13 Best Paintball Mask Under 100 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Are you also a paintball lover and looking for the best paintball mask under 100? If yes then you have come to the right place. Because we have something to make that amazing game more fun, safe, easier to enjoy, and comfortable to play.

A paintball mask which is commonly referred to as the paintball goggle is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can own as a professional paintball player. In other words, you can step into a paintball field without your marker (paint gun) but you cannot leave without a protective paintball mask.

Now, when it comes to choosing a paintball mask that is comfortable to wear, fits you well, contains a long-lasting fog-resistant lens, have a good field of vision in addition to its ability to prevent scratches, then it becomes extremely difficult to choose the best paintball mask under 100 that can fulfill all these requirements while at the same time stay in your budget. The whole internet is welled up with a wide variety of different paintball masks to choose from offering varied features in terms of style, lens quality, coverage, and fitness. That is why we are here to help you to make the right choice based on your preference.

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Why do we need a paintball mask?

In the past, paintball players do not use to spend money on purchasing a good mask instead, they used to wear typical ski googles. This tactic might be cheap but it is completely unsafe. A paintball mask is extremely necessary for you to wear every time you step into a paintball field because of the following reasons.

  • The first and foremost reason is that these protective goggles will protect your nose, eyes, and face from damage caused by the forceful impact of paintballs in addition to other impacts or injuries that you might suffer due to falling, hitting or crashing while playing paintball.
  • Paintball goggles are specifically designed to cover and protect you from any injury that other types of goggles might not be able to do.
  • These paintball-specific goggles need to be approved by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials, an International Standard Organization).
  • Paintball masks are designed with four main components goggle strap, protective frame, protective mask, goggle lens and other additional components to increase their reliability.

It is very hard and tiring to go through the details of every product available on a website and then put your faith in them to spend a good amount of money to purchase their product. Do not panic! We have your back. Narrowing down the wide-ranging variety of the best paintball mask under 100, we are here presenting you a list of the 10 best reviewed and top-notch quality paintball masks you can get under 100 dollars. We have selected these products after doing thorough research so that you never have to regret your choice after making a purchase.

HK Army HSTL Thermal Lens

  • Easy handling with help of lens retention system

  • Voice echoes sometimes

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JT Spectra Proshield Thermal Mask

  • Soft mask foam can mold to different shapes of face

  • Sun visor is made of hard plastic

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Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle/Mask

  • Lens do not fog up at all

  • Lens scratch after wiping

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CRBN OPR Thermal Goggles

  • Anti-glare design aided by a built-in visor

  • Only suitable for protection against paintballs of .43 to .68 caliber

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JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggle

  • Accept all spectra lens

  • Sometimes gets hot in the mask

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Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens

  • An easily replaceable lens with 260° peripheral vision

  • Can be a little tight with glasses

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Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle

  • Lens fits well with glasses with an anti-allergic foam

  • The nose protector is too large and obstructs the view

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IndependentThose Tactical Mask

  • TPU plastic provides protection and resistance from abrasion

  • Not a good choice in terms of fog resistance

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Push Unite Paintball Thermal Lens

  • Possesses light-weight thermal, anti-glare lens

  • Does not provide full-face coverage

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ATAIRSOFT Airsoft 2 Modes Tactical Safety

  • Provide impact resistance up to 310 FPS

  • The padding may come off after a few uses

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Anyoupin Paintball Mask with Double Lens Black

  • It comes with unique mouth protection, buffers and visor shading

  • The lens can bear 310fps only

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ORIION Thermal Paintball Mask

  • Contains a strong lens with a wide peripheral view

  • The lens might fog up after prolonged usage

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Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens - Black Header

  • Easy to upgrade and maintain

  • Might not be a good fit for people with big heads

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1. HK Army HSTL Paintball Goggle with Thermal Lens

Paintball is fun-filled and exciting and highly strenuous game where the participant is prone to get bruised and have cuts or scratches from running and rolling around in rugged terrain. So, in the combat games like paintball, it is paramount to have the best protective equipment. In the market, you have a lot of options of paintball masks that have different features and prices but if you are looking for the best paintball mask under 100 then you should check out HK Army HSTL Paintball Goggle with Thermal Lens. These paintball masks are great for the price and come with handy features that will surely protect you from the heaviest of blows.

