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Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System Reviews

Are you an experienced or an amateur paintball player in need of an excellent goggle mask? The E- flex is another release by Empire Company to the delight of all paintball enthusiasts who seek comfort and style.
Paintball masks have over time been proven to be an essential accessory for any paintball game. It is very durable and efficient for a paintball player.

The E-Flex is an upgrade of both the E-Vent and JT Proflex. This update makes it a super goggle in quality and durability. The E- Flex is all about comfort.
It is additionally good looking, and at the same time, its bottom and upper (lenses) parts are compatible with the Pro-Flex mask. The E-Flex is particularly comfortable to use for its functions. It is the perfect goggle for you if you value comfort and versatility.

Who is this product designed for?

Ideal for both starters and experienced paintball players.

Product Highlighted Features:

The Empire E-Flex goggle system offers a wide spectrum of quality features which ensures total concealment.

Vents systems for rapid lens exchange.

Are you looking for a goggle system that is easy for you to assemble and disassemble? Well, the soft flexible front of the E-Flex mask provides for easy dissembling when changing lenses for day and night play and also during cleaning.

The micro- venting also increases airflow inside the mask expanding the player’s ability to breathe well. It makes you very comfortable when using.

Thermal anti-fog clear lens with zero optical distortion.

Looking for a mask that will serve you even in extreme weather conditions? The Empire e-flex paintball goggle system is fitted with a dual pane thermal lens which simply doesn’t fog throughout the day.
This is very useful while gaming in temperate environments. Also, its dual pane design ensures a maximum viewing angle of 270- degrees and visual clarity which allows your eyes to easily focus on your target.

Ultra soft and flexible face skirt with a reduced silhouette.

Do you need a mask that gives you clear vision? The Empire e-flex paintball goggle is fitted with amazingly soft spectra foam which guarantees comfort, ensures excellent peripheral vision and the most satisfying fit for paintballers.

The flexible face skirt also creates bounces which ensure excellent voice projection during communication with fellow teammates. Again, the skirting provides maximum ability to breathe. The reduced silhouette is for fewer hits while playing.

Pro-style Empire strap with silicone bead.

Are you a very active paintball player? Do you need a mask that will not fall off during your games? Well then, the Empire e-flex paintball mask stays on your face with a much sturdier strap.
Its silicone bead means even if you fall on your face while playing, the mask remains intact as it holds the strap in place. The strap also shows off the amazing color and design of the mask.

New E-Flex thermo foam earpiece.

Have you been searching for a goggle mask that will offer you comfort and allow you to freely communicate with other people even when you have it on?
Well, the Empire e-flex paintball goggle system has the thermo foam ear pieces are meant for incredible comfort and low profile.

Hypo- allergenic super- comfortable proFlex face foam.

Are you seeking a comfortable and durable goggle mask? This mask has Hypo- allergenic super- comfortable pro Flex face foam. This feature simply translates to minimal allergic reactions hence being suitable for many players.
The foam also ensures ample comfort to hug your face without feeling like it’s constricting your skull. Also, makes the mask very durable.

Lightweight and improved ability to breathe.

The Empire e-flex paintball goggle system is very light in weight and comfortable. The mask comes with enough space to breathe inside.
This makes it very comfortable, especially during a day-long game scenario where one would require comfort and the ability to breathe inside their masks. The E-Flex mask comes in ultra-lightweight design which allows for unrestricted movement.


  • The mask provides users with a great ability to breathe well.
  • It’s comfortable to wear.
  • It offers the ability to exchange lens rapidly.
  • It’s very light regarding weight.
  • The mask doesn’t fog.
  • It is durable.


  • It is a bit costly.

Final Verdict

Having highlighted the features of the E-Flex goggle by Empire and its pros and cons, it’s fair to establish that it is a better mask for paintballers. Its pattern is designed to not only ensure maximum concealment but also to provide functionality and style while lasting for a long time.

It offers a wide range of styles and colors to fit any user personality. It is, therefore, to say that the E-Flex goggle system allows its users to play paintball efficiently, effectively and most importantly comfortable.

JT Sports Elite Headshield Single Mask Reviews

We all enjoy a thrilling game of paintball. However, the game is not very enjoyable when you have welts and sore spots all over your body. What can you do to avoid this situation? Well, you can try and dodge every attack that comes your way, but this is pretty unrealistic. The only way to remain safe during your paintball game is by wearing the correct gear.

