Full Head Paintball Mask 2023 [Expert Reviews]

Do you love to play outdoor paintball games? If yes then you must have used full head paintball mask or goggles to protect your face and to make your game more fun and safe.

Internet is flooded with a wide range of quality paintball masks and goggles. Some players prefer goggles over masks as they think that they can provide a clear view of the whole field. However, no matter how good is the quality of a paintball goggle and no matter how good its lens is with a better field of vision, anti-fogging design, and a good grip, your face including sensitive areas like the ear, nose, etc. is always at risk.

The only problem is that you need to search and find the most appropriate piece that will not only provide you protection against the forceful impacts of incoming paintballs but also gives you support and comfort.

Professional paintball lovers do realize the importance of a full head paintball mask and how helpful it is to protect you and keep your focus on the game. If you think that full head paintball masks are not comfortable to wear during an outdoor paintball game, then it means that you have not come across the right one that will provide you with enough comfort and agility throughout the game. Yes, a full head paint mask may offer all these qualities at extremely reasonable prices.

These masks often come with a soft and durable ear and nose padding, adjustable rear plates to protect your head from any attack from your back, and a thin, easy-to-fit chin strap. To get to know more about the best full head paintball mask, the things that you need to consider before getting your hands on the appropriate piece, and the answers to your common queries, give this article a quick read.

JT Spectra Flex 8

  • Improved ventilation and lightweight

  • Lens sometimes is difficult to reinstall.

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IndependentThose Tactical Mask

  • Impact-resistant and provides a secure fit

  • It takes time to adjust straps

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XINGZHE Airsoft Skull Masks

  • Durable and sturdy design

  • Straps are difficult to adjust

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HK Army HSTL Mask

  • Easy to clean and ever fogs up

  • Voice echoes inside the paintball mask

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Valken Paintball MI-7

  • Enough space to wear glasses

  • A portion on the nose is a little bit tight

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NINAT Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull Tactical Masks

  • Best for teens and adults

  • The bottom 2 straps aren’t adjustable

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CRBN OPR Thermal Mask

  • Impact-resistant and rapid lens change system

  • Voice echoes inside the mask

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Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Mask

  • High-grade foam around the face and good adjustability

  • Not good with glasses

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PuddingStation Full Face Airsoft Mask

  • Made of strong material and offers better comfort

  • Lenses are slightly magnified

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Senmortar Airsoft Full Face Tactical Masks

  • Its design is anti-sputtering

  • The mask does not cover the back of the head.

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1. JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles

Paintball is an action-packed game that demands the finest gear to ensure protection and comfort. JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and Face Coverage Thermal Paintball Goggles give the player full head coverage to protect the head, face, eyes, and chin from hurting from the sudden strike. This Full Head Paintball Mask is apt not only for beginners but also for professionals. Full head and face coverage and protection enable the player to play fearlessly and increase his chance of winning. This paintball mask is laced with a lot of attributes and desired features that offer maximum protection, comfort, versatility, and durability.

This paintball mask offers an anti-fog spectra lens which offers an excellent degree of field of vision. A high-grade lens gives the player an impeccable distortion-free 260-degree field of vision. Unique venting systems allow good breathability and enable players to communicate with others players. Durable and sturdy design allows the helmet to fit all sizes and types of heads with comparative ease.


For your assistance we are enlisting the key features of this product:

  • Optimum full-face coverage: Distinctive design of this paintball mask gives full head and face protection, is ideal for beginners so that they can play bluntly on the battlefield without fear of getting an injury.
  • Wide degree field of vision: This paintball gives 260-degree wide distortion-free peripheral vision. Its high-grade antifog spectra lens provides optical clarity and unclouded vision.
  • Increased ventilation: This paintball mask is made of dual fusion co-molding technology that provides increased ventilation and regulates airflow while intense running.
  • Removable visor: This paintball mask encompasses a removable visor that reduces glare and enables the player to focus on the game by keeping bright sunlight out from the eyes.
  • Lightweight designs:  One distinguishable feature of this mask is that they are very light in weight which helps the player in moving smoothly.