Unlike some of the masks that are in the same price range, HK Army HSTL Paintball Goggle offers attributes like a dual-pane thermal lens that will eliminate any possibility of fogging and enable you to see all the time. A quick-change lens retention system will help you to switch your lens smoothly and swiftly. These paintball masks are very comfortable, light in weight and come at a price any paintball player can easily afford, their distinct features and reasonable price make them stand out from other paintball masks.


Below are some key features of this mask:

  • Prevents fogging: Dual thermal plane lens prevents fogging, give you clear vision and facilitates focusing on the target.
  • Supreme breathability: These masks come with vents that are spread throughout goggles that will help you to easily breathe during times of intense running and facilitate you with unconstrained head movement that will help you in giving instructions to your teammates easily.
  • Optical clearance: High-definition lenses are used which will give you a clear impeccable view and avoid any visual disruptions.
  • Removable Foam Insert: These masks have removable upper and lower goggle foam inserts which will assist you to change and replace the goggle foam with a single pull.
  • Lightweight designs: These masks are very light in weight which benefits the player in running and moving smoothly.

  • Reasonably priced product with supreme features
  • Ample of protective cover for the face
  • Easy handling with help of lens retention system

  • Voice echoes sometimes

2. JT Spectra Proshield Thermal Paintball Mask

The JT Spectra Proshield Thermal Paintball mask is the most famous goggle system. This mask is made from premium quality materials and is the best in function and offers durability for your paintball session. It is the #1 selling mask in the sport’s history. If you wear glasses then there is no need to worry about it because this is the best alternative for those who need to wear glasses under their mask. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate player the foam is really accommodative and easily fit to a wide variety of faces. The wide 260-degree field of vision with dual panes is offered to users, this mask comes with hypoallergenic fine comfortable face foam and molded vents. Its unique features and economical price makes it the best paintball mask under $100 and a definite buy for the paintball players.


Below are some key features of this mask:

  • Ample space: It has a very optimal degree of a room that can easily accommodate glasses so it is the best option for the players who wear glasses.
  • Eliminate the risk of fogging: These glasses come with a dual-pane thermal lens that gives the best protection against fogging
  • Removable visor: It comes with a detachable visor that blocks the sun and rains off the lens. The visor is very easy to install and remove.
  • Detachable faceplate: Removable and upgradable faceplate that provides excellent protection with ventilation which helps the player to breathe easily.
  • Molded vents: Mask comes with molded vents that provide maximum deflection and enhance hearing.
  • Silicon non-slip strap: Another amazing feature of this paintball mask is that it offers a goggle strap with silicone beads woven on the inside which in turn gives a better grip to the sizing sliders and hence a better fit.

  • Expanded protection for ears
  • Soft mask foam can mold to different shapes of face
  • Lots of ventilation holes

  • Sun visor is made of hard plastic

3. Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle/Mask with Dual Pane Thermal Lens

The Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle Mask is the perfect combination of features and construction for those who love playing paintball. The hard coat lens treatment keeps your eyes safe from scratches and fog, while the side-mounted thermal lens prevents ghosts and other similar damage. With a simple removeable face shield, this mask is easy to take on and off, making it a great choice for players of all levels.

The Dual-Layer Comfort Foam base layer is perfect for impact absorption and sweat wicking. The exterior open-cell foam provides an airy feel, while the SBR foam provides long-lasting support.

Our double-layer foam protect your ears against harsh sounds and protect them from damage during everyday activities. Our ASTM and CE certification confirms our product’s effectiveness.

With 160 degrees vertical and 260 degrees horizontal vision, you’ll be able to see what’s going on around you with clarity and ease. The dual-layer comfort foam will keep your feet as safe as possible, while the exterior open-cell foam will wick away any moisture so that your skin stays dry.


