GTEK 170R Review – Best Value Planet Eclipse Paintball Gun

Welcome paintball enthusiasts. Today we have brought you another authentic review of the Best Paintball Gun, GTEK 170R Review, that is loved, used and reviewed by top paintball players.

This paintball gun is introduced by one of the well-respected and top brands offering the Best Paintball Marker online, known by the name “Planet Eclipse”. Planet Eclipse is known to introduce many high-end paintball markers that are suitable, efficient and affordable for paintball players of all age groups. These markers are safe to use and usually go a long way. Recently Planet Eclipse has introduced a new beast in the market known as the GTEK 170R.

This article will highlight the key features and characteristics of GTEK 170R and complete GTEK 170R Review. After reading this GTEK 170R Review, you would know if this paintball marker is better than its counterparts or is it worth your valuable money or not. It will also help you to decide if this marker is suitable for you or not. So, let us take you right into this detailed GTEK 170R Review.



GTEK 170R, An Improved and Updated Version

The GTEK 170R is an updated and enhanced version of the GTEK 160R that is also known to be one of the best mid-range paintball guns offered by the brand. To highlight the prime differences between the two versions we have covered some key specifications below.

  • Air Transfer Pipe

The older version i.e. GTEK 160R paintball gun contains an air transfer pipe. This tube or pipe tends to take air from the tank to its regulator. GTEK 170R, on the other hand, does not have an air transfer tube rather, its regulator is present in the trigger frame. This change is welcomed by many paintball players as it not only makes it look elegant but also gives you enough room to have a good grip.

  • Trigger

Another prime difference between the two is that GTEK 170R features a blade trigger unlike the former version GTEK 160R which consists of a curved trigger. The blade trigger gives you a smooth shooting experience as compared to a curved trigger as it allows your finger to have uniform contact with the trigger. This fact also makes it suitable for people with large hands.

Key Features and Specifications of GTEK 170RGTEK 170R Review

This great invention features many amazing qualities that make it better than many existing paintball markers available online at relatively higher prices. Beginners, intermediate and professional paintball players can enjoy a smooth shooting experience with its high range and matchless power along with the super-lightweight design.

If you are short on time to read complete GTEK 170R Review, then checkout the key characteristics and specifications that make it the Best Paintball Gun.

  • The diameter of the barrel is 0.68 calibre
  • Air Gun is powered by a battery
  • Weight including the batteries and barrel is 864g or 1.90lb
  • Spool valve technology
  • Operating pressure is 135 to 140 PSI
  • Frame, body, barrel, trigger, feed neck, and eye overs are made of Aluminum
  • The grip pitch is 178mm
  • Wraparound rubber grips with dual density

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble without a tool
  • Feed neck features clamping lock
  • Manufactured using composite aluminium
  • Air source Adapter (ASA) is used
  • Velocity can be easily adjusted at the bottom
  • A high-end smooth and accurate shooting experience
  • Air efficient and Trigger is customizable
  • Budget-friendly Pal loader
  • Includes a rebuild kit
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  A Modish Slim-Fitted Design  

No matter if your paintball gun is made of good quality material, if it does not feature an attractive design then you might not want to play with it or show it to your friends. Gtek 170R features a cool slim-fitted design with a unique and enchanting colour profile. If you compare its slim design with other big and wide paintball markers then you may think that this product is easily breakable where in fact, the reality is the opposite. The Gtek 170R is made of such durable material that it can easily go a long way without any wear and tear. The minimalist design not only looks fancy but is also easy to carry around and comfortable to use.

There are also other design prodigies which make it slightly different from other traditional paintball markers but in a good way. You can only get to know about these minor feature modifications if you zoom in a little bit. One such example is the front grip which is easy to hold and is detachable. The grip is designed in such a way that the battery and the eye cover hide underneath the front grip. The eye covers are there to protect your eyes from an incoming attack while you are busy setting your aim.

To access the batteries and the eye cover all you need to do is to detach the grip frame. For this, you do not need to use any tools and you can do this by simply pulling the front grip frame out.

Not only that the grip frame features detachability without any tool but also the complete paintball marker is designed in such a way that you do not need to carry any tools in your bag. You can easily attach or detach its parts by sliding, rotating or pulling the parts out. This would also allow you to quickly change its parts amid a paintball game if needed.


Another important factor that decides whether a paintball marker can go a long way or not is the nature and quality of its material. Someone who has already used this marker must know that this marker weighs unimaginably light unlike typical paintball markers available in the online market. The key to its lightweight lies in its manufacturing. Composite aluminium not only makes it durable but also gives it a super light and feathery touch so you can play and focus better on the game for a long time without having to be worried about your arms and shoulder.