  • Well ventilated
  • Perfectly fit well to all head sizes
  • Flawless field of view
  • Light in weight design

  • Blank

2. IndependentThose Tactical Paintball Mask Airsoft Masks, for Airsoft BB Hunting, CS Game Paintball Full Face Tactical Gear

Another remarkable Full Head Paintball Mask is from the brand named IndependenThose. This paintball mask is ideal for all outdoor activities like paintball, airsoft, and shooting. If you are looking for a paintball mask that does not only provides you with optimum protection but also extremely cool high-quality features at an extremely affordable price then this paintball is the right option for you. Cool design and exclusive features make it stand out from other paintball masks.  Made up of polycarbonate material this paintball mask comes in different colors and sizes and is ideal for people of all ages.

This paintball mask is made up of TPU plastic is extremely flexible and durable. The adjustable head strap is adaptable for the head, fits properly, and does not move from the place while running and chasing targets. Good quality louvered vents that enhance ventilation releases the trapped air inside the mask and helps in breathing. Its impact strength is remarkable because it is made up of ABS plastic. Anti-sputtering quality enables the player to communicate more effectively with the other players. This paintball mask provides a reliable buffer and absorbs shock from the sudden blow and hit.


For your facilitation we are enlisting the key features of this product:

  • PC clear lens: High-grade PC clear lenses gives clear and spotless vision by repelling dust, moisture, and sand.
  • Forehead visors: The forehead visors protect from sunlight and rain, help the players to ace their game by concentrating on targets.
  • Ear and eye foam The soft foam covering the area around the eyes and ears provides maximum protection and comfort.
  • Exceptional breathability: Ventilation holes at the nose and mouth help in optimal airflow which helps in proper breathing and communication with other players.

  • Impact-resistant
  • Provide secure fit and shading
  • Clear vision
  • Highly affordable

  • It takes time to adjust straps

3. XINGZHE Airsoft Skull Masks Full Face

Next on the list is Airsoft Skull Masks Full Face. With a cool design and features, this Full Head Paintball Mask gives the player a modish scary combat player look. Full head face coverage protects the head right up to the chin which enables the players to have a wonderful shooting experience without any fear of being injured. This paintball mask is made up of high-grade material that makes it highly durable, comfortable, light in weight, and impact resistant which allows the player to show above-par performance. Metal mesh eye protection prevents sand from entering the eyes and also eliminates the need of using goggles.

Adjustable elastic straps can easily adapt to all shapes of the head and provide the player with a secured fit. The soft foam around the forehead and cheeks gives a reliable cushion and protects the player by absorbing the sudden shock from unexpected hits and blows. There are ventilation holes around the mouth and nose area that allows exhaled air to be expelled from the hole and also help the player to convey its message to the other players. This mask is made up of toxin-free high-class synthetic PVC material and is available in many different styles.


There are some key features of this product:

  • Soft face foam: The inside of the mask is lined with a soft foam that mostly covers the forehead and cheeks area to decrease the intensity of a strong impact.
  • Good fit: With a good-fitted design, the target area for paintball impact is reduced. Moreover, you can move, run and shoot smoothly without the need of adjusting it multiple times.
  • Impact resistance: This paintball mask is made of material that is supremely comfortable and is impact-resistant.
  • Adjustable straps: Adjustable plastic strap that goes around the back of the head and chin provides maximum flexibility and is adjustable according to the size of the head.
  • Maximum ventilation: Vents are present around the nose and mouth area in the mask which will help you get more air inside hence enhancing breathability.

  • Sturdy design
  • Full face protection
  • Super durable

  • Straps are difficult to adjust.

