses and does not let the frame of the glasses touch the lens of the paintball mask.

Features of the paintball mask

  • Anti-reflective lens – The anti-reflective coating on the lens of this paintball mask cut the glare, reduce reflection and give impeccable vision.
  • Increased air ventilation – Perforation around the mouth helps the player in breathing by releasing all the trapped air inside the mask and facilitates communication with other players by transmitting the voice better.
  • Hinge lock system – The mask comes with a hinge lock system that helps the player to change it in a matter of seconds and increases its efficiency.
  • Lightweight design – The lightweight design of this mask help players in running around easily and offers high-performance protection.
  • Full-head coverage – This paintball mask provides full-head coverage and provides full-face protection.


  • 100% UV protection
  • Improves breathability
  • Great impeccable vision


  • Foam around ears made of hard material

5. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

Sometimes paintball players who wear glasses are not able to find precise paintball masks that are compatible with glasses and have all the required features that cater to their needs. These paintball players have to consider a lot of things while purchasing masks, like proper ventilation, because in case of poor ventilation, the confined air inside the mask will fog up the glasses and obstruct the vision. Availability of space for glasses is another factor that needs to be considered, the paintball mask design should provide enough space for the glasses otherwise it will squeeze the frame and will be uncomfortable. One of the famous brands for paintball masks is Empire, its comfortable design and price make it stand out from other masks. Empire has introduced glasses compatible Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System which is one of the Best Paintball Masks for glasses. These masks constitute a lot of top-end features and qualities that help the paintball player to perform efficiently and upgrade his game thus making them the best paintball mask under 100.

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle is considered the best paintball mask for the money that offers dual pane anti-fog thermal lenses that never fogged up and provide maximum optical clarity. This paintball mask offers maximum space for the wide frame of glasses, easily fit them inside the mask, offers maximum security and flexibility, avoids irritation and discomfort. This mask comes with anti-allergic face foams that provide a cushion around the sides against sudden hits and offers maximum protection. Rapid lens change system expedites the lens changing process and efficiently save time. The dual head strap held the mask in place and provides a secure fit. Full face coverage mask protects the face from all sides, especially jawline, eyes and ears. Vent holes around the mouth improve ventilation and breathing by releasing all exhaled air inside the mask.  

Features of the paintball mask

  • Anti-fog thermal lens – Anti-fog thermal lensnever fogged up and provide clean distorted free vision to the player
  • Ample space for glasses – The best feature of this paintball mask is ample space so that it can easily be adjustable to all sizes and shapes of eyeglasses.
  • Soft face foam – Soft face foam is made up of anti-allergic material that provides full protection near eyes, ears and chins.
  • Improves breathability – Vents around the mouth area helps the player in breathing and increase ventilation.


  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Highly durable
  • Maximum protection


  • A bit pricy as compare to other paintball masks

6. HK Army HSTL Paintball Goggle with Thermal Lens

One of the most important features of a full head paintball mask is that it must have ample room to adjust your spectacles. It should offer little space between lens and frames of glasses and on sides as well so that arms of your glasses sit well without effort and does not cause any irritation. The lenses of the paintball mask should be anti-reflective so that the view can be seen easily by the glasses user and does not obstruct by glare. Another most renowned brand of paintball mask is the HK army. It is popular among paintball players as it is the best cheap paintball mask owing to its handy features, sturdy design and offered protection.  If you wear glasses then there is no need to worry about it because this is the best option for those who need to wear glasses under their mask.

 The optically improved design of this paintball mask provides impeccable vision, does not fog up and provide supreme protection. That is why it is considered the best paintball mask anti fog and paintball mask with best field of vision. Large molded vents around the mouth will dissipate warm trapped air inside the mask, improve breathing and transmit voice more clearly. This paintball mask accommodates all the shapes and sizes of the head with help of an adjustable chin and goggle strap. The form and lens are replaceable, so if the lens or the foam needs to be changed then they can be easily changed in a matter of seconds.   

Features of the paintball mask

  • High optical precision – One of the features of this mask is the distortion-free finest lens which provides flawless optical precision and does not let fog disturb your game.
  • Removable foam – The soft replaceable foam is inserted inside the mask which not only provides comfort but also helps in absorbing shock from the heaviest of the blow.
  • Interchangeable lens system – This mask has a swift change lens system that helps the player to change the lens quickly in seconds and does not take time.
  • Adjustable strap – Adjustable goggle strap and chin strap comes does not let the mask slip from its place even in intense running and is highly accommodative.