Below are some key features of this mask:

  • High Quality Material Lens: Double shot, double coated Thermal Lens system with integrated Hard coat Lens treatment, fog, and scratch resistant polycarbonate construction.
  • Retention System: An integrated lens-fastening strap and retention system are built into the strap of this goggle.
  • Best Vision in Less Price: Valken Paintball Mask sells professional quality premier features for entry-level prices. Exceptional field of vision and top-notch vision are possible with this product. The paintball mask offers a 160 degree field of vision and 260 degree field of vision.
  • Double Layer Foam: The Valken Mask is designed as the ideal friend for gamers. It provides the comfortable resting surface that players crave. Double-layered memory foam delivers extra support

I absolutely love my Valken Paintball Mask! It is such an extreme protection unit and double layer foam located in both frame and ear makes it very comfortable to wear. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants the best possible protection while playing paintball!

  • High quality Polycarbonate lens and frame material
  • Extreme protection with double layer foam
  • Lens do not fog up at all, good quality lens

  • Fogs up after first us and lens scratch after wiping

4. CRBN OPR Thermal Paintball Goggles / Masks

Paintball Masks are not only important for the safety and protection of the player but also play a very crucial role in elevating your game to the next level. It is surely a daunting process to make a purchase decision and buy a paintball mask that not only has all the modified specific features but also comes at an affordable price.

CRBN OPR Thermal Paintball Goggles / Masks are the most popular in the market due to their level of affordability. These are some of the best paintball mask under 100 that comes with a wide variety of features like a double-layer thermal lens with a top-quality built-in visor that exclude all glare no matter the kind of weather condition. These foams are equipped with a quick foam release system and quick replaceable lens system that will assist the player to change the lens in quick time whenever needed. The foam fits with all kinds of heads. The screen protects the lens to avoid the occurrence of visual distortion during game time. The adaptable head strap that comes with silicon strips makes certain that the mask fits perfectly without feeling too tight.


Below are some key features of this mask:

  • Optical precision: A key feature of this mask is the distortion-free finest lens which provides exemplary optical precision and offers an obstruction-free playing session.
  • Double thermal panes: The mask is equipped with a double-layered high-quality thermal lens which gets rid of fogging problems and gives you an excellent playing experience.
  • Polymer construction: The mask is an excellent combination of fit and breathability. It is made up of polymer material which makes it durable and gives you protection.
  • Adjustable Straps: The mask comes with highly-durable and flexible straps and an integrated chin Strap which help in securing the fit of the mask.
  • Integrated visors: These masks have integrated visors that help in enhanced protection of the lens.

  • The thermal lens prevents fog build-up
  • Anti-glare design aided by a built-in visor
  • Comfortable and secure fit with the non-slip silicone strap

  • Only suitable for protection against paintballs of .43 to .68 caliber

5. JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggle Single Pane & Clear Lens, Black, One Size (23248)

JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggle is one of the famous paintball masks due to its versatile functionalities and features is an ideal option for people of all ages. This paintball mask is designed in a way to ensure a high level of comfort and protection for the paintball players.

One of the features that make it prominent and ideal is that it offers 360 degrees view with optimum clarity and enhances both vertical and horizontal peripheral vision at all times.  It gives full head coverage for your nose, face, and eyes protection. An adjustable flexible chin strap provides extra support and prevents the mask from falling during quick sudden moments and harsh blows. The mask is equipped with top and black panels, each panel has five adjustments that ensure maximum head and face protection and high-end comfort. Provided adjustments are highly accommodative and perfectly molded to different sizes of heads. Superior quality protection, innovative design and functionalities, and low price make it ideal to come under the list of best paintball mask under $100.


Below are some key features of this mask:

  • Supreme protection:  the rigid and flexible design of the mask will provide you with full head coverage that will protect your head from unexpected hits and give you the flexibility to target the opponent.
  • Soft face foam: The soft face foam is embedded inside the mask which not only provides great comfort but also helps in absorbing the sudden impacts.
  • Clear vision: When it comes to visibility, this mask offers a clear large peripheral view. With its provision of 360-degree view, you can easily see from the corner of the lens.
  • Interchangeable lens: This mask has a Pro change lens which helps the player to change the lens quickly and smoothly within seconds.
  • Protective panels: Another noticeable feature is their adjustable and removable panels which offer optimum comfort and shield the player during combative paintball sessions.

