How To Play Paintball – Step by Step Guide

Paintball is a sport that anyone can enjoy. You don’t have to be physically fit or really good with your hands; all you need is some gear and a willingness to get messy. That’s why paintball has such wide appeal: it’s great for kids, adults, families, and groups of friends who want to hang out together for an afternoon of fun.

But if you’ve never played before or know almost nothing about the sport (and I was in your shoes just yesterday!), then you might be wondering how to play paintball.

Well fear not!

In this guide we’ll show you everything from how much equipment costs (hint: not much) to what types of fields exist out there today, – plus tips on how to play paintball once you get started!


Get a Paintball Gun

Paintball guns are available in different sizes and shapes. Some paintball guns are big and bulky, while others are small and compact. There’s a paintball gun out there for everyone!

If you’re looking to save money on a paintball gun, look for older models; they’re generally less expensive than newer ones. If you want to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck, buy an entry-level model from a reputable manufacturer like Tippmann or Planet Eclipse (or even better yet… find one at a garage sale!). However – be wary of buying used equipment! You don’t want something with faulty parts or loose screws because it could cause serious injury when playing sports that require running around outside without shoes on (which is why we recommend wearing shoes no matter what).

Get a Paintball Mask

The second step to playing paintball is getting a mask. Choosing the right paintball goggle is important if you want to have a fun time playing paintball. You need to consider several factors before buying a particular model. The most important factors are:

  • The mask should protect your jaw, eyes, and cheeks. It should never create vision distortion due to fogging or a bad lens otherwise you will get a lot of hits because you will be unable to see anything
  • A goggle should be lightweight and comfortable because you will be playing for the entire day. Nobody wants a heavy burden on their head. You will feel dizzy if you go for a heavier one
  • Spacious so that you could squeeze your glasses inside
  • Thermal lens – anti-fog and durable to use it for long time
  • 360-degrees coverage and Dual-pane lens
  • Proper ventilation to remain cool inside and to prevent fogging caused by breathing
  • Make sure to choose a model that has proper ventilation because nobody wants to eat paint all day long!

If you are looking for a best paintball mask 2022, here is a complete list reviewed and tested by the industry experts.

Acquire Other Gear

Once you have your mask and gun, the next step is to get yourself some other gear. This can be a daunting prospect if you’ve never played before, but don’t worry: I’m here to help!

Paintball Pants

These are pants made specifically for playing paintball in that they have padding on them so if someone does manage to hit you with a paintball, it won’t hurt as much as it might with regular jeans or slacks on. Plus, these pants look really cool when paired with an appropriate T-shirt.


A harness is like suspenders except instead of holding up your pants (or skirt), it holds all kinds of stuff like extra clips for extra ammo or snacks for later on in the day when hunger strikes again after lunchtime snacks ran out early due to all those intense games earlier on during pregame warm-ups before everyone got bored waiting around for everyone else’s turn at bat so now we’re just standing around waiting again but this time not even talking because everyone else has been eliminated already so there’s no point anymore because now we’re just waiting until this last person gets eliminated too then we can go home already…”


You may want to wear a helmet, but there is some debate about whether or not it’s necessary. Helmets can protect your head from injury in case of a mishap, but they also can get in the way when trying to move quickly and quietly through the woods. Plus, if you’re playing on concrete or asphalt surfaces, then you’ll definitely need to wear eye protection because paintballs will bounce off those surfaces and hit your unprotected face (ouch!).

Dress For The Weather

Now the next step should be figuring out what kind of clothes are going to help you stay comfortable while still being appropriate for whatever weather conditions you’re dealing with: prickly heat or harsh winds? Snowy mountainside or sandy beach?

There are many options available in terms of clothing and equipment—the best thing would probably be something that allows maximum movement so that players aren’t slowed down by their gear. If possible, try practicing at least once before buying any expensive pieces like protective gear; if something feels uncomfortable during this time then don’t buy it!

If you’re a paintballer, you know that there’s no such thing as “just playing.” You’ll be running, sliding, jumping, and rolling all day long. That means you need to protect your joints from the ground and the shots.

To do that, we recommend wearing a groin/exalt cup at all times. Trust us – you don’t want to get a shot on your balls!

We don’t want you to be hurt, so we’ve put together a guide to help you get the most out of your time on the paintball field.