  • Never fog up, the lens stays pretty clear.
  •  Highly durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Voice echos inside the mask sometimes

7. Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles/Masks – Most Used Paintball Mask for Glasses

Paintball is a game that requires complete commitment from the players. Players need to enter the field with strong tactics while at the same time staying alert and focused. These things cannot be achieved if you have a mask or gear constantly bothering you. Therefore to have a clear vision with enough comfortability you need a product that has got you covered in every aspect of the game. If you are someone looking to get the best paintball mask for the money for your upcoming tournament we are here at your service.

With the brand new Virtue VIO paintball goggles/ masks with dual plane thermal anti-fog lenses, there is no need to compromise on even a single aspect of the mask. These best paintball masks offer you the best materials and lenses and are amongst the best paintball masks for glasses. Virtue doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to paintball masks and this is probably one of its finest productions. With its streamlined shape, you’re going to get the best looks along with the best protection. The soft ear pads and less light reflection will surely give you an upper hand over your opponents.


A few of its sublime features are being enlisted here for your ease.

  • Adjustment features – You can fix this mask easily to your head and face with the major upgrade in the straps. The long straps have made the adjustability more customizable. The firm grips won’t allow the mask to tip even during intense gaming.
  • Softer – The foam and its positioning have been done to reduce friction at the point of contact. The ear padding is smooth and is big enough to just cover your ears.
  • Visual options – The superior quality lens provides clear vision even in extreme humid and foggy conditions. Besides the room is enough for someone to wear glasses making it one of the best paintball masks for glasses.
  • Dimensional perfection – The virtue VIO paintball masks have been designed to allow the maximum inflow of the air. This not only helps to keep the internal environment dry and cool but also helps the players to communicate better. The design of ear padding also promotes this feature and enables better listening.
  • Customization options – This mask is highly customizable in terms of removing lenses or straps. It is as easy as pushing a clamp and pulling the strap out. You can replace or clean as you like.


  • Optimum breathability
  • Very light in weight
  • Provides high protection from blows
  • Increased auditory range


  • Doesn’t completely cover from the lower side

8. Dye Precision I4 Thermal Best Paintball Mask for Glasses 2023

A paintball mask is not a choice but a necessity in a paintball game for the protection of your eyes and face. However, being a necessity doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your comfort or the look of the mask. These days a large variety of masks are available both in online and offline markets but to find a complete mask is not as easy as it seems. To find the best paintball mask for the money might feel like a difficult task even for someone who’s been in this stuff for quite some time now.

Fear not, as you’re not alone in this quest. We are here to present you with a mask that has all the characteristics of an ideal mask and might seem unreal. The Dye precision I4 thermal paintball mask is probably the best paintball mask for big heads. Dye has been the choice of many expert players and this mask is probably amongst their best products ever made. It is a complete package in terms of weight, comfort, fog prevention, visibility and endurance. Also, it is among the best paintball masks for glasses.


Here we are enlisting some of the salient features of this mask:

  • Lightweight – Despite offering protection from almost all facial angles, this mask still feels very light at the head with sufficient space for your nose as well.
  • Field of view – This mask offers an enhanced area of vision through the lens. Unlike the majority of the masks, the peripheral vision is also improved so that the player can be aware of the sides as well
  • Lens quality – The top-notch quality of the lens offers long term resistance against scratches and U.V rays. The durable lens can also take a firm blow and remain intact, protecting your eyes.
  • Communication assistance –  The interior design of the mask and the positioning of the vents is done to improve the communication with your teammates. That means no more shouting to reach them.
  • Firm grip –  The tiger teeth buckles allow you to adjust the grip according to your face without falling off during the game.
  • Lens replacement – The Dye precision I4 thermal paintball goggles have made it easier to change or clean lenses with their rapid lens changing feature. It enables you to remove the lens in just a few seconds without the need for any kit.


  • The lens doesn’t fog easily
  • Foams absorb sweat efficiently
  • Adjustable and more durable.
  • More viewing area from the sides


  • Might feel a bit expensive

9. Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle/Mask with Dual Pane Thermal Lens

Unlike many other games that only require a player’s skill set to win, paintball also requires the presence of the finest gear to win and the best paintball mask for woodsball. Besides winning one also need optimum protection from those paintball coming at extremely high speeds. Normally, masks that provide a high level of shielding don’t always offer the best of visibility and vice versa. Therefore it is often challenging to opt for the best budget paintball mask that’ll suit your need, while at the same time doesn’t cost you a fortune.