  • Accept all spectra lens
  • Fits perfectly
  • Never fogs up

  • Sometimes gets hot in the mask

6. Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball Goggles

The list of the best paintball mask under 100 continues to feature another marvel offered by the brand “Dye”, known as the Dye Special Edition Paintball goggles with a thermal lens. We all know that when it comes to a thermal lens, the paintball mask featuring it almost aces the game. The double-pane lens is so effective that it may give you an upper hand over your opponent. This is because the thermal lens is excellent fog-resistant.

In addition, dual-pane lenses are more durable as compared to a single lens. In addition, Dye offers a patented quick-replace lens system that allows you to replace a worn lens in just 10 seconds. The ultra-wide and clear vision in addition to the built-in visor, which provides ultimate protection against the bright sun and strong paintball impacts, are just some of its prominent features to be listed.


A series of detailed features owned by this mask are given below:

  • Provide high-end comfort: the Dye mask is perfectly designed to aid maximum comfortability while playing paintball by providing a superior face comfort foam. This will also absorb maximum shock impact from an incoming paintball.
  • Triodial lens: Another important feature that cannot be neglected is the 260° triodial lens which is responsible to extend the range of clear vision around the lens by providing you with horizontal and vertical peripheral vision.
  • The patented quick-change: DYE offers a patented quick-change lens system to change your old worn-out lens in just a couple of moments. 
  • Clear hearing: If your previous paintball goggles have a voice-echo problem then Dye special edition mask can save your day with its multi-ported earpieces which allows you to hear what is happening around you.
  • Good fit: With an extremely-fitted design, the target area for paintball impact is reduced. Moreover, you can move, run and hide the way you want with its streamlined fit design. 

  • Accept all spectra lens
  • Superior foam aids comfort
  • 260° peripheral vision

  • Can be a little tight with glasses

7. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System is probably the most spectacular paintball mask available in the market, a unique blend of impeccable quality and high-end specifications and reasonable price makes it a perfect package. This inexpensive paintball goggle system due to its high-quality features comes under the list of best paintball masks under $100., This mask is both functional and stylish,  provides features like a rapid lens change system that facilitates the change of lens in quick time.

Anti-fog thermal lens kills fog and provides a clear vision of the field and gives a better strategic edge over the opponent’s players. Its durable, sturdy and innovative design comes with some additional features Hypo-allergenic face foam which is supremely comfortable and offers much-needed protection. The Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System works on the latest technology to cater for the demands of players of all age groups.


Below are some key features of this mask:

  • Streamlined design: The mask offers and flexible soft face skirt with a streamlined design. The soft foam protects the face and ear and is durable to last.
  • Zero optical distortion: Lenses not only kill fog but also provide optimal optical clarity, high-level of accuracy with zero optical distortion.
  • Anti-allergic face foam: The mask is made of Hypo-Allergenic face foam material to prevent unusual allergies and gives players supreme comfort.
  • Light in weight: The mask is made up of materials that make it light in weight and offer minimum bulk to paintball players which helps them to uplift their game.
  • Enhanced breathability: Vents are spread throughout the mask facilitating good ventilation provides excellent breathing space to the player during paintball sessions and helping in communication.
  • The swift lens exchange system helps players to change the lens in seconds without having difficulty and wasting any time.

  • Ample room for breathability
  • Protect the face
  • Fits well with glasses
  • Anti-allergic foam

  • The nose protector might obstruct the view.

8. IndependentThose Tactical Paintball Mask Airsoft Masks

If you are looking for a paintball mask with full face coverage, extra comfort, best-fit design, and durable quality then the “IndependentThose” paintball mask is your only answer. These goggles have certainly managed to make their place in the list of the best paintball mask under 100, with their unique features and affordable price range. The single-pane lens with the anti-fog coating is made with tough and durable material to resist the strong impact of the incoming paintballs at almost any distance.