In particular, you need to wear a mask to keep your head protected at all times. That is where the Elite Headshield from JT Sports comes in This single mask has been designed to provide you with full coverage as you go about your game, so that you do not have to worry about getting hit in the head.
The innovative protective gear stands out from other entry-level masks on the market, due to the quality of design that JT Sports uses. To learn more about this fantastic mask, check out the review below.

Who is it made for?

The JT Sports Elite Headshield Single Mask has been built for first-time paintball players, who are looking for all-around protection. This full coverage mask will ensure that beginners are focusing on the game, rather than on the pain. 

Features of the JT Headshield 

JT Sports Mask is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, we put JT Sports Elite Headshield Single Mask is a one of the best in our paintball mask List.

Great Fit

Nobody wants to buy a mask that does not fit right. If you do so, you will be left adjusting your mask every few seconds, and this will ruin your game. The Elite Headshield comes with a rear plate which is fully adjustable.
This plate not only protects you from shots to the back of your head, but it also cradles your head so that you have a custom fit. Furthermore, the mask comes with a nylon lens strap and a chin strap, which is adjusted depending on the size of your head. You can be sure that this mask is secure in your head.

Clear Lens

Another great feature of the JT Sports single mask is its single lens, which will remain clear in all temperature conditions.
This lens will provide you with a full view of the paintball field and your opponents so that you can perform at optimum levels. There is also a removable visor that will prevent the sun glare from affecting your game.

Full Coverage

As a first-time paintball player, you need all of the protection that you can get. That is why JT Sports offers full coverage with this single mask so that every part of your head and jaw is protected.
This helmet-style mask will offer you 100% protection.

Wide Field of Vision

When you are taking part in a paintball game, you need to have a clear view of your surroundings. That is why the Elite Headshield makes use of a 180-degree field of vision so that you can see clearly without any obstructions.


Last but not least, the JT Sports Elite headshield comes with a foam interior, that will keep your head comfortable as you play.
Furthermore, the Elite Headshield comes with sufficient ventilation located at the top and sides of the mask. In this way, you won’t get sweaty and uncomfortable when playing on hot days.


  • Easy to put on
  • Great coverage
  • Adjustable components
  • Good quality plastic construction
  • Simple to clean


  • Some customers have complained that the mask is slightly tight
  • The lens fogs up

Video Review of JT Sports Elite Headshield Single Mask

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the risk protect the back of your head?
A: Yes, the JT Sports Elite will cover the back of your head. However, if you are worried about getting hit at the back of your neck, you can supplement your mask with a neck protector.
Q: Is the mask completely created out of hard plastic?
A: Yes, this mask has been fully constructed with tough plastic, and the only other material that you will encounter is the foam inside the mask.
Q: Will this mask fit adults?
A: Yes. The JT Sports Elite is not just for kids; it will also meet the needs of adult paintball players.

Final Verdict

As you can see, the Elite Headshield provides beginner paintball players with amazing protective and comfort benefits. Despite its slightly tight fit and its lens which occasionally fogs up, this mask manages to make your game highly enjoyable. And best of all, it comes at an incredibly affordable price.

Tipmann Valor New Paintball Goggle Mask Reviews

Are you ready to be fascinated by a blast of perfection? Are you prepared to be thrilled by what we have in store for you that will make this Halloween an anticipation? The Tipmann Valor is a new paintball goggle mask that provides extreme visibility and comfort at a price that is affordable! We all know that if you cannot see, you cannot play! Keep the competition on!

Buy the Tipmann Valor goggle mask that has the anti-fog spherical lens, release lens system, chin and jaw protection, an adjustable visor, silicone backed goggle strap and open cell foam.

This is the best goggle mask that you can acquire for your loved ones and probably yourself too! Make a rational choice today and have the most exclusive goggle mask that is suitable, durable and comfortable!

Who is this product designed for?

  • Kids/youth
  • Divers
  • Swimmers
  • Rescuers

Product Highlighted Features

Anti-fog spherical lens

Do you want a goggle mask that increases the peripheral vision? The Tipmann Valor is a goggle mask that has the anti-fog spherical lens which reduces glare and increases on the peripheral vision.
This lens prevents fog from forming, and we all know how much-fogged lens can be a bother! With such lens, the product can provide long-lasting fog-free vision and the most durable protection against any fog! Do not think twice because this is just the perfect choice to make!