Its lightweight makes it different from other competitors. You might be surprised to know that Gtek 170R weighs only 1.9 pounds. In comparison to this, there are some paintball guns, used by professionals that weigh around 7 to 8 pounds. This is how much of a difference this product is making currently in the market. So if you are not a fan of big guns go for this slim beast.

 Push-On Purge System (POPS) ASA 

ASA stands for Air Source Adapter. This threaded port of a paintball gun is where attach or screw the compressed air tank or CO2. Usually, this portion is present at the bottom of the grip frame which is also known as the bottom line set-up. However, different paintball makers may design it differently. Planet Eclipse pays attention to even these minor details so that the paintball players can enjoy a smooth experience. Therefore, it came up with a new POPS ASA design.  

In this design, it becomes easier to turn the gar or air on or to turn it off. All you need to do is to slide or push back onto the bonnet section in the front. This will depress the pin in the gas tank. As a result, it will gas up the marker and then automatically latches itself right into its place. The whole process hardly takes a second and once it is fully gassed up it stays in its position until you press the push button which is present on the side of the Gtek 1170R. After pressing the button you move or slide it forward to de-gas the marker. This allows the marker to eject its air. Again this process hardly takes a couple of moments, unlike the typical markers.  

 Gamma Core Drive Train 

Almost all the high-end paintball markers use this Gamma core technology. The fact that makes the Gtek 170R even more suitable than the best paintball markers online is that it is offering the best technology at an affordable price range. Gtek 170Rfalls under the category of the best mid-range paintball markers yet it offers the qualities of the best paintball markers that are only available at high prices.  

So what is this Gamma Core technology? This technology uses a pneumatically latching spool that is based on a breach sensing technology. If you are wondering about the benefits of this technology then let us tell you that it will result in the most smooth and efficient shot ever. The gamma core is there to use only the just right amount of air required for every shot. More or less air may affect your shooting experience in a bad way. That is why Gtek 170R is considered to be the best air-efficient paintball marker.

 Adjustable Trigger 

If you are a fan of good paintball markers then you might have noticed that some of them offer adjustable triggers. Not every paintball marker feels good while holding as they are designed according to a standard size. So to adjust the Gtek 170R according to your feel and requirement you can unscrew the trigger and then screw it back after doing the adjustment.

Also, this is the only part of the Gtek 170R that requires you to use a screwdriver. You do not need to use any tools for any other part of the marker. This paintball marker features a “curved trigger” instead of a flat trigger. Most professional players always prefer a curve trigger as it is easy to reach and easily fits your fingers, unlike a flat trigger which may cause pain in your fingers after long use. 

 An Overall Game Changer 

The Planet Eclipse is renowned for making the Best Paintball Marker for beginner to professional paintball players. Not only that the paintball guns made with the best features but also they are so cost-efficient that almost anyone can value the experience of playing paintball in the outdoor environment. Planet Eclipse with their all-new Gtek invention has stepped up the game. This incredible paintball gun is made with the most durable yet cost-effective material which makes it more reliable to withstand tough situations.

Even if you are not sure about purchasing high-end paintball guns you can easily afford one of the latest Gtek paintball markers. The features and qualities that make the Gtek 170R stand out include remarkable efficiency and a mid-range price. Normally paintball players struggle to enjoy these two features at the same time. However, Gtek 170R is one such paintball marker that is made with durable and affordable material which ultimately decreases its overall price while maintaining its efficacy.

In addition, this paintball market is designed in such a way that it favours the comfortability and usability of the product. Another feature that outstands this device as compared to all the competitors is that the air does not run out easily. The technique and materials used in its manufacturing allow you to use it for a longer time without feeling the need to fill up the gas tank. So, Gtek 170R would never fail to fulfil all your expectations.

  • Compact, lightweight, reliable and easy to maintain
  • The rubber grip can be easily removed
  • The front frame grip is easy to hold and provides enough space
  • Gamma Core technology offers a smooth shooting experience
  • It comes with additional screws and a case

  • It is more expensive than the Gtek 160R
  • Factory defects are possible

GTEK 170R Review – My Personal Review

Gtek 170R is the Best Paintball Marker that offers features of the most expensive markers but the price of an intermediate or mid-range paintball gun. Although the gun looks similar to other paintball guns however if you take a closer look at its manufacturing and other specifications then you would realize how the marker is suitable for the smoothest and most reliable shooting experience.

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