You don’t have anything to worry about as we are going to offer you the best paintball mask for the money. The latest Valken paintball MI-7 goggle/ mask with dual plane thermal lens has everything that you look for in a paintball mask that too in a very low price range. From a good viewing angle to high durability this mask has it all. Concerning its price it surely is a value for money product. With its sleek design that is built to deflect the paintballs coming at you and its dual-pane thermal lens for more transparency, this is one product that you shouldn’t ignore.


To give a more clear detail of its features we have summarised them as follows:

  • Lens integrity –  As mentioned in its name, this lens comes with a dual plane, a hard-coated thermal lens that has a high impact resilience. This polycarbonate lens also happens to be able to withstand those scratches thereby providing improved vision.
  • Comfortability –  The Valken paintball MI-7 goggle/ mask with dual plane thermal lens presents you with unexpectedly high levels of comfortability with its dual layer of foams installed for impact as well as sweat absorption to provide you with a good inner environment for breathing.
  • Ease of use – To clean or replace the lens you can easily release the clamp on both sides and the lens will come off with almost no effort
  • Viewing area –  It offers a huge field of vision for you to see your enemies, this often proves fruitful in rainy environments to avoid discrepancies of any kind.
  • Fog prevention –  Its anti-fog lens will help you during the most humid conditions. No matter how much you sweat, it’ll keep the lens clean and visible


  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Very affordable price
  • Doesn’t fog at all
  • Easy to handle


  • The strap is tighter at some points
  • Foam might irritate some people

10.Empire EVS Paintball Mask/Goggle – 2 Thermal Lenses

Paintball is among the most competitive and diverse games. It gives the players the freedom to choose between outdoor and indoor modes of playing. Not only this, the player’s level of competitiveness is the most crucial aspect of this game. Experience can only get you so far but to surely excel in this game your choice of gear matters a lot. These days a lot of brands are available in the market offering a wide range of paintball masks in almost every price bracket but a high price doesn’t always promise an effective product. One must conduct thorough research before investing in a paintball mask.

We are going to help you with this burden by presenting you with one of the best paintball masks for glasses. With our latest Empire EVS paintball mask/goggles- 2 thermal lenses we are offering a very unique and durable product that will provide you with a combination of both protection and safety. Without a doubt this mask is surely going to up your paintball game with one of the best visibility dimensions while at the same time enhancing the level of comfortability. It is the best paintball mask for breathing which ensures sufficient room for ventilation, for you to breathe and its weight distribution suits even people with glasses.


  • Lens durability – Our empire EVS mask/ goggles- 2 thermal lens comes with the latest technology lens that can take even the strongest of blows without shattering. Also, its long-lasting material gives you resistance to those annoying scratches making sure that the integrity of the product remains intact.
  • Vision range –  This mask offers you an enormous field of vision up to 270° without even the slightest distortion. With this big viewing angle, you’ll be able to spot the opponents from a huge distance. This lens also has anti-reflective properties to filter out those harmful U.V radiations from entering your eyes
  • Replaceability –  This mask comes with another important feature to replace its parts. Almost all of the parts are replaceable if need be. Besides the lens can be changed without any tools which are very convenient and time-saving.
  • Glasses suitability –  The latest empire EVS mask/ goggles- 2 thermal lens is most suitable for people with glasses. The mask is designed to provide enough room for glasses without disturbing the vision.


  • Large viewing area
  • Fitting for glasses
  • Good fog clearance


  • Some people might find the earpiece discomforting
  • Slightly expensive product

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Buying Guide – Best Paintball Masks for Glasses

A good buying guide aims to discuss the important parameters and features to consider while purchasing a product that features all the desired characteristics while being easy on your wallet. If you wear glasses then choosing a paintball mask would be different than purchasing regular paintball goggles. Therefore, we are introducing you to such features that must not be ignored while buying the Best Paintball Masks for glasses. Take a look!

  • Comfort wearing for long hours

One key characteristic to consider before spending your money on a good paintball mask is comfortability. Undoubtedly, they are many masks that provide secure and comfortable wear but that comfort does not last long. If your game is a few hours long then your mask might become unbearable after some time. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to look if your mask is lined with soft and durable foam on the inside with the tendency to absorb moisture.

  • Fog Resistant lens

While wearing glasses, it becomes extremely important to choose a mask with thermal fog-resistant lenses. This is because now you are also wearing glasses and if both the glasses and the lens become fogged up then it is most likely that you will be hit with an incoming paintball that you were not able to see.