4. HK Army HSTL Paintball Goggle with Thermal Lens

Another paintball mask is from the most famous brand HK army. HK army paintball mask always offers style with comfort and is always appreciated and admired by the paintball players all around the globe. This paintball mask not only gives protection and shielding but also gives an incredibly cool look to the player. This paintball comes in a variety of colors, with the dual-pane thermal lens that never fogged up or clouds your vision despite heat and humidity also it’s incredibly lightweight and comes with a quick lens retention system that is another thing that paintball players love.

Another advantageous feature is a quick removable upper and lower foam insert. Single pull removable foam is a time saver that enables the player to expedite the process of changing and replacing it in a short time.Adjustable chin strap which is very accomodating and easily adjustable according to the size of the head and gives secure and snug fit. Perforated vents around the mouth aid breathing and communication. Full Head Paintball Mask that covers player from head to chin and offers great protection along with comfort is a definite buy for all the players.


There are some key features of this product:

  • Rapid change lens retention system: The specific feature of this paintball mask is the rapid change lens retention system that helps the player in swift replacement of the lens in seconds without any time delay.
  • Reduce fogging: This paintball mask comes with a dual thermal plane lens that decreases the risk of fogging and offers players unparalleled optical precision and clarity.
  • Replaceable foam insert: The foam insert inside the paintball mask can be easily removed and changed with a single pull.
  • Accommodative chin strap: Chinstrap comes with an inserted pad that is easily adjustable according to the size of the head and is extremely comfortable.

  • Full head protection
  • Easy To Clean
  • Never fogged up

  • Voice echoes inside the paintball mask

5. Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle/Mask with Dual Pane Thermal Lens

Next on the list is the paintball mask from brand Valken which is a  leading manufacturer of paintball masks. Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle is a Full Head Paintball Mask that covers the face from top to down and sides to sides.  Supreme quality, top-notch features, and being highly comfortable make it distinctive from the other brands. Full head paintball mask that provides a shield from unexpected blows by covering the sides of head, ears, and chin. The double-pane thermal lens is fog-resistant does not fog up when you breathe and gives distortion-free and clear wide 260-degree peripheral vision. Sturdy design provides a shield from high-speed paintball. 

This paintball mask is engineered by keeping in mind the comfort of the paintball players, a dual-molded facemask that promises high-end ease, comfort, and firm protection. Its double foam around the frame provides a reliable cushion that acts as shock absorption. The high-quality fine stitched strap ensures flexibility and elasticity. The rapid change lens system enables the players to change their lens swiftly. Sleek design, beautiful logos, and various useful features, it is a complete package and a great choice for paintball players.


There are some key features of this product:

  • Shock absorption: This paintball mask comes with a double layer of SBR foam that is impact resistant and absorbs shocks of the paintball while the player is moving and running.
  • Anti-scratch and Anti-fog: Double pane thermal lenses never fogged up and are made of polycarbonate that saves them from scratches and makes them durable.
  • Inserted visor: This paintball mask is delivered with a visor that cuts the glare and keeps the brightness of sunlight away.
  • Full head and face protection: Paintball is an intense game in which shot paintball hits very hard. So it is imperative to have the full head paintball mask that protects your head and face. This paintball mask gives full head coverage.

  • Great peripheral visibility
  • Straps around the chin can be loosened easily.
  • Enough space to wear glasses

  • A portion on the nose is a little bit tight

6. NINAT Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull Tactical Masks

Looking for a safe and comfortable way to wear your NINAT Airsoft masks? Look no further than our Skull Masks full face masks. These masks are made with a reliable cushion for comfort, and are perfect for use in Survival Games and Scary Movies.

This airsoft mask is made to protect your eyes and face from paintball hazards. With a 29.5” W 21 cm (L 11.6 W 8.3 inch) size, it fits most teens and adults, making it an excellent choice for those who want to stay safe while playing paintball. The included adjustable straps keep the mask on securely, allowing you to play with ease.