Some paintball masks are hard to wear for a long time as they can be hard and uncomfortable at the front or back of your head. On the contrary, Independent Those masks omit this problem by providing a flexible and elastic buckle strap instead of a hard frame that goes around the back of your head. The strap is easily adjustable and can be loosened or tightened depending on the player’s size of the head. This quality makes these mask super comfortable for young and adults, men and women.


Below we are listing the set of complete features with details offered by this paintball mask.

  • Lens material: The anti-fog coated lens consists of a single-pane made of tough polycarbonate material to provide better protection against strong impacts. The PC material also makes the lens light in weight and thus easy to carry on your face.
  • Easy to adjust mask: The mask features an ideal size that can be adjusted according to the size of the head with an adjustable plastic strap that goes around the back of your head. Hence, these are the best choices for people with relatively bigger heads.
  • Flexible ear portions: The mask also features extremely comfortable ear portions that can be bent easily to adjust according to your ears with no pressure and better fit.
  • Comfortable frame: The frame that goes over your eyes, head, ears and nose is so soft and pliable to help you play for longer hours. The frame foam is of good quality so to absorb the maximum shock or impact of an incoming paintball. 
  • Forehead visor: the forehead visor provides maximum protection to your face and lens from bright sunlight and rain.

  • TPU plastic provides protection and resistance from abrasion
  • Louvred vent design keeps warm air out
  • Easy to adjust back-strap and ear portions
  • Offers durable cushion for comfortability and protection

  • Not a good choice in terms of fog resistance.

9. Push Unite Paintball Goggle Mask Thermal Lens with Cover

The list of paintball goggles is incomplete without mentioning the name of the best paintball mask under $100 designed by Push UNITE, aimed particularly to provide maximum eye protection. Though this paintball mask does not provide complete face coverage, however, its great design, durable quality, clear vision and other such outstanding features have challenged some of the best quality paintball masks currently available in the market. unlike typical paintball masks, the Push UNITE eye protective goggles allow you to play for long hours without any fog build-up and damage to the lens, thanks to its remarkable ultra-fine anti-glare thermal lens. In addition, the lenses are designed for a wide-range field of vision. Along with better visual quality, the top frame of the lens is ingeniously designed with chamfer edges to maximize the field of view and reduce inner glare. 


Below we have mentioned its features in detail.

  • Fog resistance: The Push UNITE thermal lens for paintball provides maximum resistance to fog build-up. The air trapped between the inner-pane and outer-pane ultimately acts as an insulator to the heat coming out of your mouth.
  • Anti-glare design: These protective and stylish eyewear are designed in the finest way possible. A High-performance Revo lens is used with a mirror coating to prevent glare. The top of the lens is surrounded by textured chamfer edges that help in alleviating inner-glare and facilitate a crystal clear vision.
  • Easy lens replacement: The powerful thermal lens can be easily replaced within a couple of seconds with just a swap.
  • Neoprene case: The protective neoprene case will protect your goggles from scratches and allow them to go a long way.
  • Lens dimensions: This amazing and durable product features 5 x 6 x 10 inches dimensions, a size good enough to provide complete protection to your eyes.

  • Light-weight goggles are easy to wear
  • Does not come off easily due to the curved shape
  • The lens is made of high-quality material
  • Possesses thermal, anti-glare lens

  • Does not provide full-face coverage

10. ATAIRSOFT Airsoft 2 Modes Tactical Safety Protective Full Face Mask

Our last but not the least choice is the ultimate tactical safety mask by ATAIRSOFT with outstanding features and highly durable quality. The most important features of a paintball mask are how well does it endure the forceful impacts of incoming paintballs and how comfortable it is to wear. Focusing on these and other prime requirements, ATAIRSOFT came up with a strong, durable and reliable design. With the powerful PC (Polycarbonate) lens, the goggles will provide maximum protection to your eyes and face. In addition, the goggles are made in such a way that you won’t even feel any weight on your head while wearing them. The size can be easily adjusted with the help of the elastic band that goes around your head rather than on your chin which aids stability.