Quick release lens system

Are you ready to get a sophisticated lens fixation system? The Tipmann Valor goggle mask has a quick release lens system that guarantees proper fit and quick interchangeability of lens! This feature makes it simple, sturdy and fast to operate.
No matter what conditions you are subject to, having this quick release lens system as a feature allows you to be prepared even for a single movement, even in a snap!

Expanded ear, chin and jaw protection

Have you wanted to secure yourself a goggle mask that has an expanded ear, jaw and chin protection? This product has an expanded ear, chin and jaw shield that ensures you are safe when playing your game.
Well, not only that! The product also has a visor that can be easily adjustable. The visor is a transparent piece that is designed to shield the eyes and face and can be lowered or raised.

Silicone Backed goggle strap

Do you want a goggle mask that has a silicone backed goggle strap? This product has a durable silicone material and can be easily adjusted. This silicone strap thus prevents the slippage and ensures the maintenance of a secure fit. This feature makes this product easy and convenient to use.
Well, if you want something comfortable in your game, then this is the most significant weapon to use and feel safe with!

Open cell foam

Have you ever wanted a mask that is permeable? The product has open cell foam which allows moisture permeability. Open cell foam is soft like a cushion whereby gas pockets tend to connect with each other.
This feature is excellent for the provision of comfort! This is a remarkable product with distinctive features that will enable you to have a good time wearing your google mask!


  • Easy to use
  • Provides superior visibility
  • Creates long-lasting durability
  • Promotes good breathability
  • Sturdy and comfortable


  • The lens can fog up sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this good for paintball?
A: Yes. It is.
Q: Does this product fit a kid?
A: These paintball masks are one size that fits all due to the adjustable straps that accommodate a wide range of head sizes.

Final Verdict

Having a good and proper goggle mask ensures that you can easily enjoy your game and always await the fun. Tipmann Valor has many features that make it a great product to use. This product provides superior visibility, protection, and comfort.
This product comes at a price that you can afford! This paintball goggles takes into account any paintball you are playing and therefore can suit you with anything! These are the latest paintball goggles that Tipmann has brought for you and if you want to keep your competition in sight, use this safe and sturdy googles we have for you!

Reebow Gear Tactical Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull Reviews

Are you ready to rock it this season with the best full mask you can ever have in town? We have with us a super-duper piece that will make you want to have it! It has pads for your forehead, adjustable straps, zero fogging wire mesh design and metal mesh eye protector! This is a multi-purpose piece that you cannot afford to miss during Halloween! It is sturdy, comfortable and well padded!

Manufactured by REEBOW GEAR, this is a whole new purpose of enjoying your Halloween, costume parties, movie props, cosplay and outdoor live-action CS. It is one item that I am sure you won’t end up getting disappointed for purchasing it! Filled up with more exciting features that I will bring on, this is a plus to have in your wardrobe whenever anything comic or fun-related crops up! The new is with us!

Who is this product designed for?

  • Men/Adults
  • Youth/Teens

Product Features

Metal mesh goggle

Have you ever wanted a full face mask that offers 100% protection and ensures no fog up in the game? This mask has a metal mesh goggle which serves to provide a shield and ensures no fogging up when in the game.

This feature also makes this item extremely breathable and durable! Yes, durable! A feature that we all seek for whenever we go out to the market to get something for ourselves!

100% synthetic resin material

Do you want a full face mask that is poison free and environment friendly? Reebow Gear Tactical Airsoft is a full face mask that has 100% synthetic resin material which promotes environmental friendliness and is absolutely poison free!This is designed to be comfortable and sturdy for teens and men who want to have a full blast whenever they are playing their games! Just the perfect set to take home!

Light weight

Have you been in need of a mask that is of lightweight and strong enough to protect your face when you are playing any game especially airsoft?

Reebow has been designed to have a lightweight that provides shield and makes it not to be damaged even after it is shot by BB bullet numerous times. It is also quite fine to play paintball when you wear any ordinary glasses with this mask all together.

Cushion pads

Why do people usually consider stuff with cushion pads? Cushion pads are timeless objects that are crafted to provide comfort and protection against any hard surface. This full face mask is fitted with cushion padding that ensures comfort wearing.

The pads are for the forehead and cheeks preventing it from getting hit or harmed or injured in any way. Isn’t this just awesome and amazing? Isn’t this what you have always sought for?