  • Good ventilation

Good ventilation is also important if you want to prevent your glasses or mask lens from fogging up. The heat that is coming out of your mouth may end up accumulating fog droplets on the lens and glasses. Therefore, you need to find the best paintball mask for breathing. At the same time, the vents present on your paintball mask should be angled in a way that they should stop the incoming paintballs.

  • Fit yet comfortable

For the Best Paintball Masks for glasses, the mask needs to have ample space to fit your glasses. If your glasses have less space to adjust then they will keep on striking with the mask making it uncomfortable for you to wear. However, if the mask is too wide or loose, that would also make you lose your focus on the game. Therefore, the best way is to choose a mask that is ideal for glasses while featuring a slim and sturdy design.

Tips On Wearing Best Paintball Mask For Glasses

Here are some tips and advice for wearing a paintball mask with glasses:

Make sure your glasses fit well and are snug against your face. Loose-fitting glasses can cause discomfort and reduce visibility. Adjust the straps on your paintball mask to fit your head comfortably and securely. A loose or poorly-fitted mask can cause your glasses to shift or move, which can be distracting and dangerous. Consider using anti-fogging solutions or inserts to prevent your glasses and mask from fogging up. This will help you maintain clear vision during gameplay. Try different positions for your glasses and mask to find the most comfortable and effective setup. Some players prefer to wear their glasses underneath the mask, while others find it more comfortable to wear them on top of the mask. Use a paintball mask that has a wide field of view to help you see more of your surroundings. This will also help you avoid accidentally hitting your glasses with paintballs. Consider purchasing a paintball mask with a removable or adjustable visor. This can help to protect your glasses from incoming paintballs, while also improving your visibility. If you’re new to paintball or have never played with glasses before, consider practicing with your equipment before the game starts. This will help you get used to the feel of wearing a mask and glasses, and will also allow you to adjust your equipment as needed.

By following these tips and making adjustments as needed, you can enjoy a safe and comfortable paintball experience while wearing glasses and a mask.

How Often Should Paintball Mask For Glasses Lens Will Be Cleaned Or Replaced

Cleaning and maintaining the lens of your paintball mask is important to ensure clear vision and overall safety during gameplay. Here are some tips on how often you should clean or replace the lens of your paintball mask for glasses:

Cleaning: You should clean the lens of your paintball mask after every use. Use a microfiber cloth or a lens cleaning solution to remove any dirt, debris, or paintball residue from the lens. Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaners that could scratch or damage the lens. Replacement: Over time, the lens of your paintball mask may become scratched, cracked, or damaged from repeated use. You should replace the lens of your paintball mask if it is significantly damaged or if you notice any cracks or discoloration that could impair your vision. In general, it is a good idea to replace the lens of your paintball mask at least once per year or after several uses, depending on the level of wear and tear. Inspection: Before each use, inspect the lens of your paintball mask for any signs of damage, such as scratches or cracks. If you notice any damage, replace the lens before playing.

By following these tips and regularly cleaning and maintaining the lens of your paintball mask, you can ensure that you have clear vision and a safe and enjoyable paintball experience.


We have mentioned all the top 10 best-reviwed Best Paintball Masks for glasses that are most likely to satisfy your budget, comfortability and fitness requirements. We have also shared the buying guide for you to consider the necessary requirements while purchasing the right mask for your paintball game. Through this review article we have found that DYE precision i4 and i5 are best to use if you want to enjoy all the features of a professional paintball mask. However, if you want a mask that fulfills your key requiremnts and is budget-friendly then you should choose the Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we wear glasses with a paintball mask?

Yes, one can easily wear glasses under a paintball mask. There are many paintball masks available in the market that are lightweight, durable, comfortable and does not cost much in the long run. such paintball masks are adjustable from the nose and head area so that you can tighten or loosen them according to your requirement.

Which type of lens goes well with the glasses?

The best type of lens to consider in the Best Paintball Masks for glasses are the thermal lens. These lenses are made with dual pane material which avoids the lens from fogging up. Moreover, it is always better to use an anti-fog spray for your glasses to enjoy the game with no obstructions.

How to tackle sweat while playing paintball?

The best way to handle sweat while playing an outdoor paintball game during summer is by choosing a paintball mask that is inlined with soft foam. The foam will absorb the moisture or sweat droplets from getting in your way. If your mask is not lined by foam on the inside then you can also spend on a headband to stop sweat droplets.

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