What To Wear When Paintballing? Complete Guide

Do You Know What To Wear When Paintballing? I guarantee that after reading this complete guide you can wear right clothes while playing paintball and can play safely.

Paintball clothing is essential for players of all levels and styles. Paintballing can be a very physical sport, requiring many hours of exercise to keep up with the game’s intense pace. When choosing what to wear when paintballing, there are several considerations that need to be made.

A player’s choice of clothing should be based on their personal preference and level of play. For example, a beginner may choose lighter weight pants or shorts while an experienced player may choose heavier pants or shorts because they are more durable and offer greater protection against incoming shots from opponents.

There are also certain types of clothing that are not appropriate for all situations while playing paintball. For example, wearing too much clothing may make it difficult for players to move around quickly or run from cover when needed; this may also make it harder for players to breath during intense matches or tournaments where high energy levels are required.


What To Wear When Paintballing: Wear Something That Is Comfortable

The best thing to wear is something that you don’t mind getting paint on. If you’re going to be wearing something on the entire day, it’s better to be comfortable than expensive.

  • Don’t wear anything too tight. If you have an outfit that is too tight, it will be hard to move around in and will restrict your movement.
  • Don’t wear anything too baggy. Baggy clothes are good for removing but they can also make you feel like you’re walking around as if you have a giant sack on.
  • Don’t wear anything too fancy. Fancy clothes are often uncomfortable and make it hard to see where people are coming from or going to.

Wear Comfortable Pants

When you’re out on the field, you need pants that are comfortable and durable. They should have pockets so you can carry your gear without having to worry about them getting lost in the mud or grass. The best paintball pants also come with an adjustable waistband that will accommodate different sizes and body types.

It’s important to make sure that your paintball pants are long enough to cover your ankles (this will prevent chafing). If possible, make sure the material is waterproof so it won’t soak up sweat during long matches!

What To Wear For Head And Face Protection

If you wear a full-face mask, make sure that it covers both your ears and your forehead. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that you need to make sure that your mask fits snugly around your face. If it’s too big or too small, the padding will not cover the entire area of your face, and this can cause problems for you.

If you wear goggles, they don’t necessarily have to be full-face goggles. There are some options available that have built-in clear lenses, which allow you to see through them while still protecting your eyes.

Wear A Mask That Fits & Cover Your Face

Wear a mask that has a good seal around your mouth, so you can breathe easily and comfortably when playing paintball.

Make sure the strap goes over the back of your head and does not slip off as it can be dangerous if it does fall off while playing paintball and cause injury to yourself or someone else nearby

Here are some things to consider when choosing your mask

1. Does the mask cover only the face and head, or does it also cover your ears?

2. How many lenses can you see through?

3. How much fogging can you expect?

4. Is it comfortable?

5. Does it have anti-fog technology?

What To Wear For Upper Body Protection

The first thing you want to consider when choosing what to wear when paintballing is the type of clothing you want to wear and your body type. For example, if you have long arms and shoulders, then a long sleeve shirt would be best.

If you are playing in the summer, you will want to wear something that is breathable. A sweatshirt in summers is also great because it has air flow panels that are breathable and will help keep you cool on hot days.

Another thing you should look at is the amount of protection you need. If playing outdoors where there’s the potential for paintballs flying at high speeds, then full-length coverage would be ideal. This means wearing pants or shorts under your jersey and tucking in your jersey so it covers most of your upper body.

After a player has experienced a few hits, they can decide if they need the extra protection, or want to peel off a layer. If playing at an outdoor field, you want to watch out for overheating, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, so a sweatshirt would not be ideal in the summer. There are jerseys you can purchase that have a little padding, but also have breathable panels to let air through so you get some padding plus airflow.

What To Wear For Lower Body Protection

Wearing long pants is the first thing to do while thinking of what to wear when paintballing. It’s not just for protection, but also for comfort. If you are standing around in your paintball pants for an extended period of time, chances are you will get some paint on them. That’s no fun at all.

If playing outdoors, you might be walking through brush, and you could easily scratch up your legs, get insect bites, tics, etc. Wear clothes that will protect you from what you may encounter at an outdoor field. If indoor fields are covered with AstroTurf, and if you are going to crawl behind a bunker, it is possible to get turf burn with unprotected skin if you are a crawling, sliding, diving type of player.

Another thing to look out for is getting paint splatters on your shirt or jacket when shooting at targets above or behind you. This can happen when shooting off of a platform or other elevated object; even simply shooting over someone’s head can cause this problem.

The best way to avoid this is by keeping your eye on the target and aiming ahead of where the target may be located when taking shots from elevated positions (like shooting from behind a tree).