Adjustable straps

What is one of the things that teens tend to look for in a full face mask? Size! This Reebow Gear full face mask has adjustable straps that are positioned in the right places and fit for teens and adults.

The adjustable straps make it easy to use because one size fits most youth and men! The item also has zero fogging wire mesh design that is applicable for sporting purposes. Well, the ball is now in your court and I hope you will take the best with you!


  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Environmental friendly


  • It doesn’t have a solid eye glass

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this work for paintballing?

A: Yes. It can.

Q: Can you be able to see through the metal mesh?

A: Yes. You can absolutely see through the metal mesh.

Q: Can you be able to wear glasses with this mask?

A: This mask is okay with glasses together.

Final Verdict

This is a multi-purpose mask that is most appropriate for outdoor activities just like Halloween, movie props, Cosplay, costume parties and the like. It is comfortable, sturdy and well padded, offers 100% protection, durable, easy to use and environmental friendly.

This is a piece that will excite you and will make your parties a great opportunity to scare and enjoy the fun that will automatically crop up! It is packaged as a single tactical mask that is included in a small carton packaging. If you want a new season of anticipation and endless joy, this is the way to go! This is the beginning of infinite fun!

Coxeer M50 Airsoft Mask Full Face Skull CS Mask Review

Should I introduce you to a world of infinite enjoyment and thrill? Are you ready to make this new period a period of multiple success and happiness? We bring to you the answer to all your woes, the answer to all the confusions, the answer to the best full face mask to go for!

The Coxeer M50 is a full face mask that will make you mesmerize all your friends this year round! It has a shock resistant engineering plastic, inner air circulation system, high density nylon straps and two pairs of inner glasses.

Have a feel of joy and trend! A feel of perfection and class! Take the full face mask that is currently in the market at a great price! Purchase now and acquire the finest full face mask ever that is durable and extremely comfortable to use!

Who is this product designed for?

  • Adults
  • Teens

Product Features

High density nylon straps

Have you ever wanted a full face mask that is stable all through the season? The Coxeer M50 has high density nylon straps that tend to keep the mask stable even in fierce competitions!

The right product to take home with 100% stability that makes it really mind-blowing! The straps are also easy to adjust and you can thus wear them to suit your convenience! We style products that will leave you amazed!

Shock Resistant Engineering plastic

Dying to have a shock resistant full face mask? Well, right on your platter is a shock resistant full face mask that shields you against any mechanical shocks.

The product is designed in such a way that it is strong and resilient enough to sustain any minor or major impacts that may arise without any damage whatsoever to the internal mechanism. This is ultimately a feature that should make you take our product as fast as you can!

Inner Air Circulation System

Have you wanted a full face mask that has an inner circulation system? The Coxeer M50 full face mask has an inner air circulation system that allows free flow of air.

This air circulation system is composed of two fans in the two “filters”. Incredible! This is an item that you will have a lot of benefits from acquiring and purchasing! It has features inbuilt to provide super quality performance!

Inner glasses

Will you need a full face mask that has black and transparent glasses? This product has two pairs of inner glasses that are transparent and black and are designed in such a way that they are explosion-proof and sunshine-proof.

These glasses do not allow any sunrays to penetrate and it is also explosion-free! Trade with us to get a new grand and trendy product that will make you enjoy your games!

Sturdy and Tough

Do you want a product that is sturdy and tough? This full face mask we bring to you is sturdy, comfortable and tough and just the excellent mask for any airsoft games, cosplay, movie shooting and Halloween.

It gives you a feel of Fallout series! It gives you a new feeling of happiness and joy! It is the most appropriate product to use for your games giving you a combination of enjoyment and satisfaction!


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Durable and efficient
  • Very stable
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • The ears can be exposed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How good is the quality of the mask?

A: The quality is excellent!

Q: Can I wear my glasses while using this mask?

  1. A: If you have small glasses, yes, if your glasses are little larger then it might not be very comfortable.

Final Verdict

Coxeer M50 is a uniquely designed product that will not afford to upset you! It has a very high quality, it comes at a reasonable price, and it is crafted with trendy features that make it an exclusive piece to take home! We bring to you a product that is sturdy, durable, comfortable and extraordinary!

This product is stable enough to create fierce competition! This product is made to set fire in your game at a very high rate! A product that befits you and a product that has fantabulous features to leave you flabbergasted!