Tippmann Cronus Review [Updated 2023]

This article is all about the Best Paintball Marker; Tippmann Cronus Review. It has made it’s name by offering matchless quality. Let’s have a look at the detailed Tippmann Cronus Review!

Paintball is a game that is loved, played and enjoyed by the young and adults. It is because this game gives you a chance to spend quality time with your friends and family by playing safe and healthy outdoor games. This game not only helps to turn your dreary moments into lively ones but also teaches you how to focus, plan and understand your opponents’ strategy during a game. Moreover, the game may help you to somehow improve your shooting abilities.


Necessary Paintball Accessories

You can plan a paintball or woodsball game on a nice sunny day provided that you have all the necessary paintball gear and accessories. Usually, the accessories involve a paintball marker or gun, knee-elbow pads, a reliable and study paintball mask or helmet and of course paintballs. The only challenging task in this whole scenario is to find the Best Paintball Gun and the Best Paintball Mask that will protect you from any serious damage to your face and head and make the game more fun.

Tippmann Cronus Review – Best Paintball Marker

Finding a good paintball marker review; Tippmann Cronus Review; that is efficient, reliable and safe to use can be a tedious task. This is because the list of the Best Paintball Marker available in the online market is constantly growing. Companies are trying to excel and surpass one another in offering new and improved features in their paintball guns. That is why we get to see improved versions of paintball markers with each passing day.  

One such astounding invention is introduced by Tippmann.

Tippmann has made its name by offering matchless beasts perfectly designed for beginners, intermediate and professional players. Today we have brought a detailed and authentic review of one of the best selling Tippmann paintball markers renowned as the Tippmann Cronus. In Tippmann Cronus Review, we have tried to include almost every nitty-gritty detail in this review about this fantastic invention.


What the hype is all about?

Those who used to enjoy playing paintball can tell you that one of the most tiring tasks in playing paintball is to clean it after a match. Even professional paintball guns are hard to clean and maintain. If you avoid cleaning them then it may affect their quality and efficiency over time. On the other hand, Tippmann Cronus is considerably easier to use, clean and maintain.

Moreover, one thing that you need in winning and mastering a paintball game is a reliable shooting experience. If your gun fails to shoot your target or if your gun lacks the right force, timing and speed then you can hardly win any match. Tippmann Cronus gives you that edge over other typical paintball markers. And above all, all these characteristics and other matchless features are available at such a reasonable price.

  • Weighs 3.5 pounds, 0.68 calibre
  • The external frame is made of Nylon
  • Gravity-fed gun
  • The air gun is powered by HPA and CO2
  • The Stock barrel is 9 inches
  • In-line bolt mechanism
  • Internal gas line
  • Mock silencer included
  • Vertical foregrip
  • 4 Picatinny rails
  • 4 Picatinny rails
  • Carry handle with integrated sight
  • Ported barrel
  • Slim body design

  • An improved addition in the tactical marker versions
  • Customize it the way you want
  • Shooting accuracy up to 45+ meters
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to Clean
  • Light in weight
  • Less noise and easy grip
  • Curved trigger and sturdy design
  • Composite body construction
  • 15+ balls in one second
  • Mechanical Trigger
  • Semi-Automatic Action mode
  • Open and in-line bolt
  • Fixed front and rear sights
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Feature Details

  Stylish Design  

The factor that makes this new Tippmann tactical gun better than other tactical paintball markers is its stylish design. Its slim fitted body features a strong barrel. Unlike previous versions, this version includes a carrying handle, a soft rubber foregrip and an adjustable stock. All these characteristics make you think that you are holding an original M16 rifle in your hand. 

Tippmann also allows you to choose from a wide range of colour options. These colour options are offered in both the tactical and the basic versions. You can choose from black, tan and olive green. Not only that these colours look extremely phenomenal but also they can help you to just blend in the background.