Protect Your Hands While Playing Paintball

Paintball gloves are designed specifically to protect your hands while playing paintball. Unlike winter gloves, you want to wear a glove where you can still feel and squeeze the trigger. For this reason, many paintball players choose to wear gloves. Unlike winter gloves, you want to wear a glove where you can still feel and squeeze the trigger.

There are many different types of paintball gloves on the market. From thin, light weight gloves, to heavily padded “Brillo” gloves. It really depends on what you prefer, right?

Some like a thin glove because they want full dexterity and range of motion with their fingers. Other players prefer a well cushioned palm so they’re hands don’t get sore after playing. It all comes down to what makes you feel confident when going out onto the field.

Paintball gloves are designed to protect your hands during the game of paintball.

There are two types of paintball gloves: fingerless and full-fingered.

Fingerless Paintball Gloves

Fingerless gloves are made with a rubber backing on the back of the hand up through the first knuckle. This allows you to squeeze the trigger without taking off your glove. The rubber backing also protects the knuckles from getting bruised or chipped when they hit something hard, like another player’s face or chest plate. If you wear fingerless paintball gloves, make sure that they have padding on the palm where you would normally grip an object. This padding will cushion any shock or pain from being hit with a paintball shot.

Full-Fingered Paintball Gloves

Full-fingered paintball gloves have padding on both sides of the palm and up through the first knuckle. These gloves offer more protection than fingerless gloves because they cover more surface area and protect you from bruises from being hit by a paintball bullet.

Footwear To Wear For Paintball

There are many different types of footwear to choose from when playing paintball. The main thing you need to consider for what to wear when paintballing is the type of field you will be playing on. If your field has AstroTurf, then go for a running shoe or tennis shoe. This is because AstroTurf is made out of plastic and grass, so it will not wear out your shoes quickly if you play regularly.

If your field does not have AstroTurf, then we recommend using sneakers or hiking boots instead. These shoes will give you more ankle support than regular running shoes and they can be found at most sporting goods stores or online retailers.

Paintball Is A Lot Of Fun, But It Can Be A Bit Dangerous; Wear Protective Gear And Eye Protection

If you don’t wear the right clothing, you could get hurt. And there are some things you should keep in mind before heading to the field.

Wear Protective Gear:

Make sure that your clothing is made from durable materials and fits comfortably so that if it were to get caught on something, it wouldn’t rip off or tear. Paintball isn’t just about wearing bulky armor — it’s also about wearing clothing that will keep you comfortable and protect you from getting hit by stray paint balls. Make sure that whatever you wear covers your arms, legs and head; make sure it’s not so tight that it restricts movement; and make sure it doesn’t restrict ventilation.

Wear Eye Protection:

Paintballing is an inescapable fact of life for paintball players — they know this going in, but sometimes they forget all about it during the game! When playing at a field that doesn’t allow masks or goggles, always wear eye protection — even if you think you won’t need them! You never know when someone might shoot at you with an air tank or compressed gas cylinder (think CO2 guns), which will send paint balls flying everywhere.

What To Wear To Paintball In The Summer

Paintballing in the summer is not really recommended because of the heat, but if you do decide to go out it’s important that you stay hydrated – drink plenty of water and always carry an extra bottle with you so that if one breaks or gets lost, you can still stay hydrated.

A good way to stay cool during paintballing sessions is by wearing hats, these will help keep your face cool and prevent sunburn.

The good news is that you can play paintball outdoors in the summer. In fact, some fields offer paintballing during the winter months too – so if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with friends in the warmer months, summer paintballing is definitely one of them.

Paintball In The Summer – Comfort Is The Key

When it comes to what you should wear to paintball in the summer, comfort is key. This means wearing light clothing and possibly even going barefoot.

If you’re playing at an indoor field, where it’s dryer than outside, then it might be worth wearing more layers – especially as temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit). We suggest wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants or shorts. You could also wear a T-shirt over your top if it’s really hot out!

If you live somewhere cooler then maybe even just long shorts? Wear cotton t-shirts or combats rather than sweaty sweatpants (although these are great when they’re worn on their own!).

The best way to stay cool when paintballing in the summer is to wear layers of clothing.

Don’t be tempted to get away with wearing shorts and t-shirts if you go outside in hot weather. The only thing more uncomfortable than playing paintball in the heat is doing so when all your clothes are soaking wet because you got caught out by a sudden downpour.

Tips For What To Wear When Paintballing In Hot Weather

1. Layering up as you would for winter games but using thinner layers

2. Wear light cotton trousers or combats (these will help keep your legs cool)

3. Wear long-sleeved t-shirts so that your arms are protected from the sun, but there’s still enough airflow around them for good mobility (this will also help keep you cool)

4. Wear sunscreen – make sure it’s water resistant and contains SPF 50+

I hope that you have found this article useful and informative and it provides complete guide on what to wear when paintballing in summers and winters. I would love to hear your feedback!

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