  • Durable material: The mask is made with tough TPU, nylon and steel mesh material which allows it to go a long way without breaking.
  • Lightweight: The goggles only weigh 220g despite covering a wide area of your face and forehead.
  • Head Circumference:  ATAIRSOFT has also specified that this mask is suitable for people with a head circumference of 52-64cm.
  • Size adjustable strap: The strap that goes around your head can be adjusted with the help of a secure buckle.
  • Breathability: The mask aids breathability with its steel mesh design while providing full-face protection.

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane and Nylon frame material
  • Provide impact resistance up to 310 FPS
  • Also provides a helmet-wearing mode
  • Soft padding inside the lens

  • The padding may come off after a few uses

11. Anyoupin Paintball Mask with Double Lens – Black

Anyoupin Paintball Mask with Double Lens - Black

Next up in the list of the best paintball masks under 100 is our reviewer’s favourite the dual-lens Anyoupin Paintball Mask. After trying this affordable full-head mask we are convinced that this mask is the best choice to accompany you in your outdoor paintball game especially if you are a beginner and you do not want to spend your money on an expensive paintball mask. in addition to this, this mask is also very light in weight so you won’t feel anything big or heavy on your head all the time. this will also help you to focus better on your game. After reading the in-depth reviews of this product, you’ll see why it’s ranked among the finest paintball masks. So, let’s have a look at the key characteristics of this mask and how it differs from other items in its category.


  • Safe and durable material – This mask is made entirely of safe materials, including a unique combination of polycarbonate and ABS plastic. Both of these materials, when used together, provide exceptional impact resistance and heat absorption.
  • Multiple applications – You may have intended to use this mask solely for paintball, but it may be used for a variety of other games as well. For example, you can use this mask to play live CS games, BB or Airsoft competitions, tactics games, survival games, and co-play outdoor parties.
  • Structure Stability and Security – This mask is fitted with durable buffers to make it more comfortable to use. Moreover, sponge mats for ears and eyes, mouth protection, adjustment belts, and visor darkening, are also included for a pleasant user experience.
  • Stylish sleek design – In addition to all other amazing qualities, the attractive looks and sleek design of this mask, leave a long-lasting impression on people’s minds. Moreover, vents on the mask’s front swiftly dissipate heat, ensuring that the mask is completely comfortable for gamers. So, if you’re seeking a mask with a streamlined design, this is the product to choose.

  • Highly durable
  • Sleek design
  • The mask covers all the sensitive areas of the head and face
  • Offers complete protection against incoming paintballs
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • It comes with unique mouth protection, buffers and visor shading

  • It can withstand a shot from at least 5 meters
  • The lens can bear 310fps only

Our thoughts

This mask is ideal for beginners who prefer a complete protective mask with a sleek design and an affordable price of less than $50.

12. ORIION Thermal Paintball Mask

ORIION Thermal Paintball Mask under 100

There is a wide variety of thermal paintball masks available in the market. These masks offer complete protection, a durable lens with a wide peripheral view, and prevent fog build-up even after prolonged usage. The only drawback is that you need to pay a few hundred dollars to purchase a good anti-fog mask. that is why even seasoned paintball players are always looking for a brand that offers quality products at affordable prices. Oriion claims to deliver the best features at a reasonable price. Therefore, we put this thermal paintball mask to test. After using the Oriion paintball mask, we are convinced that this company is offering features of an expensive paintball mask but with a price range that can be easily afforded by many paintball lovers. Among them, thermal anti-fog lenses, sleek design, and wide comfortable headband are just to name a few.


