Senmortar Airsoft Full Face Mask [Updated 2023]

Looking for full face mask that can help you achieve better visibility in the game? Look no further than Senmortar Airsoft full face mask!

This mask features a great field of view that is perfect for ensuring your aim down when playing games. Plus, with their amazing protection against BBs and other harmful projectiles, these masks are sure to keep you safe during every Airsoft match.

This article will highlight the specifications, features and pros and cons of the Airsoft Mask. Moreover, at the end, have also shared my personal opinion so you can fully benefit from this guide.

Key Features and Specifications of Airsoft Full Face Mask

  • Full face protection mask
  • Comes with the travelling speed of 310 FPS
  • Lightweight and durable mask that will last long
  • Made of elastic material to for better comfort
  • Provides protection from sunlight and rain
  • Breathable material provides ease in hot weather
  • Prevent dust to enter into eyes and mouth

  • Adjustable and elastic straps
  • Sturdy mask can be bent easily to fit the face
  • Best full face mask for Halloween games
  • Easy to adjust and clean
  • Perfect for player of all ages
  • Great value for money





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  Senmortar Airsoft Full Face Mask – Good For Money  

This Mask is a sturdy and affordable option that will help you protect your face from harmful Airsoft fire. With a good fit and comfortable design, the mask will keep you safe while playing.

The Senmortar Airsoft Full Face Mask is a great value for your money. It’s strong and easy to wear, perfect for Airsoft games.

  Provides Full Protection  

A fully protected Airsoft mask is a must-have for any Airsoft player. These masks provide incredible protection from damage and ensure your safety while playing. With everything that goes into Airsoft, it’s important to have the best gear possible to ensure your safety. A fully protected mask offers that level of protection, as well as being stylish and easy to wear.

Our Fully Protected Airsoft Mask is perfect for full face protection like nose, mouth and forehead visor shields. It’s fully protected from the Splashback of paint, sunlight or rain. Our masks are made with a durable fabric and are perfect for players of all ages.

  Breathable & Comfortable  

In today’s society, it is important that everyone feels comfortable and safe while playing paintball. A comfortable paintball mask can be the difference between a fun game and a dangerous one. Senmortar Airsoft Masks Full Face – perfect for all players uses breathable material that keeps you cool in hot weather.

This mask is perfect for anyone who wants to play without feeling uncomfortable or unhealthy. With its simple design, this product is easy to take on and off – making it a great choice for those who want the best playing experience possible.

This Airsoft full face mask is made of TPR, lightweight, durable and adjustable elastic strap for comfortable fit. The ears portion of mask can be gently bent to fit your face better. It is a great way to prevent harmful air particles from entering your nose and mouth, while also providing needed breathing support.

The air flow and comfort of the full face masks are great for those who need a breath keeping system that is both comfortable and effective. The mask has vents in the mouth, face, and head which helps to reduce criticalPFlu2 gas exposure. Additionally, the lining sponges provide buffering against impact absorption which can be particularly helpful for those who have a dentist practice nearby.

  Security & Stable Full Face Mask  

Secure and stable paintball masks are important for players of all levels. They help reduce casualties, and keep you safe while playing. Paintball masks are easy to use and have a variety of straps that make them adjustable to fit your head.

Our Airsoft masks are made from the highest quality materials to protect you from harmful sun and rain. The visor shading provides optimum protection from the bright sunlight while wearing, making the mask more comfortable to wear.

  Perfect for Multiple Activities  

Our full face masks are perfect for use in a variety of activities that require good breathing. Such as Tactic game, Live CS game, Airsoft or BB competition, Survival game, Cosplay, Outdoor Party, Halloween and more. This mask keeps you safe from the harmful air particles and provides great breathability to allow you to stay relaxation during your events.

  Game Changer Full Face Mask  

Full face paintball masks are perfect for Airsoft players who want to protect themselves from the high-powered gunfire found in full contact paintball games. With a robust design and 310 FPS within 5 meters of the bbs shooting, these masks will last long against any abuse you may endure during your next game.

The Airsoft Full face mask is the best game changer mask on the market! It gives you complete privacy and protection from air-borne particles and contaminants, letting you have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

  • Great Full Face Mask for Money
  • Provides complete protection to face, ears and nose
  • Comes with durable and adjustable elastic straps

  • Fog up in cold weather

My Opinion On Airsoft Full Face Mask

For the beginner or those who are just starting out, an airsoft full face mask is the best way to start playing Airsoft. It’s comfortable and easy to use, which makes it a great choice for beginners. This mask also has many benefits that can help you improve your game and enhance your experience. First of all, it filters out all the harmful toxins from the air and helps you breathe easy.

I really like this Airsoft full face mask! The color is black & grey and it’s a good fit for my face. The closure type is elastic, so it’s easy to put on and take off. I’m definitely going to buy another one!

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