  • First and foremost, wear a sweatshirt that will absorb most of the impact of your shots. Paintball jerseys have good ventilation properties too, and they’ll keep you cooler in the heat.
  • A quality vest will also provide solid protection while keeping your gear close at hand and ready to go when needed. And don’t forget about pockets! You can use them for extra pods of paint, keys, water bottles… whatever you need.
  • Just like a sweatshirt, don’t forget sweat paints or thick jeans—they’ll protect you from getting shot balls at all!

In Short,

  • Wear clothes that are easy to move in.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to clean.
  • Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Wear clothes that you can move around in.

Choose a Field

It’s important to choose a field that’s not too big, too small, too open or enclosed. And it should have some kind of terrain so as not to make the game boring. Other than that you can play anywhere!

Set Boundaries

One of the important tip on how to play paintball is that You need to set up boundaries so that everyone is safe. Boundaries should be marked with tape, paint or cones. They should be clearly visible and at least 25 feet away from players.

Play By The Rules Of Your Field

  • Play by the rules of your field. The rules are there for a reason and are designed to keep everyone safe and happy. If you break them, you’re on thin ice with your fellow players and the refs who enforce them.
  • Respect the refs. They’ve been trained to make sure that everyone is playing safely and honorably, so listen when they speak up!
  • Don’t be a jerk to other players or their gear—it’s just not cool!

Choose Markers And Load Up With Paintballs

  • Load up your marker with paintballs.
  • The marker is the gun that you hold and use to shoot paintballs. There are many different types of markers, from small pistols to large rifles. They come in all shapes and sizes, with some being powered by compressed air or CO2, while others are electric-powered from a battery pack. You’ll want to find a marker that fits your play style, for example, if you like stealthy games where accuracy is key, then go for a sniper rifle-type marker; if you like fast-paced games where speed matters more than anything else (and getting shot isn’t that big of deal), then consider something smaller like an automatic pistol.
  • Once you have chosen which type of paintball gun will work best for you and how much money it should cost, load it up with paintballs!

Play Your First Round!

Now that you’ve got the basics of how to play paintball and can shoot with the best of them, it’s time to play some games!

Get a group of friends together and have at it. Capture the flag is always fun, but if you want something more challenging try elimination or capture the flag in the dark – it gets intense quick!

You only need to dress in comfortable clothes, but you’ll need to gear up with a mask and marker before playing.

You don’t need to dress like you’re ready for war, but you do need to wear clothes that allow you to move freely.

Paintball markers are small, so they can be easily concealed in your clothing or bag. However, if anyone sees the marker and asks what it is, be sure to tell them that it’s a toy gun for kids (because it is). You’ll also need a mask: these protect your face from paintballs and help keep the dust out of your eyes (and off of your face). If someone asks why you have a ski mask on when it’s hot as hell outside, tell them that sometimes masks are cool – it’s all about fashion!

Watch Video On How To Play Paintball by LaserTag Net

How To Play Paintball In The Field – Tactics and Tips

Paintball is a fast-paced sport that requires agility, rapid movement, and quick thinking. If you are in a bunker, you wait and pick your target, but if you are in the open, shoot and move. Always aim, don’t lower your paintball marker, and don’t stand or sit there like a sitting duck.

Communication is an important factor if you are part of a team. This is a combat sport and you can get some bruises and welts if you take it easy.

Paintball is the real thing and by far the most exciting shooting game in the World. Thus if you are wondering how to play paintball, then stop thinking and just jump into the field

Make it real—use code words like “Sniper” or “Scout” to communicate with your team members about where they need to be for cover or how far away from their position they should be when they open fire on an opponent.

Call out teammates when outnumbered or when someone has spotted an opponent—and remember that if your gear is malfunctioning, don’t hesitate to call out other players who can help fix it so everyone stays safe!

Always be aware of your surroundings and watch for potential threats.

Don’t stand in the middle of a paintball field like a sitting duck. Hide behind trees, bushes, bunkers, or anything else that might provide cover.

Use the broadest vision possible to see what’s coming at you from all angles around you. Don’t let yourself become too focused on one player; they will use camouflage tactics to surround you from all directions! Watch for movement in the trees and communicate with your team mates to watch your back!

Last Tip on How To Play Paintball; Remember to take breaks in between playing paintball, do practice, use right equipment’s and make sure you are hydrated!

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