  Ergonomics and Lightweight  

The best thing about Tippmann Cronus that allows it to raise the bar among its competitors is its ergonomic construction. What happens mostly is that you spend your money on a high-end paintball marker to get good shooting results and high accuracy but the heavy metallic body makes you feel tired during a paintball game. Tippmann Cronus features compact and lightweight construction, hence making it easier for you to carry around. The maker is designed specifically for beginners. Therefore, it offers ease of usage, maintenance and functionality.

  Comfortable Foregrip  

Another ergonomic feature of the Tippmann Cronus is the adjustable foregrip. No matter if you are young or an adult, you can adjust the foregrip according to your suitability. The rubber grip allows you to have a better grip and prevents it to slip even when your palms are sweaty. Moreover, it also features hand indentation which makes it even more comfortable to hold for a longer time.

Other ergonomic features include a 5 point shoulder stock that is adjustable according to your preference. The addition of a carry handle further aids its accessibility and portability.

  Tippmann In-line Bolt System  

Have you ever heard about an in-line bolt system? This mechanism is quite famous among professional paintball players. This mechanism is used by the legendary Tippmann makers. The Cronus Tippmann also features this high-end inline bolt mechanism which not only delivers speed but also aids accuracy thus giving you a competitive edge while you are on the field.

This design is called inline because the front and rear bolts are positioned in such a way that they are aligned to one another. As a result of this, the marker becomes more compact and easy to use especially for beginner paintball players who do not necessarily have a good hold over the gun. This feature also makes it reliable as the inline bolt system does not require frequent maintenance.

  Shooting Experience  

You can get these all good design features, better grip, durability and portability but the main thing that counts the most while spending your valuable money on a paintball shooting gear is the accuracy of the shot. If the paintball gun fails to hit your target providing that it offers great ergonomics then it is clearly of no use. That is why Tippmann focused on this feature the most. This amazing marker contains a mechanical trigger which allows the gun to shoot a paintball as soon as the trigger is pulled.

  Less Recoil  

Another characteristic that improves your shooting experience is that this paintball gun is air-efficient. This means that the marker necessarily uses only the amount of air that is needed to shoot the paintball to its target. This in turn produces less recoil and you do not feel a strong setback as a result.

  Offset Feedneck  

In addition, your view is not blocked due to the offset feedneck and also allows your gun to be mounted in place with scopes. This remarkable paintball marker also gives you the flexibility to use either CO2 or compressed air. With the HPA (High Pressure Air) tank, the pressure drop can be reduced thus enabling a smooth shooting experience. Apart from that, you can also operate this gun on both compressed air or CO2. Using an HPA tank with this marker will reduce pressure drop and improve your shooting experience.

  Easy to customize  

Another feature that gives the Tippmann marker an edge over other competitors is that it is highly customizable. This means that you do not have to purchase new equipment if one part wears out or goes faulty. Instead, you can easily upgrade your existing marker by purchasing new parts and then unmount and replace the faulty part. In addition, if you want to add new accessories to further increase the shooting experience you can easily mount them on the 4 Picatinny rails. You can easily add different types of equipment such as scope, sight, laser, flashlight, and foregrip.

  Reasonable Price  

Giving you a whole load of exciting features and unmatchable characteristics, the Tippmann Cronus is still available at a much discounted price as compared to the rest of the paintball markers with the same set of features. These are the qualities of the Best Paintball gun that offers durability and reliability at a reasonable price.

  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Easy to customize according to your preference
  • Hand indentation allows secure gripping
  • Comfortable to hold and operate
  • Stylish and unique design
  • Accurate shooting
  • Bunch of ergonomic features
  • Mock silencer to reduce noise
  • HPA tank reduces recoil
  • Medium to the high accuracy level

  • Longer in size
  • The fire rate might be slow

My Personal Tippmann Cronus Review

If you are looking for the Best paintball marker and you do not want to compromise on style, efficiency, shooting accuracy, ergonomic design and low budget then this paintball marker is an all in one beast would be the best fit for you. Especially for beginners, Tippmann Cronus is undoubtedly the Best Paintball Marker that provides ease of use and maintenance. The customizable feature allows you to adjust it according to your desire and preferences and also allows you to upgrade the marker rather than purchasing a new one.

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