Woodsball Paintball Rules – Complete Guide

Are you interested in playing woodsball? If so, congratulations! There are many different woodsball paintball rules that you need to know about your new sport.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Elimination Is When One Player Shoots Another Player And They Are Out Of The Game

If you are eliminated, raise your marker above your head with one hand in surrender. If a teammate shoots you, he or she must pick up your marker and continue playing until he/she is eliminated (or until time runs out).

If a teammate shoots you while out of play, do not yell that another person was also eliminated as well—this will only cause confusion among teammates who may not have even seen what happened!

No Blind Fire In Woodsball

Blind fire is shooting without looking. This is not allowed in any type of paintball, airsoft or laser tag. So while you are playing must remember this woodsball paintball rules.

What To Do, When You Are Eliminated

When you are eliminated, raise your marker above your head with one hand, and sit down to wait for a Ref to come to you. Don’t yell that someone else has been eliminated. This can lead to unnecessary tension among players on the field, which makes it difficult for refs and opponents alike.

If someone is having trouble staying behind them because they’re being shot at by three people at once (or more), then maybe try walking backward slowly instead of running away! That way it won’t seem like there’s any danger at all – but if someone does decide not too because they don’t want anyone getting hurt, then it’s a choice.

If You Are Eliminated, Do Not Yell That Someone Else Was Eliminated As Well

If you have been eliminated and wish to alert your teammates that they should cease fire and begin retreating, do so quietly and with a quick hand gesture. Do not yell out in frustration or anger at being eliminated; this can cause problems for both teams since it is hard for others to hear what is being said over the din of battle. Also avoid yelling anything at all—it’s just not worth it!

When You Are Hit And Out Of The Game, Walk Quickly To The Deadbox

When you are hit and out of the game, walk quickly to the deadbox so that you improve the flow of play. Do not run or yell that someone else was eliminated as well.

Follow These Rules At All Times

Don’t take your mask off!

If a player loses their mask on a shot, they cannot return and will be eliminated from play. It is also important to remember that without one’s face covered by goggles/glasses or paintball goggles/glasses (or whatever), it’s not safe for other players around them—and they could get hurt!

So make sure all players stay inside their own playing area while they’re still alive!

Some Woodsball Leagues Use Out-Of-Play Zones

Some woodsball leagues use out-of-play zones where players who have been hit can go to wait until all players have been hit. These are areas on the field where you will not be shot if you stand there, but they are still in play and can be attacked by other players.

Some fields have out of play zones, some don’t. If your team is playing at a field that does not have them (or if you want to make sure that you’re safe during a game), then it’s important that everyone on your team knows exactly what these zones look like so they know when it’s time for them to take cover!

Most Paintball Guns Can Be Adjusted From a Range – Range Varies

Most paintball guns can be adjusted from a range of 150 feet down to 15-20 feet. This is usually adjustable with a screwdriver, but some guns have a built in adjustment feature. The smaller the distance, the more accurate you will be.

Most Woodsball Paintball Fields Will Have Refs Enforcing Safety Rules

Most woodsball paintball fields will have refs enforcing safety rules even if these rules are not listed on their website or in their waiver forms. These referees are there to make sure that everyone has a safe and fun experience, so they’ll often ask players to explain why something is unsafe, even if it’s not specifically mentioned in the field’s safety policy.

If you’re new to the sport, this can be intimidating—but just remember that most referees are there to help you have a great time playing paintball!

Woodsball Is A Type Of Paintball That Is Played In A Wooded Area Or Forest

Woodsball is a type of paintball that is played in a wooded area or forest. Players use natural cover and concealment to hide from their opponents, along with their imagination to create interesting game scenarios.

Woodsball rules are similar to standard paintball rules except for one major difference: the woodsball field has no permanent goals (i.e., no goal posts). Instead, it uses permanent markers placed around the course (called “markers”). This means that you must clear all five markers before moving on in order for your team to win!


Woodsball is a great sport for anyone who likes to get out into nature. It’s also a great way to spend time with friends and family, or even just on your own! So if you want to learn more about woodsball, check out our website or contact us.

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