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I’ve been a professional paintball player for six years now, and I can tell you with confidence that there is no easy answer to the question “how much do pro paintball players make?”

This article will provide an overview of how much you can expect to make as a professional paintball player based on your experience level and skill. You might be surprised at how different your salary will be depending on where you play or what organization you are affiliated with.

When it comes to professional paintball players and their salaries, the information is pretty much scattered on the internet. It’s hard to find one or two sites that have similar numbers for this topic.

It’s not like there isn’t any data out there though! You can find information about how much top paintball teams make, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get a definitive answer about what your own salary is going to be like at age 20 when you start playing professionally (or even make it as far as being called up).


Professional Paintball Salary Range

Below I have listed the average professional paintball salary that you can expect considering that you are pro in your field.

Average salary: $9,000

Minimum salary: $4.00/hr

Maximum salary: $15,000

So the above information have clear your query of “How Much Do Pro Paintball Players Make” Right? But let’s go through the professional paintball players and their salary details to get more insights.

Professional Paintball Players

A professional paintball player is someone who plays the sport for a living, and makes good money doing it. When you think about what it takes to be a professional paintball player, you might imagine that your time spent practicing and playing matches would be very demanding—but this isn’t always true!

Much like other sports and jobs, there are several different types of professionals in the world of paintball:

Regular players (who compete in tournaments)
Tournament directors (who organize and run events)
Team managers (who manage teams from within their organization)
Coaches/ Mentors / Trainers/ Merchandisers/ Producers (those who design jerseys or sell other merchandise related to your brand) and more.

Each role has its own set of responsibilities ranging from marketing strategies through game design documents up through actual gameplay sessions during events throughout your season year after year.”

How Much Do Professional Paintballers Make

Do you want to know how much do pro paintball players make? Below is the list of professional paintballers and the average of professional paintball salary range:

Chris Lasoya

Chris Lasoya is a professional paintball player and member of the San Diego Dynasty. He has won multiple awards and his salary is $20,000 to $25,000 per year.

Greg Hastings

Do you wonder how to Greg Hastings is a professional paintball player who has been playing paintball for over 20 years. He started playing in 1990 and has won many tournaments, including the World Series of Paintball and the King of Paintball. In addition to his tournament wins, he also holds several world records such as longest distance traveled on foot in one hour (2 miles), fastest first person turn around (22 seconds) and most team points for a single game at 1,000 points!

Greg has played on multiple teams including The Chicago Hitmen and The San Diego Dynasty among others but currently plays for Team Chaos which competes in professional divisions throughout North America.

Alex Fraige

Alex Fraige is a professional paintball player. He is also a member of the U.S. National Team and plays for Evil Geniuses, which is one of the best teams in the world. He has been playing professionally since 2017, when he joined up with his current team after graduating from college with a degree in business and marketing management.

Fraige has been captain for many different teams throughout his career including:

  • Evil Geniuses (2018-present)
  • Sparky’s X-treme Paintballing Club (2016-2017)
  • Team Zero (2014-2015)
  • Professional Misfits Bad Company 2 Clan League Championship Series Season 5 Champion

Ryan Greenspan

Ryan Greenspan is a professional paintball player who has won many championships. He was born in San Antonio, Texas and as of 2019, he is one of the most famous players in the history of paintball. He is known for his amazing speed and agility.

Greenspan also has amazing accuracy and shooting skills which helps him win many games against opponents from other teams or even from his own team if it’s not enough for them to win their game against him then they will have no choice but surrender their victory because they cannot defeat such an opponent without any effort whatsoever!

Oliver Lang

Oliver Lang is a professional paintball player and a member of the Pittsburgh Xpress team. He has won the PSP World Cup, which is the world championship for paintball players. He has also won both the PSP National Championship (the United States’ equivalent) and North American Open Championship multiple times.

To Sum UpHow Much Do Pro Paintball Players Make

So, what are the average salaries of professional paintball players? Well, that depends.

Do you play for a team or as a solo player? What position do you play?

The question “How Much Do Pro Paintball Players Make” and more will help you determine your own salary in this industry. If you want to know exactly how much money is being made by professional paintball players then check out our website! We provide full details about how much money each player makes per year and where they live so that everyone can get an idea of how much their favorite player makes every year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Professional Paintball Player?

A professional paintball player is someone who plays the sport professionally. They earn money by playing and practicing with other pros, which can be done anywhere in the world. Some people think they're better than others because they play at tournaments, but this isn't true; everyone starts as beginners and works hard to get better at their sport!

How Much Do Pro Paintball Players Make?

Average salary of professional paintball player is $9,000/- The average salary for a pro paintball player varies depending on where you live and how much experience you have under your belt. If you don't play frequently or participate in tournaments then your income may be lower than those who do both things regularly (and even those who don't). However, if all goes well then there's no reason why someone shouldn't earn more than others just based off their skillset alone!

Can you make a living off paintball?

According to the American Paintball Federation (APF), a professional paintball player can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 per year. With enough dedication and practice, anyone can become a successful paintball player. In this article, we’ll take a look at some tips for aspiring paintball players that will help them achieve their dream job.

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