No more spent breath on your face during airsoft games. The NINAT Airsoft Paintball Mask will keep you cool and comfortable while gaming, without all the extra breathing work. The rubber cushions will help protect your forehead and nose from the heat, and the mouth ventilation holes allow for easy breathing.

Our Style of MetalMask is the perfect way to keep debris (bigger than 0.2mm-0.3mm) out of your eyes and protect them from injury. By wearing a pair of goggles with the mask, you’re ensured a safe play experience.

Our style of lens is designed to withstand 310FPS within 5 meters of bbs shooting. If higher than this standard, we require you to wear impact rated goggles in game to protect your eyes. With our lens, you’ll have the perfect camera for any scene and game!

This ballistic skull full face mask is perfect for when you need to protect yourself from the dangers of the world. It has a tough and durable construction that will keep you safe while you work or play. Plus, the design makes it easy to wear and move around, so you can be as prepared as possible when needing to use your protection.

  • Best for teens and adults
  • Tactical skull full face mask
  • Sturdy design with good price

  • The bottom 2 straps aren’t adjustable

7. CRBN OPR Thermal Paintball Goggles / Masks

Carbon is another famous leading brand in the paintball mask industry that manufactures top-tier paintball masks that cater to the need of paintball players. Their paintball mask is a unique combination of innovation with style and is extremely famous among the paintball players. CRBN offers a Full Head Paintball Mask thatgives you full head coverage in this action-packed game and protects your face from eyebrows to your chin. The durable dual-pane thermal lens keeps fog away during the intense day in the field and keeps your field of vision clear.

A canted mask venting system provides efficient ventilation around your mouth and nose,  dissipates moisture away from the face, and gives optimal comfort. This paintball comes with an integrated visor that keeps the sun out of your face and reduces the glint. Integrated Easy-to-adjust chin strap with silicone coating holds the mask comfortably to your head, does not let it loose. This paintball mask is made up of polymer material firm enough to absorb impact from close-range paintball shots and soft enough to easily adapt to your head. Rapid lens and foam change system helps the player to swiftly swap the lenses and clean them in seconds without any time delay.


There are some key features of this product:

  • Polymer material: The paintball mask is made up of polymer material that gives the paintball mask strength, softness, and durability.
  • Excellent ventilation: The paintball mask has ventilation holes that help to release exhaled air, do not let it fog up inside the mask, and improve breathability.
  • Swift lens change system: Rapid lens replacement makes it easy for paintball players to change lens swiftly and easily in seconds, without using any tool.
  • Mounted visor: The mask comes with an integrated visor that protects you from paintballs, provides shade from bright sunlight, and shields the lense.

  • Impact-resistant
  • Rapid lens change system
  • Improved ventilation
  • Increased protection for face and chin

  • Voice echoes inside the mask

8. Dye Special Edition Thermal Lens Paintball Goggles – Black

One of the best Full Head Paintball Mask is dye special edition thermal lens paintball goggles that provide maximum protection with high visibility at a reasonable price.  With a low investment, paintball players get high-end specific features with complete head protection that is suitable for the full day tournaments. Double pane SLS thermal lens is engineered to provide optimal clarity, perception and unparalleled peripheral vision due to its anti-fog coatings. The robust and sturdy design comes with an integrated visor that provides excellent vision by reducing glare and secures from the paintballs. The inserted foam provides protection, comfort and conforms to all facial contours of the players easily.

This paintball mask offers a super-wide optically correct 260-degree peripheral vision that gives a player the ultimate edge. The thermal lens is easily replaceable in seconds that saves the time of the player.  Complete wraparound coverage around the face provides ultimate protection to the player from paintball coming from all directions. Adjustable back and chin straps provide a snug fit and do not let the paintball mask fall from the head while running. The vent configuration of this paintball mask ensures efficient ventilation, improves breathability and dissipate the fog away. Vents also aid in unconstrainted communication to other paintball players.