  • Complete face protection – To safely enjoy this paintball game you’ll need a breathable and comfortable full-face protection mask. Oriion paintball mask provides the flexibility and comfortability that is required to protect your eyes, nose, ears and mouth.
  • Wide Anti-fog lens – Oriion paintball mask contains a dual-pane thermal lens that will allow the heat coming out of your mouth to dissipate quickly before creating fog droplets on your lens. In addition, the lens is made of durable material to provide maximum impact resistance.
  • Wide peripheral View – A lens with a wide peripheral view is extremely necessary especially when you are surrounded by opponents in every direction. This lens can help you to notice even a slight movement from the corner of your eyes.
  • Secure and comfortable fit – Our full-face airsoft mask has adjustable straps for a great fit. Don’t jeopardise your performance at any cost. Your comfort and safety are critical to your battlefield success.
  • Unique vent design – This sophisticated protective mask features innovative air holes for ventilation and a broad, anti-fog lens that allows you to focus better on the game. The ventilation design will keep you cool for a long time.

  • Face vents almost cover the complete mask
  • Covers all the sensitive areas of the face
  • Contains a strong lens with a wide peripheral view
  • Comfortable to use

  • The lens might fog up after prolonged usage

Our thoughts

Our thoughts on this paintball mask are all positive. This mask is delivering features of some of the most expensive paintball masks with comfortability and durability at an affordable price.

13. Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens – Black Header

Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens - Black Header

Next, we have tried the Empire Helix paintball mask as it is considered one of the best paintball masks of all time. Here we’ll be providing you with detailed information about the Empire Helix paintball mask including its specifications, pros, cons and our thoughts about the product. Paintball players are frequently concerned about goggles fogging up when they are used for an extended period. Paintballers who aren’t new to the sport have probably had their masks fog up at some point. The fog obscures the masks’ lenses, making it impossible to see where you are heading. Empire Helix brings a solution to this common problem in addition to providing other outstanding features and a stylish streamlined design.


  • Optically correct – The optically accurate dual-pane thermal lens gives superb long-range vision. Enjoy your sport and focus better on your opponents with these real optical activity goggles.
  • Quick lens replacement – Another feature that adds to its appeal is the quick lens replacement feature. This is a crucial element to consider because paintball is all about aiming within a certain amount of time, which if lost for any reason might lead to a loss.
  • Great Visibility – It not only eliminates fogging but also offers a 270–degree view. This is a significant aspect keeping in mind the requirement of the game and the environment in which it is played.
  • Built-in visor – This mask also includes a browser which is a combination of the visor and the brow shield. The visor allows you to play on a hot summer or a rainy day.
  • Attached straps – A comfortable and secure fit is necessary to focus better on the game. Therefore, Empire Helix offers a woven strap with silicone to prevent the attached straps from slipping. By detaching the chin strap and linking it to the head strap at the back of the mask, you can gain more stability.

  • Easy to upgrade and maintain
  • The visor can be detached for cleaning
  • It is made with double-density foam to increase comfort
  • The chin strap is repositionable and removable

  • Might not be a good fit for people with big heads

Our thoughts

The empire Helix mask is an ideal choice if you want good anti-thermal goggles at a cheap price. However, you might feel that the padding around the ears and eyes can be improved especially for someone who has a big head.

Buying Guide of Best Paintball Mask Under 100

Before spending your valuable money on a good paintball mask, always ensure that you know what you are purchasing. Most people just go ahead and purchase the most reviewed product. This practice is extremely wrong as you may end up getting a product that is liked by many paintball players but does not cater for your preferences. This buying guide will highlight the features of the best paintball mask under 100 that will help you to select exactly what you want by making you familiar with every component of a paintball mask.

  • Paintball mask lens 

The goggle lens that is typically made of a polycarbonate material or Lexan fits well with a frame to protect your eyes from the paintball spray or its forceful impact. The lens can either be curved or flat for varying degrees of fit, vision and clarity. These lenses are sometimes coated with scratch-resistant and anti-glare material for better protection.

In addition, the lens can be a dual or single pane. In a single pane lens, an anti-fog coating is cured in its material. The benefits of having a single pane lens are that they are easier to clean but they do not provide good fog resistance. Dual-pane lenses or thermal paintball lenses are made with a relatively thinner inner lens and a thicker outer lens. These two lenses are connected by a rubber gasket or an airtight foam. The trapped air between the two lenses provides better and long-lasting protection against fog.

  • Lens frame

The next component in a paintball mask is a frame in which the lens is fixed. The lens is either fixed in the frame or attached with a quick-release system so that you can replace them whenever you want. Usually, the quick-releasing lens paintball masks are more costly. The foam of the goggle frame can be made of a rigid material or they can be made from a thick but softer material to provide comfortable support. These foams can also be sweat resistant as they can absorb the sweat falling from your face.

  • Mask design

Another important thing to consider is the design of the face mask that is supposed to cover your face. While observing the design of the facemask you need to think about how much coverage due you want. Most paintball masks for beginners tend to have more surface area and are generally loose from ears, jawline and forehead which enables these masks to fit as many people as possible.

A drawback of such masks is that they have more weight and they are not fitted. Many expert paintball players do not prefer such design and they try to find a streamlined design that alleviates the target profile. A mask made of softer pliable material instead of a rigid material makes the incoming paintball bounce off rather than break on your face.

  • Face strap

This component is often ignored by many people. While on the other hand, these can affect the results of your paintball competition. These are made with an elastic material to aid snug fit. Some straps possess silicone beads on the inside of the strap that will give the sizing sliders a strong grip and better fit. If your goggle strap lacks these silicon beads then you would have a hard time adjusting them throughout the play. Some high-end masks also offer a toothed clamp to keep the adjustment in place.

The above-mentioned Component details will help you to purchase a product of your choice rather than a product of someone’s preference. In addition to these components, always keep your eye on the budget offered by the product and observe if its features are worth its budget or not.


In short, while stepping into an outdoor paintball field, your foremost priority must be to wear a paintball mask that will protect you from any kind of damage or injury. All the paintball masks listed above have their own set of distinguishable features which allows them to be one of the top-rated maks as reviewed by the customers.

According to our detailed review, the honor of the best paintball mask under 100 goes to “Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens” due to its unmatchable qualities including lightweight, more coverage, best fit, and durable thermal lens. However, if we talk about a paintball mask that possesses good features and is budget-friendly then our choice would be  “IndependentThose Tactical Paintball Mask” which is an ideal solution for most of your outdoor activities including playing paintball, skiing, and other competitions or survival games.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we play paintball without wearing paintball goggles?

Playing paintball without a mask even stepping into a paintball field with no mask is extremely dangerous. This is because the paintball coming towards your face may have a forceful impact on your eyes or face. The paintball masks are perfectly designed to protect you from such injuries while allowing you to have fun on a paintball field. A paintball goggle is the one thing that you must not ignore before deciding to play paintball.

Can we use any mask for paintball?

No, paintball masks are made to protect your face from the incoming paintballs, unlike any regular mask. They are made fog-resistant, sweat-resistant, and are designed to cover your face and eyes so that you can play without any worries. In addition, usually, the frames of paintball masks that mainly comes in contact with your face, are made with a soft material so to provide maximum protection. Also, the strap around your face makes it secure and fit like a helmet.

What is a paintball mask made of?

One of the most frequently asked questions about paintball masks deals with their composition. In terms of material, a paintball mask is usually made of solid plastic with a visor generally made of some polycarbonate material to avoid any damage. The inside of the goggle is lined with a soft foam that mostly covers your face and ears to reduce the severity of a forceful impact. The typical components of any paintball mask are a lens, frame, a protective mask for the face and an adjustable elastic strap.

What do thermal paintball masks do?

Thermal paintball masks also known as dual-pane masks are designed specifically to provide resistance against fog. These masks are made with two different lenses, an thinner inner and a thicker outer lens, that are usually 1/8” apart. They are connected by a foam gasket. A layer of air between the two lenses works as an insulator and prevents fog build-up due to the heat coming out from your face.

What things should I consider before buying the best paintball mask under $100?

While purchasing a paintball mask, try to find the one with a peripheral vision of 260° or above. Always ensure comfortability by choosing a mask with super soft and pliable inner foam. Another important thing to consider is the ability of the mask to provide resistance against fog. If the mask fails to provide fog resistance then it can make you lose a match.

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