There are some key features of this product:

  • SLS thermal lens: Designed with SLS thermal lens, these paintball masks give clear spotless vision by whisking the fog away.
  • High-grade inserted foam: High-quality foam around the face and ear provide extreme comfort and protection from the sudden hit of the paintball.
  • Replaceable lens: Lens can be replaced easily and swiftly in very little time. make it very convenient for the player to clean and change them.
  • Efficient ventilation: Venting holes around the mouth and nose does let the lens fogged up and release the air efficiently and improves breathability.

  • High-grade foam around the face
  • Adjustable and Durable
  • Anti-fog coating

  • Not good with glasses

9. PuddingStation Full Face Airsoft Mask

The next bestseller paintball mask is from the leading brand pudding station, highly comfortable and completely affordable, this paintball mask is packed with features that any paintball player would desire. A complete blend of style and innovation, the pudding station’s paintball mask is available in different colours. This  Full Head Paintball Mask ensures safety and security, its ample protective full head coverage provides ultimate protection by covering the head and shielding the face of the player from high-speed bullets. The soft rubber pad around the face area gives the player, a comfy fit.

Sleek durable and robust design made up of synthetic resins material that does not wear out easily and goes a long way in a player’s paintball career. Ventilation holes around the mouth and nose free the accumulated air inside the mask and makes breathing better. Perforated holes around the mouth area help to transmit your message to fellow paintball players. Engineered to execute better performance this paintball mask is provided with 6 adjustable flexible elastic straps for added safety and control. Better sound processing, enhanced protection, unmatchable strength and cool design make it the finest and different from other paintball masks.


There are some key features of this product:

  • Light in weight: Its light in weight design makes it extremely easy for players to carry it while chasing targets.
  • Adjustable straps: Additional adjustable straps give it extra strength, grip and do not let it slip away from its place.
  • Durable design: This paintball mask is made up of 100% synthetic resins that renders additional strength and make it long-lasting.
  • Full head protection: The most prominent feature of this paintball mask is complete head and face protection so that players can play fearlessly.

  • Made of strong material
  • Better comfort with maximum airflow
  • Additional straps

  • Lenses are slightly magnified

10. Senmortar Airsoft Full Face Tactical Masks

In the world of durable, reliable and protective full face paintball masks, Senmortar Airsoft Tactical mask obtains a particular place and desirability in the heart of many paintball players. this full head paintball mask possesses a chic design that would not only make you look stylish but also provides ultimate face protection.

One of the prime concerns of a full head paintball mask is that it may not provide a good fit. They can be either too tight or way too loose for you to handle during the paintball game. But this limitation is overcome in the Senmorta paintball mask. With its strong, flexible and adjustable belt, you can easily alter its fitness according to your face and head. Moreover, the ear portions are slightly bent to provide the best-ever fit.


  • Breathability – Its amazing design not only provides good fitness but is also breathable and highly comfortable. Angled vents at the lower half of the mask provide good ventilation and the impact of incoming paintballs from damaging your face.
  • Lightweight – The Senmortar tactical facemask I light in weight so you can feel light, comfortable and airy while playing your favourite sport.
  • Soft and durable –The mask material that encounters with your face is made up of soft sponge mats which may protect your skin from severe impacts and abrasion.
  • Reliable lens – The lens is made of durable polycarbonate material to prevent scratches from affecting your vision and increase its usability.
  • Visor shading – Another important concern while playing outdoor paintball is the bright sun. This problem is elegantly handled by the Senmortar paintball mask with its strong visor. 
  • Handles strong impact – This strong durable mask can easily handle an impact of about 310 FPS within a range of 5 meters.

  • Its design is anti-sputtering
  • Air vents prevent fogging of the lens
  • Easy to clean

  • The mask does not cover the back of the head

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Buying Guide – Full Head Paintball Mask

Undoubtedly, paintball is a fun game to play. However, without proper gear and protection, this game may cause you sufficient loss. So if you are a paintball freak then you have to take proper safety measures to make this game safe and fun for you. The least we can do is to guide you in making the right purchase.

If you are still wearing a rental facemask from one of your friends then it is high time to upgrade it. You might think that buying a bigger full head paintball mask can be a bit risky but worry not, as we have made your task easier with our ultimate buying guide.

Following all the features and qualities that you need to find in your next paintball mask.

Best budget

Choosing the right mask wholely depends upon your priority. If you prefer some budget-friendly product then choose the one that provides sufficient features with good quality and durability. All the products that we have mentioned In the above list are budget-friendly durable and provide sufficient qualities to protect your complete face and head from an incoming paintball. You can choose Airsoft Full head paintball mask if you want to save money and cannot compromise on quality.


Another feature that is important to consider before purchasing a full head paintball mask is its fitness. As it provides complete coverage from front and back, therefore, it may be too tight or too loose. So choose the one with a comfortable chin strap so that it won’t move from its place.  Masks like JT Spectra Flex 8 Full Head and IndependentThose Tactical can go with any head size and the adjustable chin straps further aid comfortability.

Effective ventillation

A Full head paintball mask should have perforates holes or angles vents that would not only provide proper ventilation but also prevent the water mixture from getting in your nose mouth and ears. This feature is very important and cannot be ignored as it may otherwise cause swear and fog from the hot air coming out of your mouth.

Anti-fog lens

Another important feature that would probably step up your paintball game is a paintball with an anti-fog lens. These lenses will prevent fog to blur your vision. Mostly the paintball mask with a dual-layer lens with thermal design provides this amazing feature.

Good hearing

A paintball mask with an anti-echo design will prevent your voice from resonating while you are focusing on your game. This feature is very unique and is quite difficult to find in a paintball mask. Therefore, masks featuring this quality may turn out to be on the pricey side.


A Full head paintball mask is especially suitable to play outdoor paintball games where there is a high risk of forceful paintballs damaging your face or sensitive areas like the ear, nose and eyes. These masks provide complete coverage, unlike typical paintball goggles. This article is written to bring you the best full face paintball masks so you do not have to worry about their budget and quality. All the products’ prices are less than $100 and are super comfortable and durable. According to our review, the best of all the above-mentioned paintball masks is the JT Spectra Flex 8 full head mask.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are thermal lenses and what they are for?

A thermal lens is also called a dual-pane lens. It is a kind of protective lens that prevents fog build-up from the heat coming out of your breath. Usually, these dual lenses are about 1/8 inches apart from each other. Enclosed in between these two lenses is a thermal material and they are glued together with a durable foam around the outer edges of the inner lens. These lenses are particularly better than other single-pane replaceable lenses.

What are the lens qualities that we need to consider?

A Good paintball lens must have a better field of vision. The different types of lenses available in the market feature anti-fog qualities, anti-glare qualities offer by HDR (High Definition Reflective) paintball lenses, contrast sensitivity, and anti-reflective qualities featured by High Definition paintball lenses. In addition, amber-tinted lenses are used to reduce glare and blue light, mirrored lenses are particularly useful in snow, water, sand, high glare conditions, and high altitudes. So choose the one that satisfies your requirement.

Is it possible to wear a full head paintball mask with glasses?

Yes, you can wear glasses under a full head paintball mask without letting them touch the lens or a visor. With the JT Spectra Flex 8 full head paintball mask, you can achieve this functionality and other outstanding qualities including replaceable anti-fog lenses, enhanced comfortability, better airflow and a good fit due to its sturdy design.

How to clean a paintball mask?

A paintball mask lens should only be cleaned using water, a lens cleaner that is approved by the manufacturer and a soft micro-fibre cloth. Do not use any other screen or glass cleaner on your lens as it may affect or damage the protective coating of the lens. The rest of the mask is usually made of plastic and polycarbonate material can be easily wiped with a damped micro-fibre cloth.

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